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  1. i got the job lmao but really though I'm very grateful and excited it's going to work out. I'm going from part time to full time (from 20hrs/wk to 40hrs/wk) and will be working at an hourly rate nearly double my current retail job ;u;
  2. machine

    online dating

    here @Akazora
  3. me chasing the title of last poster:
  4. I have a virtual interview in 13hrs; wish me luck boiz I had no idea that feature was taken away :c I'd love for it to come back if possible
  5. @Akazora and I are working our way through LOGH currently. We started it back in December back when we had covid :'^) and we're still not done lmao We're on episode 37 and it's been pretty ok so far? It's good and enjoyable but I don't yet understand why so many people say LOGH is the best anime of all time
  6. I'm slowly slowly slowly working through The Fixer by Bernard Malamud. It's not a long book by any means, I just only ever read before bed and I've been super tired lately so I haven't been reading much lmao
  7. update: I met Kenzi a couple months ago
  8. Hopefully the thread can be restored :c I miss it a lot tbh
  9. I'm making Akazora trudge through Maison Ikkoku with me :''^)c we're on ep like 38 and it's just ok
  10. did anyone ever guess your name from that riddle in your 'about me' btw

    1. Akazora


      I think Kenzi might've solved it years ago but tbh I don't really remember lol

  11. Been watching Parks and Rec a lot lately because it'll be leaving Netflix like October 1st iirc and for the longest time it was my go-to background noise show. I wanted to legitimately watch it a bit before it left but... I'm not sure if I genuinely like the show all that much c':
  12. Think the last one I watched was Weathering With You back in February with Akazora :') ..neither of us particularly liked it and we drove through a snowstorm in an unfamiliar area to go see it 4/10 wouldn't recommend, but if you go in without any expectations you might enjoy it idk
  13. My last post here was a half decade ago; I'll come back in 5yrs but I've been trying to gain some artistic skill lately so I hope 10yrs from now I'll have stuck with it and have some semblance of a competent artist
  14. i'm gonna win and make u all relive my vocaloid phase with me
  15. I've been meaning to read for this a few years to be honest! I've seen several people in recent months rave about it though so I might have to bump it up on my to-read list. Is the book as much of a tearjerker as I've heard it is? ---- I wouldn't say it's necessarily "good", but I picked up a really pristine copy of Podkayne of Mars by Heinlein from a secondhand bookstore not too long ago and I've been enjoying it for what it is haha It's a great read if you just wanna turn your brain off for a short while. I also just started Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller the other night, and while I'm not far enough along to really have any thoughts on it yet, I've been enjoying it thus far
  16. I deliberately never posted here because I was always too nervous to want to admit I wanted to meet someone from here, but funnily enough that didn't stop me from eventually meeting Akazora haha Out of curiosity, have any other users here since met other users?
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