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  1. There's Detective Conan EN Community, as mentioned by Heliotropic, and there also is the Discord server ConanNews.org for the german-speaking (and/or emote-hungry) audience! Feel free to join our one as well, if you like.
  2. I'm six days late but I love this kind of communication! Thank you for letting us know.
  3. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. Sadly, many people try to flood the wiki with trash, so we sometimes need to block certain IP (ranges). I have seen your edit. Welcome to DCW and thanks for the contribution!
  4. Hello @HerlockSholmes. Please try again: First login into the forum, then go to the Wiki. You should be logged in. I - for now - removed the block you mentioned. Please try again. I hope this helps. Prove your good faith. Greetings and have fun making the wiki better!
  5. Welcome! Detective Conan Wiki is always looking for new contributors. Please feel free to help us making it even better, there's a lot to do!
  6. Welcome! Go to your profile. In the upper left corner you can click on "Profile Photo" to edit it.
  7. Great improvements – the recaptcha upgrade was badly needed! Nice to see the wiki back, running smoothly. Thank you for working so fast.
  8. Please read what Maurice had to say and stay patient. Hopefully, within this week everything should return to normal. Thanks for visiting!
  9. Please read what Maurice had to say and stay patient. Within this week everything should return to normal.
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