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  1. So the NOAA spotted this little guy near Hawaii recently. There's a high liklihood this guy is part of a new species. Unlike most other cephalopods, he lacks pigments and was spotted at a depth of over 14,000 feet which is the deepest of this type of cephalopod has ever been seen. I don't believe he's been given a scientific name yet since they're not 100% sure this is a new species, but social media is urging that he be named after Casper the friendly ghost. x
  2. tfw you find out your favorite band released a new song for free a few months ago \o/ Foster the People - The Unforseeable Fate of Mr. Jones
  3. A close minded individual that struggles with/refuses to treat other viewpoints respectfully Define brouhaha
  4. machine

    LGBTQA+ Community

    It's funny how that sort of thing can happen, huh? It's good that you don't seem to be struggling with the change in your orientation though And assuming it's something you want, hopefully you'll be able to be open more about it in the future!
  5. ^^^^ That's a really good song Skullclub - It's Only You (feat. Philip Strand)
  6. Started Romeo no Aoi Sora because 1 - anime Switzerland and Italy, 2 - it's part of world masterpiece theater, 3 - the time period appears to be the mid/late 19th century, 4 - young, somewhat emotionally compromised orphan protag, and 5 - it looks like it's gonna give me Ie Naki Ko vibes. I'm pretty sold so far but not as sold as the main character is to the human trafficker that came to his village ayyyyy , the synopsis admittedly doesn't appeal to me that much, but I've seen virtually no negative things said about this so I figured it's worth a shot anyway. The character designs are simple, but the background art is really pretty. The protag and deuteragnoist are likable enough and they seem to feed off of each other fairly well. I hope their friendship will eventually turn into something like what Mattia and Remi had by the end of Ie Naki Ko. It's pretty slow paced, but it's an enjoyable slow pace. I'm not too far along yet, so I hope the plot will kick in a bit more soon since, as of right now, Romeo's just been cleaning chimneys and getting treated horribly by the family that bought him, except for the sickly daughter who's taken an interest in him. aannndd I just accidentally spoiled myself of the one kid's fate by reading the wiki page :^) tl:dr It's nice, relaxing, cute, and overall very enjoyable. The ending sounds like it's gonna be a tearjerker so you should probably brace for that if you give this a go. So I googled "gory anime" and Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki was one of the first things that came up. After seeing that it was less than an hour long and was entirely hand drawn, I decided to watch it and... well.... if I had to describe it in one word, that word would be "macabre" The story follows the amibiguously aged Midori and her new life living against her will with a handful of carnies and their travelling freak show. The first 10 minutes is pretty awful, but if you can sit through that you'll probably be acclimated enough to be able to watch the whole thing without too much of an issue. The entire thing's fairly grotesque, but the first part is especially unpleasant due to the excessive gore, implied rape, and other horrible happenings. It kinda reminds me of Litchi Hikari Club, especially in terms of art style, and in the sense that I can't necessarily say I enjoyed either of these. LHC at least had some positives in it though, like there's some ridiculous quotes in that manga that just crack me up every time I think about them, but with MST, there's not really any positives to distract from the overwhelming amount of negative things that happen. Both of these appeal to a very niche audience, and if you're not apart of that, you'll walk away from both of these feeling slightly uncomfortable at the very best. tl;dr; Unique and interesting, but you should probably steer clear of this one. If this sounds like your thing though for whatever reason, go for it pal. Have fun I guess? Finished Diebuster. Still don't like the super robot sub-genre, am not sure why I watched this, especially considering the fact that I didn't like Gunbuster much at all. Lal'C was pretty cool though--I liked Lal'C a lot actually. The subtext between her and Nono was pretty cute at times too. The opening and ending were also nice. tl;dr Alright I guess??? I started Oniisama e not too long ago too. After watching so much Gundam in a somewhat short period of time, I figured I was well overdue for something with a mostly female cast. I'm about