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  1. I said I was watching Gundam 00, but I changed my mind and decided to go back and finish all early UC Gundam series (excluding Origin since I want to read it first) before moving my attention onto an AU series since I want to watch After War Gundam X and Reconguista in G soon too. I finally watched Char's Counterattack, and honestly, I'm a little mad at myself for putting it off this long because, despite its flaws, it was a pretty enjoyable watch, and if Gundam Unicorn didn't exist, this would provide a pretty alright end to the Universal Century timeline imo. It was two full hours of mostly space battles, and during some scenes, it was pretty hard to believe that this movie's from 1988 because those were some quality 2d mechs (the mech designs for CCA were also a++). I, unfortunately, didn't go into this spoiler free. I knew of about the circumstances of two deaths, was aware that two others happened but wasn't sure of the how/when/why they died, and figured out half way through about two others because I knew they didn't show up in Unicorn. (Unicorn takes place 3 years after CCA, and considering who the enemy in Unicorn is, it'd be weird for certain characters to not appear in Unicorn if they were alive) I also recently read a handful of analyses on Char because Char goes through a ton of character development through 0079, Zeta, and CCA, and a lot of that development was really subtle and easy to miss if you didn't know to look for it, and I wanted to make sure I remembered all the important parts of his character. But other than that, I went in blind, and despite seeing how positively multiple people talked about, I still managed to be pleasantly surprised. Because so much was crammed into a 2hr movie, a lot of the new characters weren't able to be developed enough to the point where they felt meaningful in any way. Excluding Hathaway who briefly appeared in Zeta as a child and has a whole novel dedicated to what he does in his mid 20s, all the other new characters in CCA, while they all had a purpose and filled that purpose sufficiently, just felt one dimensional. But with that being said, these characters were never supposed to be super developed and expanded upon as CCA focuses heavily on Char and Amuro and their complex relationship, so it's understandable why they skimmed over them. The newtype stuff towards the end felt like a bit of an ass pull, but I would've been more surprised if the ending didn't have some OP newtype stuff attached to it. Amuro jumping out of a car, and tackling Char off a horse was also pretty ridiculous, but it was a good kind of ridiculous imo. To just complain for a second though (spoiler warning for secondary character deaths in CCA, ZZ, and Zeta) With CCA out of the way, I'm finally able to get around to Gundam Unicorn. I've heard almost exclusively positive things about Unicorn, so I'm looking forward to finding out why so many people like it. I know almost nothing about it too, so it's sure to be an interesting experience. I've seen 4 episodes so far, and I'm rather mixed on it. I didn't like 0080 until the last episode though, so maybe Unicorn will be a similar experience.The OST's amazing though. It sometimes feels a tad over-dramatic, but as a whole, it's just really great. I don't particularly like any of the characters which is unfortunate. Unicorn's not well known for its characters though, so maybe this shouldn't be too surprising, but it's still somewhat disappointing. Finished Unicorn and uh.... I got some gripes. And to clarify, I watched the 7 episode OVA, not the recently aired tv version tl;dr I was disappointed to say the least....
  2. the singer in this mv reminds me of Vermin Supreme
  3. time to revive this thread instead of the OMM thread Nothing too unpleasant happened, but there's a clefairy lurking around my school, and all my attempts to locate it have been unsuccessful :c </3 it's probably in the nearby park, but pokemon hunting isn't exactly how I want to spend my lunch break.
  4. I watched a bunch of late 90s music videos and finally learned the Spice Girls' names. (Scary Spice is my favorite) If it is a nest, /r/PoGoCle would probably also appreciate that information
  5. Ratboy Genius. Don't think about it too much, just experience it
  6. I got my foot caught in my bike spokes once, and we had to have paramedics come and cut me out since we couldn't do it ourselves with wire cutters. But other than that, fortunately, no. ----------- When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  7. ..I can't get over this video. It's just so perfect :'^) (mild nsfw.. maybe)
  8. I made myself some mac & cheese earlier. It always tastes better between 3am-6am for some reason, and today was no exception
  9. That's understandable! "Pure white" ..that's one way of putting it I guess haha But yeah, for better or worse, I'm about as white as they come. Aside from being eternally pasty, I can't really complain. And don't worry about it! Of all things to be assumed as, a different race is far from the worst, and not bothersome in the slightest.
