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  1. Can't give you the exact episode, but if I'm remembering correctly it's somewhere around ep 70. The people who visit the "Anime series" subforum here could probably tell you the exact episode though.
  2. Sorry for the double post, but Mars is going to be visible all this month! It was closest to Earth on May 30th, and if you watch the news (I think my local news briefly covered this once, and I know the NBC news brought it up one night a little while ago), you were probably told about this last month, but they never mentioned that Mars would remain visible all the way through the end of June. Even though it's June, and Mars's slowly moving away, it should still be visible to the naked eye. Mars can be found around the same area the moon can be seen (there's where it was when I looked for it late last month at least, it might've moved by now idk). It just looks like a bright star with a red tint, so it's not breath taking or anything of that sort, but if you want to feel small, and insignificant for a second or two, it's definitely one of the cooler ways to bring on that feeling. If you really like star gazing, and happen to have a telescope (though you might be able to see these without a telescope, having one would surely heighten the experience), Saturn and Jupiter will also be visible this month too.
  3. I laugh when I'm uncomfortable, and occasionally when I'm nervous. It's not uncontrollable laughter or anything like that, but it sounds like I remembered something amusing, and am having a hard time stifling it. It's very inconvenient :))
  4. In theory, I don't disagree with that. ------------------ What was the best field trip you went on in school?
  5. Someone a week or two ago on reddit mentioned the movie GBF, and since it was on youtube, I decided to watch it out of boredom. I didn't. . . .particularly, ,, , , , ,enjoy it though... Perhaps the best way to describe it is to liken it to the video game Life is Strange. Yeah the concept's alright, and acting's suitable for the most part, but the dialogue sounds like it was written by a bunch of adults trying to sound like teenagers, and that takes a lot away from the overall experience. The humor was really awkward too, and only slightly funny in a cringey sense. (This part perhaps being the worst offender) It also felt just really cliche in a few different ways. tl;dr neat concept, but I didn't necessarily like its execution
  6. Simply put, I don't agree with most, if not all, of his views, and the way he talks about other people concerns me. However, I do think his (and Sander's as well) candidacy and campaign have been significant, and I'm eager to see how it will affect the Republican and Democratic parties in the future. --------------------- Did you have any embarrassing usernames when you were younger?
  7. ..wait for the chorus
  8. Greenland's a third world country apparently. Greenlandic is a language too. I don't know what language I thought was spoken over there, especially considering people in Iceland speaking Icelandic, but I didn't think it would be something as obvious sounding as Greenlandic..
  9. Not particularly... -------- Did you have any bad experiences with animals when you were younger?
  10. I wonder how the Olympics will go this year considering all that's happened Do you mean at what point someone who's only fluent their native language would consider themselves bilingual or almost bilingual? Though I can't speak for everyone, I'd consider myself, and anyone learning an additional language, to be bilingual once they were at a conversational level in terms of both speaking and reading/writing. Fluency sounds very difficult to attain unless one's in an environment where they're frequently exposed to the language they're learning, and are able to practice it regularly, and since not everyone is in such a position, it seems a bit unfair to automatically discredit or undermine all the work someone's put into learning another language, just because they can't quite reach fluency.
  11. There's always one or two minor things bugging me, but there's nothing eating away at me at the moment ----------------- When was the last time you ate your favorite food?
  12. Arguably never. The handful of times I've come anywhere close to being completely unfiltered made my naivete really come out, and caused me to say some really stupid, regrettable/cringey stuff as a result, and also left me feeling awkward/out of my element by the end of it, so I'm quite content intentionally being somewhat subdued most of the time. --------------------------- What events do you hope will happen in your lifetime?
  13. Played an unhealthy amount of Skyrim. I'm super late to the Skyrim party, but I got the game for my birthday, and even though I brought my ps3 to Ohio with me last week, I forgot to bring the power cord, so I couldn't play it until Sunday when we went drove home, and I've been making up for lost time. The first 3 hours, and last 90 minutes of today were great, but hours 4 - 8 are a blur riddled with frequent breaks of varying lengths, and numerous accidental deaths as a result of just getting up and leaving at random parts. Not to mention console games also make me slightly motion sick, so I feel awful, but I discovered so many things and bought a horse and stole a lot and I don't want to do this again
  14. machine

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Again, sorry for any errors since I'm bad at proofreading So North Carolina and Mississippi are back in the news The American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi is sueing their state because the new law there would allow citizens to deny service to same-sex couples for religious reasons. If nothing comes of this lawsuit, the law will go into effect July 1st as originally planned. It's yet another case of trying to figure out just where LGBT+ rights end, and religious freedom begins and vice versa. To quote the article directly: "Supporters say the law will protect people's religious beliefs that marriage should only be between one man and one woman. Opponents say it violates the equal-protection guarantee of the Constitution." The ACLU is filing the lawsuit on behalf of a MS same-sex couple who have been engaged for 2 years and said: "When House Bill 1523 passed, it was heartbreaking because it takes away our chance to finally be treated equally. At a time when we're supposed to be excited as a couple engaged to be married, this law permits discrimination against us simply because of who we are. This is not the Mississippi we're proud to call home. We're hopeful others will come to realize this and not allow this harmful measure to become law." Should be interesting to see how this case ends because it could set the tone for any similar cases that could pop up. Being the MS is in the south, it'll be also be interesting to see what sort of reaction the end result sparks from both sides. As for North Carolina, ooh boy... This sure has spiralled into something much larger. Seemingly everyone's got a stance on this, and is very passionate about making their stance known. I'm admittedly having a bit of a hard time summarizing everything, but hopefully this'll suffice: So, iirc, last Monday