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    wrong position. again. again.
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    She becomes like this (according to meh) And yes, it's me again :'D
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    Hello everyone~ Due to the fact I wanted to (and also because she is awesome), I have drawn Yamamura's granny. XD If you're wondering about the heading at the top of the picture, just my excuse to give her sunglasses... Thank you CC for mentioning the meme, for I didn't know of it beforehand. Yep. So, I hope you enjoy~ Critic is welcomed, but don't be cruel! Yamamura's Granny:
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    I've decided to allow commenting in thread. In the event that I need more space I'll request a mod split the topic for discussion and reference. However for now, I'm opening the thread for comment and critique. This is especially for the APTX analysis. Welcome one and all to Kyuu's Detective Conan Toxicology thread! I will be posting analysis of the drugs and toxins found in DC that have been used in conjunction with cases (Yes, that includes APTX). There are THREE CATEGORIES of drugs that I'll be doing: 1) Real (Drugs and Toxins that were 100% identified by the series.) 2) Theoretical (APTX basically) 3) Semi-theoretical (Drugs that are possible IRL, but are not identified by Gosho, and can be determined to some degree of accuracy using the information in manga canon) (unnamed poisons and Conan's tranquilizer mostly) Key Terms that you will need to know and understand before reading my analysis: LD50 - Dosage of a toxic agent that will cause death in 50% of treated animals LC50 - Concentration of a toxic agent that will cause death in 50% of the treated animals T1/2 - Biological half-life. How long it takes the concentration in the biological system to be halved. LOAEL - Lowest observable adverse effect level. The amount of a toxin that causes an observable negative effect (your basic symptoms of poisoning without dying, if you have ever seen a drug commercial, you should know most of them) Bioavailability - How much of a drug reaches circulation unchanged in a biological system. IV is always 100% bioavailability, as it is direct to circulatory system. ADME - Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion Absorption - How a drug is/can be administered Distribution - how a drug is distributed throughout the body (and what barriers it needs to pass) Metabolism - how the drug is metabolized by the biological system Excretion - how the drug is expelled from the body Those are the main, if I come to a point where I need to explain the more complex terms, I shall append them. I will make every effort to make this easy to read and understand for all. Drugs will be completely analyzed most likely using Toxnet a lot. I'll be using some other resources as well as needed. Everything will be fully referenced. If you use this information for any reason, PLEASE do the same. The drugs currently in planned to be analyzed are: (links will be added as analysis are done) APTX Tetrodotoxin Potassium Cyanide Sea Snake Venom (erabutoxin) Curare (possibly from poison dart case) Batrachotoxin (possibly from the poison dart case) Chlorine Potassium Chloride Phosphoric Acid Carbon Monoxide Aconitine (by Kjeldahl) More may be added as I reread the chapters and watch the episodes that the ones omitted appeared in while I look everything up. If you want clarification please PM or leave comment on my profile. If you wish to critique feel free to do it in topic. Also, this is being done on my own time, so I'm not sure how many I can/will get done. The ones that I am sure of are the top 3, and Carbon Monoxide. Everything else depends on my time and schedule. That all said, I hope you all enjoy this new project of mine and find it illuminating.
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    as a promised here is akai on a building shooting gin with a sniper, and gin has a shotgun in his hand. but i think it looks not what it's said. sorry~ and because there was a problem with the scanner so i took it with my sister's camera. http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/jovan61/P8300070.jpg http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/jovan61/P8300071.jpg
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    Hello all! I'm very pleased to announce that we now have new DCW-related rank icons on the forum! It's been quite a while since I've wanted to make something like that for DCW (see forum thread: www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/801-looking-for-ideas-and-talent). I finally went ahead and did something nice and simple. A first version of something that could evolve further more in the future. At least, it'll be a good upgrade to what we have right now! Here are the rankings: Administrator: Moderator: Observer (Validating members): Eyewitness (Normal members): Protagonist (100+ posts): Officer (500+ posts): Inspector (2000+ posts): Detective (10000+ posts): Secret Agent (Donators): Black Organisation (Banned): That's about it! Feedback welcome as usual! Thank you.