halfway through and it's pretty nice. It's very drama heavy and you have to be in the right mindset to watch it since, imo, it's best watched in small groups of 4-5 ep's at a time. The art style is really nice though. The anime is an adaptation of a manga from the 70s, and I really like how apparent that is even though some of the clothes the characters wear outside of the school is very 90s. The characters are fairly unique and the relationships between some of the main characters are really interesting. There's not much of an overarching story, so it's hard to say where it's going to go exactly, but I suppose that's where part of my enjoyment of it comes from. tl;dr Overly dramatic, but in a good way. Also gay. (Romance plays a pretty big role, but it's not the main focus) And lastly, I started Patlabor: The Early Days. Like everything else here, it's fairly old (Romeo no Aoi Sora's from the early 90s, as is Oniisama e and Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki, Diebuster's from the early 2000s, and this is from the late 80s). The ova itself doesn't feel too dated, but the opening is wonderfully and unforgivingly 80s. Patlabor falls in the real robot sub-genre, and considering how most other real robot things I've seen have been Gundam, this is a very nice change of pace. I've only 3 of the 7 episodes, and the third ep was really different from the first two, but I've been liking it so far nonetheless. Izumi Noa and Shinohara Asama are likable and I hope they'll get some character development later on whether it be in this ova or the full blown tv series. tl;dr Pretty nice. If you don't want to straight away commit to the full ~50 ep long series, this is a good way to get a taste of what the show is like.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzzC5YoMTrY
  8. "Curiosity killed the cat, but where human beings are concerned, the only thing a healthy curiosity can kill is ignorance." --Harry Lorayne
  9. Well this is a bit overdue! Welcome to DCW nonetheless! Apologies for the lack of replies, it's been fairly inactive here as of late, but a handful of us still hang around. I suggest you post around a bit more if you want to feel more familiarized with the layout and everything. Everyone's pretty friendly and likes making conversation, so it's just a matter of finding a topic to talk about
  10. Dragon Age Origins I like it a lot so far. I'm playing as an elven mage and it's been an enjoyable ride so far. The only problem is that games in 3rd person apparently make me a tad motion sick And I can't decide who I want to romance. The straight guy's a partially emotionally compromised dork, but the bi girl... I like her a lot too though. ...gonna have to decide soon
  11. machine


    I gotta say, it's really cute how positive this thread. The Gundam forums and subreddit are occasionally really negative, and SEED and SEED Destiny get almost nothing but negative attention over there, so seeing people say they liked it and thought it was a nice experience is a nice breath of fresh air. Haven't seen 00, SEED, nor Destiny yet as I'm currently knee deep in UC stuff. I've heard 00 introduces aliens, so I might skip it. I plan on watching SEED, but I might skip out on Destiny because I'm impressionable As for UC stuff, 0079 was alright, Zeta was great, ZZ's been ok so far, Gundam-san was cringey, Thunderbolt's fantastic, 08th MS Team wasn't as good as I was expecting, 0080 was also great, and I have yet to see CCA, late UC stuff, 0083, and the Origin ovas, but I plan on starting the Origin ovas soon and finishing ZZ so I can go ahead and watch CCA, 0083, and Victory (and maybe F91 eventually too)
  12. Can we talk about upcoming anime here? Orange just got confirmed an anime for this summer. The manga was really good, so I'm excited for the anime. I wonder how much of the manga they plan on covering. They could probably do the whole manga in 25 episodes, so maybe they'll do that....? It just got announced, so there's not much information yet, but I hope they'll cover the whole story. I am however just a little worried because the main love interest is canonically depressed and perhaps the most well known depressed anime character, Shinji Ikari, gets crapped on constantly. (Or at least used to. I've noticed less people giving him flak about that recently) While there is a chance of that happening, I'm more so worried the opposite will happen and this will romanticize depression to a concerning degree. The manga did romanticize it, and while it was irritating, manga in general is less popular than anime and usually only get popular once they recieve an anime adaptation. So I'm just