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  1. Finances + Helping DCW :)

    Hello everyone, This is a post I've been meaning to do for a long time now but never really got around to doing it. I was also on vacations for a while and only came back this week-end. The goal of this post is to expose a bit the "behind-the-scenes" of DCW and be as open as possible regarding the finances of the site and servers. In a way, I would like to sensibilize the community about the resources and money it takes to maintain DCW and keep it running day after day. I'm not sure if you all remember the events of January of this year when the site had some major issues and I've had to make many updates (and upgrades) to put it back up (better, safer and stronger)? If not, see the posts made here: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/4298-forum-and-wiki-maintenance/ and http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/4357-forum-and-wiki-upgradeupdates/ Besides the software upgrades at the time, I also upgraded the resources used by DCW (due mainly to the increasing traffic of visitors to the site). I also currently pay a third-party service to regularly scan, detect and prevent attacks and potential exploits as they appear. The bill has now come to around $150 per month for a web server and a separate database server + about $10 a month for the security service I just mentioned. This is quite a substantial amount of money in the end (about $1900 a year out of my pocket..). And with $150 a month already, I believe at this point we could eventually push it a little more to reach our dream of getting a dedicated server that we can fully use and benefit from, resources-wise, without any (or barely any) restrictions (i.e. more bandwidth, more memory, more CPU). We should consider at least $200 for a good decent server. This is why I was hoping this post would let you know more about the situation and our priorities and where you could eventually help out in reaching our goal of getting a stable dedicated server as well as helping build the number 1 Detective Conan resource on the web! I would like to thank everyone who donated so far! It's very awesome of you and I am really grateful for the help! It really does help in paying the bills every month. If I make an average of the amount of donations per month and how much they help out I would say that they represent about 5% of the monthly fees. On the long-term, it would be amazing if the server could become self-sustaining with everyone's effort and help! So, even if it's just a little bit, any help is appreciated! Even $1 would be great! Thank you! Some benefits of becoming a donator: - Member of the "Donators" forum group (if you want to). By doing so, you'll let others know of your dedication and support to DCW - No more ads on the forum - The profile page can be customized a bit - More messages allowed in the inbox - If you have more ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you for your contributions and continued support! Always greatly appreciated! Maurice
  2. Good call. With the new update I forgot to reinstate signatures. My bad. It's all good now though. So have fun!
  3. Finances + Helping DCW :)

    Yes, you're always welcome to help out with the server fees. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Favorite Opening or Ending?

    What is your favorite Opening or Ending theme? I kinda like Free Magic by WAG.
  5. Latest update

    Hello everyone, As you have noticed, the forum was down for some time in order to solve a major spam-flooding issue. The spammers would be able to register (probably manually - i.e. through human intervention) and then flood the boards really fast. I've had no choice but to rollback the forum to a decent enough date (without a huge mass of spammy content), which is the 1st of February. We apologize for this urgent undertaking. Fortunately, because of the spam, people weren't creating that many legitimate content and therefore not that much was lost normally. I also took this opportunity to upgrade the forum software. Here's what I implemented to control such issues in the future: The registration form was modified a bit more to further prevent automated/bot registration. When a member registers now, they will be in the Members group which now has the following restrictions: There is a flooding control time of 5 minutes (they have to wait 5 minutes after posting something to post something else). They can also only post 3 times per day and the first few posts need to be approved before going up. They won't be able to upload profile photos/covers. There'll be a limit on number of private messages and reactions they can do per day. Besides posting, there will be some more restrictions (such as the inability to upload attachments). Once a member from the "Members" group reaches 10 posts and their account is older than 30 days, they will be moved to the "Advanced" group. The Advanced group will reduce the flooding control time to 3 minutes. They won't have that many restrictions and will be just like normal members (i.e. just the way the Members group was before). After they reach 50 posts and their account is older than 30 days, they will be moved to the "Renowned" group. "Renowned" members will have the flooding control time reduced to only 30 seconds. I know that it can be a bit tedious for new members and I sincerely apologize for that but there just aren't any realistic way to completely eradicate spamming once a site with community/interactive features reaches a certain amount of traffic: it'll always be subjected to more and more innovative spam attacks (or worse). New members, I really hope you'll be willing to show a little bit of patience with this process. Fortunately, once you get to the "Advanced" group, it'll be so much better in general! I really hope we can count of your understanding. Thank you, Maurice
  6. Hello and welcome to DCW!
  7. Hello

    Welcome to DCW KSA!
  8. Latest update

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoy it! Welcome to DCW.
  9. Encyption on Login Form Page

    Made some more changes. Should be looking better now. Thanks!
  10. Encyption on Login Form Page

    Good catch. I fixed it. Thanks!
  11. Good point. I removed the Shop for now until we find an alternative (if you have one, do not hesitate to comment ). Thanks for bringing this up.
  12. is https version of wiki legit?

