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  1. Who is better to hung up with Shin?! I chose Ai, why? Lets see, first, she is the one who knows Conan's identity. Two, Ai and Shin always hung up with each other right? They are in the same school and more close realtion. If ya guys have some other opinion, its free just tell us!
  2. Actually, its NOT the kaito kid, but he have a relation with the kaito kid, no, its not kaito kid's girlfriend. Absolutely no. The black kaito kid is Toichi Kuroba or the kaito kid's FATHER! Have another opinion?
  3. I think Ai is not perfect with him. IDK why but, ya guys know that (ehm) Ran have kissed shin Right?
  4. Who is the kaito kid?? Based on the history, the kaito kid in conan is the son of one of shinchi mother friend. But some people still said that the one who is the kaito kid is the friend from yukiko, not his son.
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