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  1. Born n' raised in Texas of the United States.
  2. one of my favourite scenes Detective Conan is the reason I have to insert "ah le le" into my childish mocking from now on hehe
  3. I'm new to this community but welcome back none the less. waaah! that's amazing!! I'm not sure if it's a good recommendation but based on what I saw on twitter, if you happen to visit Osaka (which is known for great food and historic attractions, not to mention home of the Detective of the West ) perhaps check out the yTV station at Shiromi, Chūō-ku, Osaka; where apparently the Kaitou KID has stolen the Conan statue, leaving a note in its place. It appears to be a temporary event hyping for the 2019 movie. Hope you have a pleasant and safe trip and happy early birthday!
  4. Favourite OVA, hmm... I really enjoy them all of course. Although number 9 hit me hard and threw me into angsty feels. I believe number 8 is my favourite, classic drama of Sonoko being Sonoko, then the hilarious stuff everyone comes up with, and the best part, Shinichi! playing violin too! (even if, as Conan pointed out, he wouldn't realistically show up in that particular manner) It's so cool and romantic with a simple and sweet case. Not to mention, the great karate detective Ran, priceless. Numbers 1 and 10 are tied for a very close second because I adore everything about KID-sama.
  5. Greetings, glad you're here! The Clash of Red and Black saga is such a good part, hope you enjoy watching it. Feel free to talk about it with me, I am always up for gushing about how much I love the story and characters or discussing theories.
  6. This is because the Kaitou KID's real appearance and voice is so similar to Shinichi (same: skin colour, eye colour, hair colour, height, age) that all he has to do is style his hair neater instead of the messier hair style he usually has. So the inspector was actually pulling on KID's real face.
  7. so far... (seen up to ep 584) My favourite opening for the music is the classic first, "Mune ga Dokidoki" by THE HIGH-LOWS. I will always adore that song. The song "Koi Wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense" by Rina Aiuchi is a close second, you can bet I know the dance (Although I love nearly every song the ops/eds use) My favourite opening for the visual number 13 (original not the variant) I really enjoy the action moves and timing with the song. Plus I love Conan's outfit. Opening 18 is a close second. So many good cones, such adorable expressions (plus wonderful friends). My favourite ending for the music is number 9 "Secret of my heart" by Mai Kuraki My favourite ending for the visual is ending 21. Tiny Ran and Shinichi (ft. Kazuha and Heiji) is too precious.
  8. Greetings Maurice! Oh I absolutely understand! Not a hint of bad feelings towards this, makes me a little sad that because of some people's impatience and misplaced frustrations, good people like you apologize for doing what is realistic. I read your 'about me' and would like to say, nay exclaim, Thank You! So much for creating DCW and continuing to put your time and work into it! I just started watching Detective Conan at the beginning of this summer and have absolutely fallen in love with everything about it. Half of what has made it such an enjoyable experience was being able to access DCW to conveniently keep track of the episodes/OVAs/TV specials/Movies because I like to try to watch it in the order it was released. I also adore the music page because it's all the names and artists of so much wonderful music. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing the entire colour scheme, layout and images are. Seriously, Thank you so much for Detective Conan World Sincerly, Yet another mystery geek
  9. Greetings! Sweet username, I have not seen enough of Akai in the series yet to fully know what his character is like but so far I like him quite a bit. I just started watching the Detective Conan anime this summer because I heard it is a good anime. It is certainly true, I have loved puzzles/mysteries ever since I could remember. I love the original Sherlock Holmes and Arsène Lupin books. I also really enjoy the cool action scenes, comedy, and emotional parts. This kind of anime is my cup of tea. All the characters have various traits you can love about them. It is hard to pick my favourite characters since I love them all but I guess I could say my top three are: 1) Shinichi/Conan (I am a sucker for protagonists haha) everything he does as Conan is adorable and when he is Shinichi he can be pretty cool. 2) Haibara, her and Shinichi's logical way of thinking and broad amount of knowledge are something I relate to. Plus they can both be sarcastic which is fun. 3) Kaitou KID, I really enjoy magicians and all the awesome tricks they can do. KID is very graceful and dramatic in the cool stunts he pulls off and always makes me laugh when Shinichi/Conan puts a kink in his plans. I have reasons why I love every character, feel free to ask me about a character or characters and I'll gladly tell you why I love them!
  10. Greetings! I look forward to interacting with you and reading whatever you contribute. <3 Based on your username I will assume that you like Haibara, I do too (I mean who wouldn't, she's adorable imo) I really admire her scientific smarts since I enjoy science.
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