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  1. I like your enthusiasm, but honestly this site appears dead, and I would say that is because of the moderators who don't even visit this site for years. Your suggestion is good, but I doubt whether it will be heard.
  2. I had commented in the manga thread section and elsewhere as well. But the messages are not visible, because it says they require moderator approval. Where are the moderators?
  3. The point about kaito kid and anagram connection is good. It will be quite good to see how it unfolds.
  4. Ran and Kazuha are playing around with a snowmen while a murder had just taken place? They are DB's or what? Ah, maybe murders are so common place now to them that it doesn't even matter. They might as well play karuta cards.
  5. Why don't you appoint some new moderators? I am sure there are regular posters here that would be happy to take up that work. I am asking because new members like me won't have to wait for our messages to be moderated. That kills any intention of discussion if there was any. Waiting for two full days now. I wanted to PM this to the mods, but felt that would be too ironic. Hehe.
  6. Hello. Are the moderators online at all to approve new member's messages?
  7. There is not much happening in this chapter and did not expect that as well. After such a tense build up and release, Gosho likes to give a light hearted file. And this case also shall be no different. There will be a silly motive that's for sure. Somethings that are worth looking out for: -How Heiji will get out of the mess without revealing himself? Would he play along with that voice? That's too risky. -if Heiji is found out, how will he hide the fact about voice changer? Will this evoke Ran's suspicion? -How much Conan is going to fill Heiji in on Rum?
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