  10. Incoming long post So yesterday, I was googling about what Native Americans might've thought tornadoes and other natural disasters were, and how they dealt with the aftermath of them. I didn't get very far before I got distracted by the 1997 Jarrell, TX tornado. The tornado that struck the small town of Jarrell in the late afternoon of May 27th, 1997 was a monstrous anomaly. It had a lot of unusual characteristics, and as a result, was extremely destructive. Storm systems, and correspondingly tornadoes as well, generally move from west to east in the US, but the Jarrell tornado has a southwestern path. Most tornadoes travel at a speed around 30mph, and only stay on the ground about 10-15min. The tornado in question though was incredibly slow moving, seemingly stationary at some points, and was on the ground for 40min. It was also an F5, and had confirmed wind speeds of over 200mph, with some people estimating that at its strongest, winds were upwards of 300mph. When the tornado hit, it hit hard because the affected landscape was subjected to 200mph+ winds and flying debris for several minutes. One of the first places hit by the tornado was a neighborhood in Jarrell called Double Creek Estates. Before the storm, Double Creek Estates consisted of 50 homes, but by May 28th, the neighborhood was almost completely flattened. All the remained of the 38 houses in the storm's direct path was concrete foundations and mangled debris. If I'm not mistaken, all 27 deaths caused by the tornado happened in Double Creek Estates. About three hundred cows were also killed, and to give an idea of how badly the victims were injured, first responders had a hard time distinguishing human remains from livestock remains, and most victims had to be identified via dental records. In total, the twister traveled 7.6mi and caused $40mil in damage (not sure if this number has been adjusted for inflation or not). Extensive damage was done to the landscape too. Most trees were taken out by the winds, and most, if not all of the trees that were still standing by the end of it had their bark ripped off. Large portions of the grass were also missing due to ground scouring, and even large sections of asphalt has been ripped off some of the roads. How I got from Native Americans to this specific tornado though was because "supposedly" (in " " because I can't find any other mention of this legend outside of information about this tornado) there's a Native American legend that talks about a seeing a dead man walking in tornadoes. According to the legend, if you see the dead man walking, your death is imminent. (which, to be honest, is an understandable train of thought and was probably fairly accurate if the legend did actually exist before this event) Most people brushed this off when they heard it though partially because, a tornado looks like a tornado. There's nothing exactly humanoid about a funnel. The one picture of the tornado that hit Jarrell was taken at a very interesting moment though, and it definitely has an interesting shape to it. The tornado had multiple vortexes for some length of time (Can't find how long the multiple vortexes existed), so that's why it looks like that, but it's still pretty weird it aligned like that for any length of time. There's no known video of the dead man walking unfortunately, but it's a fascinating picture. and if anyone's curious, this blog has pictures of what the some of the damage Jarrell sustained looked like But uh.. yup. This is what I've been doing for the past 24 hours... I watched a documentary from 1999 on this, and it was quite the experience. Over dramatic acting, cheesy sound effects and primitive special effects. It was originally recorded on a vhs tape and the screen jumped around occasionally, there was a fuzzy, static-y bar at the top of the picture, and none of the commercials were cut out. The same AOL commercial played 3 times, and some of the commercials had AOL keywords in the corner--there was a blockbuster commercial too. It was gr8. tl;dr tornadoes are scary
  11. It's cool, don't worry about it haha If I'm understanding your confusion correctly though, Austria's a country in central Europe. I brought it up because Austrians, at one point, were considered to be German (Austrians and Germans have pretty separate identities now though), one of the languages spoken in Austria is a form of German, and Austria and Germany are neighbors. They're sort of similar, but not similar enough to be considered one and the same. And yeah, I'm nowhere near the first of my family here haha. My mom's side (Polish and Austrian) has been here since maybe 1890, and my dad's side (Italian and Slovenian) moved here around 1900 if I'm not mistaken. Because of that, I don't have any ties to the countries my ancestors are from. I apparently have some distant relatives in Italy, but we haven't contacted them in a couple decades, so that doesn't really count. I think it's really interesting when someone's parents or grandparents were the ones that immigrated though. I feel like people who start anew in an unfamiliar country probably have really good advice to give.
  12. While that's technically true, it just looks sort of suspicious. My neighborhood also has an 11pm curfew for minors, and even though I'm not a minor, I still look 14/15, so it just wouldn't be a good idea unfortunately. It's something I'd like to do in the future though...
  13. I wish going for walks around 3am/4am was completely acceptable and safe to do.
  14. thoughts at the start of the video: that man sure loves dancing thoughts during the video: this reminds me of that weird pseudo-Russian, but actually German song from the 70s thoughts at the end of the video: those men sure love dancing Not German, but I am part Austrian if that means anything.
  15. machine

    Your latest Buys

    Double post because I bought some things recently that make me feel a false sense of responsibility and maturity I bought my first real wallet the other day. I've been meaning to do this for a while since the wallet I previously had was the one my sister handed down to me like 10 years ago, and I'm no longer feeling the cartoon monkey fist pumping on the front of that one. It's leather though, is like a light tan color, smells gr8, zips open and close, and i feel like a real grownup just holding it. I've only got like $15 to my name at the moment though, so I'm mostly just admiring it instead of actively using it, but I feel like owning this now makes me a bit more of an adult than I was a week ago. I bought a new lanyard and some keychains too. These aren't as big of a deal to me, but my sister still uses the lanyard she bought as a teenager, and even has most of the keychains she put on there as a teenager still attached to it, so I'm looking forward to doing the same with my lanyard. The lanyard's got gudetama on it... and the keychain's the orange Haro from Gundam 00 even though I've yet to finish Gundam 00.. I wanted everything to be a similar color so I can try to trick people into thinking I'm a well put together human being who has their shit together. And because a e s t h e t i c.
