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  1. Hello Everybody!

    Hey welcome
  2. What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    Tinashe- pretend
  3. What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    jay park - all i wanna do
  4. What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    Jessie (lucky j) - let me free
  5. Hi I am new

    hey, welcome to DCW, hope you have fun meeting other DC fans.
  6. Arabic...

    hey im from Australia as well nice to meet you lol ;p
  7. So.. I wrote a song about Detective Conan for Gosho Aoyama

    wow amazing work keep it up and thumbs up for you
  8. Count to One Million [Forum Game]

    eleven thousand eight hundred and thirty two (11832)
  9. Hello, I'm new here ..

    Hey, welcome to DCW hope have fun and meet other wonderful DC fans. :) :) Kaito Kid becomes aware of Conan's identity in "the last wizard of the centry" There's a wiki page with more details about that named under "List of characters who know Conan's identity".
  10. What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    Rap Monster - mixtape album
  11. What's the last movie you saw?

    its been a while since I watched movies because most of the times ím watching series
  12. Save the person above you or not.

  13. I sent you a PM in response to your comment, but now that I think about it you might not have gotten it. Unfortunately your guess wasn't correct. You did put a really great amount of work into it though, so I'll give you a hint: my name isn't related to Pokemon in any way. Feel free to try again!