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  1. So glad to find another KID fan here. I thought everyone here hates KID I'm new here, and unfortunately I don't know how to RP but can we be friends and talk about KaiShin? Pleased to meet you
  2. Hi, my name is Ariel, not to be confused with that mermaid from Disney. I'm 26 y-o, and I know it's late for me to join in detective conan forum bcs I've been reading them since I was in elementary school. I just recently on board with Kai/Shin ship since I read Magic Kaito manga during my college days. I'm not going to bash any ship, honestly. I just want to ask if we are allowed to speak about ships here without starting, you know, ship war? If we're not allowed, then is there a safe place for us to speak about our ship and fangirl as we wish? Thank you for letting me speak here. I think this is it for my introduction. Nice to meet you all, and I hope we got along well.
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