The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against North Carolina because of the bathroom bill, and threatened to stop federal funding for NC's schools, including the University of North Carolina. NC's govenor, Pat McCrory responded by filing a lawsuit against the govenment by saying "Transgender status is not a protected class" and if the DOJ thinks it should be, they should go through Congress to get the law changed instead of attempting to bypass Congress and rewrite the law. Then later that week, the Obama admin. sent a letter out to all public school districts saying they need to allow transgender students to use whatever facilities match their gender identity, or risk losing federal funding. As you can imagine, this move hasn't gone over well everywhere, particularly in the south, but especially in Texas, where three politicans there (the governor, lt. governor, and a senator) have condemned this action, and understandably so. Assuming I didn't forget or miss anything, that's about where we are right now. (sources: 1 2) Regardless of you opinion, I think we can agree pulling federal funding is an extreme, even if the intent is to promote acceptance and safety. Money can speak louder than words though, especially when it's millions, if not billions of dollars at stake, so it's understandable why they went that route, but still.... It's only really angered people more too. It's a waiting game at this point, because considering just how many school districts there are, and just how many of those are unhappy about this, there's bound to be at least one that won't comply. And how their defiance is handled, and received, will really set the tone for this entire thing, which is potentially somewhat scary. Thank you! Though I'm pretty much just preaching to the choir here, I think it's still important to at least try to start a healthy, informative discussion, and also share accurate information, since misinformation regarding certain LGBT+ issues, like those bathroom bills for instance, is still really prevalant. Not everyone is lucky enough to be in a supportive envirnoment, so being able to provide resources is really important too, especially since those resources can be educational for even people not in those sort of situations themselves. The Huffington Post article was actually really nice. It was published in November though, and I can't seem to remember anything that was going on then that would cause them to post that, but hopefully in light of recent events, the article is being passed around and shared again. With the second one, the overall gist of the blog post is fine, and does add another aspect to the conversation that's not really talked about, but I agree with you. Though LGBT+ issues can often intersect with other social issues, such a feminism, and while it is important to acknowledge those intersections, it's not always the best idea to tie everything together. LGBT+ stuff on its own can be very complex, and you already lose some people when the word "transgender" is even brought up, so having an accusatory tone when trying to spread correct information, and bring up valid points, can only really anger people, and/or make people tune you out, and potentially tune out anyone else that tries to talk about similar topics. It also adds to any negative reputation the LGBT+ community might have with some people since they might assume some LGBT+ supporters are representative of the entire group. It's just not the best approach when talking about such things. Her anger, and many others' anger is understandable, and that's her personal blog right? So she can post whatever she wants, but that's still probably not the article you'll want to show your friend who might be pro-LGB, but might not completely understand why the recent bathroom bills are harmful, or understand why the T is even included in LGBT. The first article, and some wikipedia pages, would be better suited for that. If you reworded the blog post though, it'd probably be received much better, and have a bigger impact since, even though she has many valid points, they're not executed in the way that most people would hear them. Maybe her intention wasn't to try to point out how ridiculous bathroom bills and boycotting Target are to a large audience, but was actually just to put her perspective on the whole thing out there though. If that is the case, her tone would be more excusabe since it was never intended to address a large number of people, but rather just people who probably already agree with her, and want to read more about the flaws with bathroom bills You can chime in if you want! It's quite the mess at the moment though, so it's fine if you'd rather not I heard about the recent election over there, but I didn't hear about the last part. The Philippines is quite religious, right? So it's certainly a positive sign that people who are pro-LGBT and/or LGBT themselves got voted in. If he does ever push for same sex marriage, it'll be interesting to see how the public there will react. If/When that happens, hopefully the Philippines will be join the slowly growing list of countries where same sex marriage is legalized. Could you elaborate what you mean by "they're already pretty much accepted here, but there's still a lot of discrimination against them"? Is there a lack of legal protections for LGBT+ people, or that while the general public is alright with them existing, they believe being LGBT+ is a good enough reason for someone to not be served at a resturant, be denied service at a store, to lose their job, or etc.
  15. TIL more people take MBTI types seriously than I originally thought Can you elaborate?
  16. I want to watch Birth of a Nation and The General soon. Both are important, notable silent movies. Birth of a Nation came out in 1915 iirc, and is racist as hell. It's release is credited as one of the things, if not the main thing, that caused the increase of KKK members in the 20s, and the KKK reportedly used to use it as a recruitment tool/propaganda film at one point, so I want to see what it's all about. It's going to take a very specfic mood to be able to sit through that movie though, so I've got to wait for the right time to watch that this. Hopefully I'll be able to get to it soon though. On the other side of the sectrum, The General came out in 1926 iirc. Buster Keaton stars in it, it's a comedy film, but there's a bunch of cool stunts in it too. I'm not a huge fan of physical humor, something that silent films tend to rely heavily one, not to mention that what was funny 100 years ago, isn't what's considered humorous now, but Buster Keaton's known for his deadpan demeanor (though I think he's more expressive in this one), and I love deadpan humor, so I'm hoping it'll still appeal to me in a comedic sense at least slightly. Oh and did I mention the stunts Also Char's Counterattack. But unlike the other two, I know I'll be watching this very soon, so I can start Gundam Unicorn before the end of the month. Will definitely end up saying something about these in another post once I finish them.
  17. Welcome to DCW! I hope you'll enjoy your time here Your rank changes based on your posting activity mainly. Here's the link to the thread detailing how to unlock each rank.
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