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  1. Thank you for your response. Yes, I heard about it too..and I'm definitely looking forward to visit Osaka.. one of these days, hopefully... :*
  2. Not that anybody notice about my comeback.. well.. Anyways hahahahahahaha I am a member of this website since 2012 and recently I am again starting my track and coping up with Detective Conan episodes and manga updates. I miss the whole DC crew.. and have never ever hooked with other anime series. Thus, it makes me super duper happy to let you know that I will be traveling to Japan this upcoming SEPTEMBER (my birthdate) and I will stay there for 3 months. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!! Anyone who has visited Japan before.. please kindly recommend to me, places that I should visit specially DC related places.. feel free to send me message and we'll talk about DC all the way. have a great day everyone
  3. RT @PINOY_QUOTES: Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove you can still stand.

  4. RT @dooomdada: Goodbye #daragon posts on ig making me cry T___T I love you all applers! ♥♥"It all started in Hello & it's probably time t…

  5. just done reading #ThisLove and will re-read it again. considered as another favorite #daragon fic :)) @Butterfy_Effect

  6. just done reading #KnotThisGuy and #MobsterForRent..now I am torn between CYBORG JIYONG & DEPUTY MOUNTAIN MASTER JIYONG :)) @huntress2021

  7. RT @B2UTYMAKASSAR: [OFFICIAL ENGSUB Full] Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 - Second Official Game, Cool Kiz vs. ILSoILKo (2014.08.01) http:…

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    2. iHeartSerenade


      Oh. so.. You're a SHAWOL? :))) Not sure if I'll continue watching it without any BEAST members :)))

    3. knpce


      I am a SHAWOL (and an EXO-L) ^^ But I'm also fans of Henry from SJ and Amber from f(x) :D

      Aww I hope you'll continue watching... but no pressure ^^

    4. iHeartSerenade


      Oh! Nice! Yeah. I hope so too :))))

  8. RT @zhil_in_d_cube: Finally, Rain's new Hollywood film is about to be shown. #ThePrince Congrats @29rain :D

  9. Yung files, dapat talaga may back up T___T

  10. #YouUsedTo be something special to me.

  11. Medea: Love, did you say? It is a mighty curse.

  12. Someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality.© love qoutes

  13. RT @Qlimb: Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.

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