    Good catch. This was fixed. Pages should have SSL enabled by default now.
  13. Need "Detective" game ideas!!

    I've been thinking for a while now about developing a "detective" type game (however small or big it might be) and I've just not figured out the best gameplay factor/strategy yet. I was thinking, as a start, of a web-based game that we could even publish on Facebook and/or MySpace. But just like any creation, finding the right and best concept is the most difficult part. I'm actually not worried about the development part at all! It's all about the ideas and the level of fun we can integrate into the game. So, that's where you guys could help out! Do you have any idea that could make a "detective" game work? And be fun/enjoyable? Just pieces of ideas would help too. Then, just like a puzzle we could assemble a full game putting them together! It would be soo awesome if we could release a DCW game entirely conceived and created from scratch by its very own community! Anyway, use this thread as a placeholder for ideas that could potentially be useful or fun in a detective-type game. Thank you!
  14. Forum rank icons

    Hello all! I'm very pleased to announce that we now have new DCW-related rank icons on the forum! It's been quite a while since I've wanted to make something like that for DCW (see forum thread: www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/801-looking-for-ideas-and-talent). I finally went ahead and did something nice and simple. A first version of something that could evolve further more in the future. At least, it'll be a good upgrade to what we have right now! Here are the rankings: Administrator: Moderator: Observer (Validating members): Eyewitness (Normal members): Protagonist (100+ posts): Officer (500+ posts): Inspector (2000+ posts): Detective (10000+ posts): Secret Agent (Donators): Black Organisation (Banned): That's about it! Feedback welcome as usual! Thank you.
  15. Hey all, Since the community has grown quite a lot since 2009, I think it would be nice to start "prettyfying" and organizing the forum a little bit. And I think we could use your help for that! What I was thinking we could do is implement new ranks and icons for members. Right now, the only two ranks we have are: Members and Advanced Members (not including the staff like moderators). We also have a special group called "Donators" (only one person in it so far). It would be interesting to have more of them and eventually DC-related. For example: 0 posts and more => Novice 10 posts and more => Detective boy 50 posts and more => High-school detective 100 posts and more => Detective etc... or we could be original and have: 0 posts and more => Genta's friend 10 posts and more => Ayumi's friend 50 posts and more => Mitsuhiko's friend 100 posts and more => Detective Boys 500 posts and more => Ai's friend 1000 posts and more => Ran's friend 2500 posts and more => Gin's nemesis etc... You get the idea. So, what I'm asking of you guys is to suggest nice/cool/fun ranks and then we'll choose the best ones (or do a vote, we'll see). Don't hesitate to think outside of the box! As for the icons, you may have noticed that we only have: x number of dots for members: Admin: Moderators: Once we decide on the ranks or if you feel motivated, we would really like some suggestions or designs for the icons as well. For example, it could be Genta's face for the "Genta's friend" rank, etc... Again, any idea is welcome. Just let your imagination go wild! I hope this is gonna be a successful little event here and that you guys have fun with it. Thank you and may the fun begin!
  16. Post your top 5 Animes (and why)!

