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  1. Hi! I have a suggestion for the Wiki page. It would be really great if people could favorite/bookmark episodes/movies/chapters/characters they like, and in general have more things they can do with their account! For example being able to create personal playlists of "super creepy episodes" or "funniest episodes" etc! It would also be really cool to be able to mark episodes you have watched or something! Currently on the wiki you cant do much with your account Also, just wanted to say that I love this site and I really appreciate everyone who contributed to building it!! This website is super helpful to DC fans and on behalf of the whole community I say: thank you <3 Anyone with other ideas for the wiki accounts, pls comment below \(^o^)/ CQ
  2. Ayumi is impossible to ship with conan lmao, shes an elementary schooler and hes a highschooler. he can only see her as a little sister ofc
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