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  1. Pr1me 101

    Japanese Classroom

    Alright, I've just gotten a reply from Kaoko that her life is busy at the moment and she can't come on here as much as she used to. But she will continue with the project. Until then, hello to all of you new members...
  2. Pr1me 101

    Japanese Classroom

    I sent Kaoko an e-mail not too long ago to see if anything's up (no reply as of yet), she's probably gotten busier in her life. It's times like these that tempt me to try making lessons of my own...
  3. Pr1me 101

    Japanese Classroom

    Don't worry about your translation being lame (which it isn't), since you've basicly got all the major points down. My translation: "I'm sorry" said the snow "I want to melt into water and go far away and play" the snow said while looking up "Since I'm in the shadows of the bamboo, I can't melt" he/she said sadly And welcome to the club science12nerd and mabel.
  4. Pr1me 101

    Japanese Classroom

    Go ahead. (Oh yeah, you can drop the sensei part since I haven't done sh*t lol)
  5. Pr1me 101

    Japanese Classroom

    No romaji. There's 5 points off of your final grade.
  6. Pr1me 101

    Rebecca Black

    It's a pop song, what do you expect? Anyway I stumbled onto an accoustic version of her singing (the national anthem not Friday), and she can sing. Auto-tune and horrible lyrics just ruined her infamous song.
  7. Pr1me 101

    Describe the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    DCW's Nickname Maker
  8. Pr1me 101

    Japanese Classroom

    The worst way to learn a new language is by memorizing it. You have to learn and understand it like how you understand english (or whatever your first language may be). It takes time (and often an appropriate environment) but it isn't as hard as your brain makes you think it is.
  9. Pr1me 101

    Japanese Chatroom for Beginners!

    Hmmm, I thought using romaji was forbidden... If it wasn't, I'll make it forbidden now.
  10. Pr1me 101

    Rebecca Black

    That's one way of looking at it. In the world of marketing all of those negative comments can only mean more attention and advertising for RB and her record label. There is no nice or mean in the real world, just business.
  11. Pr1me 101

    Japanese Classroom

    If you can get the hang of hiragana, katakana will be a cinch. They're all the same letters pronounciation-wise, but they're just written differently and they're used only for nouns.
  12. Pr1me 101

    Rebecca Black

    I don't mind her voice, but her songs lack substance. Plus the rapper in her video is a pedo...
  13. Pr1me 101

    Japanese Classroom

    New section created especially for this? Never thought this thread could have grown so big...
  14. Pr1me 101

    Random Thought

  15. Pr1me 101

    Japanese Classroom

    Welcome JiJuDJ, Kaoko's lessons are perfect for those like you.