  16. Started Gundam 00 and Terra e. With Gundam 00, I'm going into this knowing very little. I knew about one of the characters being voiced by the same guy who voiced Amuro Ray in the original Gundam 0079 anime, the "ore wa gundam" meme, that the gundam exia is 'affectionately' nicknamed the "gundam sexia" by a decent amount of fans, and that this series got its fair share of odd character names too. (Allelujah Haptism is pretty out there, but it's no Quattro Bajeena to be honest) I think I read that Gundam 00 is partially inspired by the Iraq War, so I knew that tidbit about it beforehand too. I knew nothing about the plot or characters though, and so far, this it's turning out to be a pleasant surprise. I really like the mobile suit designs, how the few battles I've seen so far have been choreographed, and what little of the plot I've seen seems really interesting. Gundam 00 takes place in the distant future when all fossil fuels have been depleted, and the countries that used to make a lot of their income through fossil fuels are now deeply impoverished and conflict stricken. I heard the movie introduces aliens though, so I'm a little nervous about that, but I'm looking forward to the rest of season 1, and eventually, season 2 as well. As for Terra e, I know even less about this one. I'm really only watching this because, according to its tumblr tag, it's got a sad ending, and because the author of Terra e is the same person who wrote Kaze to Ki no Uta, a niche, gay manga from the 70s that hurts me a little bit every time I think about it. I've only seen one episode, so I don't have much of an opinion on it yet, but the story's really different from KazeKi's, so I'm hoping it'll still appeal to me, especially since I've got high hopes for this. I'm disappointed with the art style though. It was animated in a more current-looking style, and imo, Takemiya Keiko's art style just doesn't look very good when you try to make it look modern. KazeKi got an ova in '87, and has a very pleasant look to it. It just feels like Terra e will lose a lot of its charm because of its unfortunate art style.
  17. You ever watch the right show at the right time? I watched the first season of Bojack Horseman recently, and I really liked it. The first half of the season is pretty different from the second half, so if you decide to watch it, definitely stick through the first 6 episodes before dropping it. By that time you'll be used to the humor, and the show takes a bit of a more serious turn around there that's worth sticking around for. What I meant by that opening line there though is that even though none of the characters in Bojack Horseman are especially relatable, the sentiments the characters hold at some points can be relatable. There's a few lines throughout the first season that struck a chord with me, and reminded me of some things I should probably be more aware of. Also, BH's humor just sits really well with me since it's pretty dry, and it's been a while since I've watched something with these type of jokes. I'm just glad I finally sat down and started this show when I did. Hopefully the 2nd and 3rd seasons won't be disappointing in comparison to the 1st season... Oh and the opening is gr8 edit: Finished season 2. I don't zone out when watching shows per se, but I definitely don't think about much when watching stuff usually, and now that I'm sitting back and thinking about everything that happened, BH's melancholic tone is really hitting me. It got relatable, and even though what the characters have going on is really exaggerated, it's the sort of thing where they'll say something in the midst of a scene, and that one line will just stick with you. Some of the episodes felt like watching a car crash. You get a vague feeling that something's gonna happen, and then you watch everything play out, and it's always somehow worse than you expected, and even though you're on the sidelines of the entire thing, just experiencing it from there is more unpleasant than you thought it'd be. I like this show a lot, but goddamn does it make you feel awful at times....
  18. ^ :0 I don't believe you've posted more than a handful of times since I joined here last year. It's nice to see that another prominent member still lurks around here! It sounds like the same announcer is featured in both videos haha
  19. "ich bin immun!" gonna have to remember to listen to this song the next time I get a flu shot or something
  20. Technically happened yesterday but w/e I got to briefly visit my sister and see a little bit of Cincinnati. My mom and I split up the driving from Indiana to Ohio over two days, so we stayed at my sister's place overnight. I got my sister into Pokemon Go when she came to visit a few weekends ago, so after having breakfast a little bee themed cafe, we drove around looking for pokestops, and I got to sight see a little bit as we did that. Cincinnati is much nicer than I thought it was..
  21. But it's a video of small, autonomous robots slowly playing soccer with audio of actual sports announcers over it. It's totally worth 2min of your time that you'll never get back :^) here's a shorter video if you can't spare 2min to watch little robots try their best though
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