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  1. Good call. With the new update I forgot to reinstate signatures. My bad. It's all good now though. So have fun!
  2. Finances + Helping DCW :)

    Yes, you're always welcome to help out with the server fees. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Long time no talk my friend. You probably don't even remember me. I hope all is well! 

  4. Hello and welcome to DCW!
  5. Hello

    Welcome to DCW KSA!
  6. Latest update

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoy it! Welcome to DCW.
  7. Encyption on Login Form Page

    Made some more changes. Should be looking better now. Thanks!
  8. Encyption on Login Form Page

    Good catch. I fixed it. Thanks!
  9. Good point. I removed the Shop for now until we find an alternative (if you have one, do not hesitate to comment ). Thanks for bringing this up.
  10. is https version of wiki legit?

    Good catch. This was fixed. Pages should have SSL enabled by default now.
  11. Latest update

    Hello everyone, As you have noticed, the forum was down for some time in order to solve a major spam-flooding issue. The spammers would be able to register (probably manually - i.e. through human intervention) and then flood the boards really fast. I've had no choice but to rollback the forum to a decent enough date (without a huge mass of spammy content), which is the 1st of February. We apologize for this urgent undertaking. Fortunately, because of the spam, people weren't creating that many legitimate content and therefore not that much was lost normally. I also took this opportunity to upgrade the forum software. Here's what I implemented to control such issues in the future: The registration form was modified a bit more to further prevent automated/bot registration. When a member registers now, they will be in the Members group which now has the following restrictions: There is a flooding control time of 5 minutes (they have to wait 5 minutes after posting something to post something else). They can also only post 3 times per day and the first few posts need to be approved before going up. They won't be able to upload profile photos/covers. There'll be a limit on number of private messages and reactions they can do per day. Besides posting, there will be some more restrictions (such as the inability to upload attachments). Once a member from the "Members" group reaches 10 posts and their account is older than 30 days, they will be moved to the "Advanced" group. The Advanced group will reduce the flooding control time to 3 minutes. They won't have that many restrictions and will be just like normal members (i.e. just the way the Members group was before). After they reach 50 posts and their account is older than 30 days, they will be moved to the "Renowned" group. "Renowned" members will have the flooding control time reduced to only 30 seconds. I know that it can be a bit tedious for new members and I sincerely apologize for that but there just aren't any realistic way to completely eradicate spamming once a site with community/interactive features reaches a certain amount of traffic: it'll always be subjected to more and more innovative spam attacks (or worse). New members, I really hope you'll be willing to show a little bit of patience with this process. Fortunately, once you get to the "Advanced" group, it'll be so much better in general! I really hope we can count of your understanding. Thank you, Maurice
  12. Hi. You're probably more keenly aware of this than I, but these forums are getting spammed by a bunch of users (who have names like axdsrhss—they're usernames comprised of just random jumbles of letters)—specifically, the "General" thread. Seems like every couple minutes, there's a deluge of posts by a bunch of users who joined this Tuesday. Their posts are just a stream of Korean(?) text. Any idea what's going on? (EDIT: Apologies if making a status in your direct feed wasn't proper protocol—I just didn't see the PM button until I'd already posted this status)



    At least 16 and 1/2 pages worth of topics in the general threads are now comprised of this deluge of posts from these users.


    EDIT #2:

    It's been 4 hours since I made this status—now there are 65 and 1/2 pages of these posts.


    EDIT #3:

    The issue appears to have been resolved. Again, apologies if making a status in your direct feed wasn't proper protocol.

  13. Broken Link

    Thanks for reporting. It's fixed.
  14. Site Won't Let My Friend Sign Up for an Account

    Hello, Did she get this message after filling out the registration form completely, then clicking on "I agree to the Terms of Use" and then on the "Create My Account" button at the bottom of the page? If not, was she even able to get to the registration form? Did she see the security check on the registration form? The new upgrade now takes into account blacklisted emails and/or IP addresses shared between different forum platforms to prevent known spammers to register. Maybe her email address was flagged? She could try to use a different one. It could also be her IP address. This can happen if she has a dynamic IP address and she got assigned an IP address that was used by a spammer that was flagged not so long ago. She could try to reboot her router to get a new IP address.
  15. Hey Chekhov. Let me know when you're back. Thanks. :)