worried the anime itself won't fix that issue and that the soon-to-be much larger fandom (or at least parts of it) will see it being romanticize, think it's ok, and run with it. Or perhaps worse, give off the impression that falling in love will miraculously cure one's depression. Still looking forward to it, but I'm worried... On a lighter note, Love Live Sunshine will also be airing this summer. We know very little about the new characters aside from voice actresses and small bios, but going off character designs alone, I think they're gonna be pretty cool. (..probably excited for Watanabe You and Ohara Mari the most) The plot sounds like it's going to be similar to LL's, but honestly, who watches LL for the plot? The new main idol group will be called Aqours and they've already started being added to the Love Live School Idol Festival app. The main reason I'm excited for them is because the voice actresses were chosen a bit more carefully so Aqours' harmonies sound really good. Muse's harmonies aren't bad, but some of the voices stick out occasionally and just sound off. Some people have been complaining Aqours' character designs are too similar to Muse's, but it's the same art style so it's not surprising some characters might look similar. It's a little disappointing Muse stuff is already being retired so the franchise can shift to being mainly Aqours focused though. And then there's Amanchu. It's by the author who did the Aria series, so hopefully this'll be just as good. I've only seen the first season of Aria, but based off the short synopsis and art style, it just looks like it'll be just as nice if not more. It also sounds like it might be a little gay, just a little. Reminiscent of Class S genre gay. That genre has it's problems, but non-pander-y gay subtext... The third Gundam the Origin episode will be out in May/June too. I think the 3rd episode is going to be mainly about Char and Garma's teen years at the military academy. The Origin ova itself only has the new content from the Origin manga, but, if I'm not mistaken, the flashback(..? I think that's what it is. I haven't gotten to this point in the manga yet) to them as teenagers is a fan favorite so hopefully it'll live up to the hype! Garma's also one of my favorite characters from UC Gundam stuff so it'll be nice to see more scenes with him. I don't think Origin's technically canon, but Garma wasn't given much character development in 0079 so I'll take what I can get. tl;dr summer anime looks really neat, I'm excited And of the things I'm watching that are currently airing, Diamond no Ace had some tense moments in the newest episode and it was great. It also made me realize that the sports genre doesn't have enough drama in it. I hope this means more drama will come into play in the future. The current game against Yakushi is certainly reaching it's peak now that Yakushi's ace, Sanada, has been put on the mound. I'm honestly not really sure who's going to win. Furuya's hurt, and from what I've read, it sounds like he keeps getting hurt too, so without their ace pitcher being able to perform at his best, and Sawamura and Kawakami needing to improve a lot to stand on equal footing with him, it's hard to say how any games Furuya can't pitch in will go. Miyuki's also hurt and Kawakami can't pitch because he sustained a slight injury to his hand. The mangaka doesn't seem to be afraid of making the main team lose either, so the next few episode will certainly be interesting.
  13. Gundam Thunderbolt episode 2 They didn't waste any time and it was just a great 17 minutes. The jazz is used really fittingly and does at great job at setting the tone. Thunderbolt's also incredibly pretty like holy crap Ep 2 certainly upped the grittiness factor and it tread further into that gray area UC Gundam usually sits in of "war is bad, everything is awful, people on both sides, both soldiers and civilizans, are suffering in one way or another. Not everyone fighting for Zeon is a bad person, and not everyone fighting for the Federation is a good person either." And ep 2 especially drove that message home with what happened to Daryl n' all the poor kid's really in need of a break Episode 3 is due out in March and I hope it'll contain more flashbacks since the two in Ep 2 were great and added some background story to the two main characters. It's incredibly disappointing this'll only be 4 episodes long, but it's hard to complain after the first two episodes were such a high quality. If it just keeps going up from here, Thunderbolt might over take 0080 War in the Pocket as my favorite Gundam ova.
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