    Ever wondered which good Animes you might be missing on? Well, what about sharing our favorites Animes of all time with each other? That would be a great way to let others know what other Animes out there actually rock (or we think rock)! Also mention why you like them. It's always interesting to read what people actually think about an Anime and what they like about it. I'm only asking for your top 5 to keep it simple but feel free to post more than 5! No worries there. I'll start: 1. GTO (awesome storyline and characters) 2. Death Note (it's incredible how many twists this show has. You always end up surprised by what happens next) 3. Detective Conan (mm, why why why? - no seriously, it has a good storyline and I always like watching Conan make those crazy deductions hehe. DC could be compared to Death Notes at times from the way those guys think and predict/deduce things) 4. One Piece (it may not look like it but the storyline is pretty deep - plus it's fun watching pirates make their own rules and break others!) 5. Hunter X Hunter (another great show with a good storyline. Just like Death Note, you never know what's gonna happen next) As you can see, I'm a sucker for good storylines. I get bored too easily with cheesy ones... (unless it's a short series: 26 eps max)
  17. Broken Link

    Thanks for reporting. It's fixed.
  18. Site Won't Let My Friend Sign Up for an Account

    Hello, Did she get this message after filling out the registration form completely, then clicking on "I agree to the Terms of Use" and then on the "Create My Account" button at the bottom of the page? If not, was she even able to get to the registration form? Did she see the security check on the registration form? The new upgrade now takes into account blacklisted emails and/or IP addresses shared between different forum platforms to prevent known spammers to register. Maybe her email address was flagged? She could try to use a different one. It could also be her IP address. This can happen if she has a dynamic IP address and she got assigned an IP address that was used by a spammer that was flagged not so long ago. She could try to reboot her router to get a new IP address.
  19. Hello everyone! You may have noticed that the site has been down for a few hours today. I've had to put the site into maintenance mode in a bit of a rush to initiate upgrades to several server services (following the recent changes I've had to undertake to counter the spam/hack issues). The operation seems to have worked out well. But if you find any issues on the forum or wiki, please let us know here. Thank you! I would also like to give you a heads up regarding a potential upgrade to our forum platform coming up very soon. Therefore, the board might be down for a little bit while we perform the upgrade in the coming days. Thank you for your patience!
  20. Hey Chekhov. Let me know when you're back. Thanks. :)

  21. Updates and upgrades being performed

    The "logging out" part may be normal because I had to clear the cache a few times and restart many services. It should be more stable now. Note to everyone: We'll be performing the forum upgrade soon. The board might go into maintenance mode during the upgrade. Thank you for your patience!
  22. "Phishing" Security Report

    I've whitelisted the wiki since the wiki software would catch SQL injections anyway (it's true that /* */ could be used for SQL injections but if the software is well coded, it shouldn't cause issues anyway). Let me know if there are other issues with the wiki. Thanks for the report.
  23. "Phishing" Security Report

    Don't worry, I've been working on adding an extra layer of protection (firewall + more). What you see right now could be normal for the next few days. It will hopefully get solved soon!
  24. Hello everyone! As you could have seen, the website has been down for the past few days. We've run into some issues and had to change host. As you probably noticed as well, the Watch section is currently unavailable. It seems that the site was becoming a little too "popular" for the "important" people and a DMCA was filed to our host regarding DCW. It seems that even though the videos are hosted on Youtube, the fact that we're linking to them on the site is enough to shout copyright infringement... Which is really odd judging by the activities of many popular anime and drama sites who openly embed 100x more videos! (including DC ones). My guess is that the site was ranking really well in Google (maybe too well?) and was attracting a lot of fans. If it was not that popular, I'm pretty sure we would not have had any issues to date. Therefore, I regret to inform you that the Watch section will be unavailable until further notice. I hope we can come up with a working solution in the future but I cannot promise anything at this time. I do believe that the Wiki is still one of the main features of DCW and as long as this stays, DCW will remain true to its goal of becoming the ultimate DC resource on the net! And I will keep working as hard as I can on improving and turning this site into a true DC reference and a great place for DC fans to hang out! I understand if you wish to stop supporting the site now that there are no more videos to watch but we will still always appreciate any support you wish to provide. You're more than welcome to stick around with us and show how big and strong the DC community can really be. The wiki, although far from complete, is right now the most comprehensive and complete library there is on the net about DC. We, at DCW, are really proud of how it turned out and that's definitely something big and worth sticking around for. And the more contributors, the merrier! To finish, I plan to add more features to the site in the future. So, watch out for them. ^^ I thank you all for your patience and support! A DC fan at heart, Maurice
  25. "Phishing" Security Report

    Don't worry, It's just that I haven't had a chance to look at my messages yet. I'll answer soon don't worry. I've been working on a few server-side issues/things related to the whole situation. Plus I work during the day, so I don't have much time in a full day but I'll get to it soon.