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    Hey guys, it is my first time posting my pictures. This was done based on a picture on the internet. I don't remember where I go it for though. Sorry I don't know how to reduce the size
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    what do you think. http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/jovan61/DP017.jpg
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    I drew these quite long back, but I hope you like them! The second one is a copy of Aoyama sensei's drawing and I named the third one "Conan in Dubai".
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    Another drawing that i did by hand Will give reps for advises!
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    hehe...this is my drawing.. how do you think of my drawing, my friend ask to me to made her Conan's draw, so I Make. before I give it to her I copy it so I also have a copy. so the original image at my friend and this the copy.
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    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that religious and/or political discussion are both not a topic of discussion on this board. If you and another member start debating on either one of those two topics, then take it to a private message, because your moderators will not tolerate it a bit anymore. As you can see, it doesn't take too long before people start stepping on the toes of others. Henceforth, any more specific political or religious debating will be deleted and the users involved will be warned accordingly. Thank you for your time.
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    http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/jovan61/IMG_0003.jpg and this scan result of previous drawing
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    Hey guys. This here is the LGBTQA+ Community (edited to actually be inclusive, as the GSA is very limiting). This thread is for the people who are homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, demisexual, heterosexual and/or any other sexual/romantic orientation you may be, as well as transgender, genderqueer, genderfluid, and non-binary people. You can be anything to support this; it's called the LGBTQA+ Community, after all. Just be someone who believes it's unfair and not right to simply judge someone of what gender they're attracted to. There are quite a few kids about there who are figuring out their sexual/romantic orientation. It is very possible you are discovering who you are. But there are teenagers and adults alike who are bullied every day for who they are. Some eventually can't stand the pain anymore and commit suicide because they feel hated, unwanted and repulsive to others. These people need to know that there are people out there in the world who care, even if you don't know them personally. They care what happens, and they believe in equal rights for all. Don't be afraid to be who you are. Just because of who they like doesn't change anything. They're still human. Even if you find out your friend is homosexual, bisexual or anything else, you shouldn't freak out. They're still your friend. It doesn't automatically mean they like you and are trying to come on to you. There are males who are attracted to females. There are females who are attracted to males. There are males attracted to males, females attracted to females and some who are attracted to both males and females. There are other people who are genderfluid, genderqueer or nonbinary. A quote from Cassandra Clare: Did you know? Interracial marriage wasn't allowed until after 1967. How would you feel if someone told you that you couldn't marry your love just because they weren't the same skin color as you? The same race? Same-sex marriage is legal in ten countries (as of 2012): Argentina Belgium Canada Iceland Netherlands Norway Portugal South Africa Spain Sweden The issue has been debated in several more, and some are still working things out. It is, however, in some countries, illegal to be homosexual and you will be put in jail or even killed for it. Homosexuality used to be considered a mental illness. And get this - It's legal for marriage equality in six states of the U.S. (Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa) while it's legal to have sex with a horse in 23. Nice going, America. According to Aeyra: I do realize there are people out there who are religious and even pious, and this goes against your beliefs. Or there may be other homophobic people who are merely disgusted with the idea who homosexuals. I understand that. However, if you are one of these people, I ask that you don't flame or hate on this thread. Don't even bother with this if it's not in your beliefs. We want to help people; not start a fight or an argument with anyone. If you do, however, have a serious issue with this, please PM me. People should be able to love whoever they want. To be truthful... I'm currently trying to figure out what my sexuality orientation is, and I believe myself to be bisexual. But to all my friends I've made here on Detective Conan World who are homophobic, I'm still me. Nothing's changed. Homosexuality is still considered a new idea. Many people are afraid of new things and straying from the normal path. It will take a while for people to adjust to the idea of two males or two females loving each other, but I hope they will learn to accept it soon. Take a look at how America felt about interracial marriage. They didn't react very well. Look at it now. If you're homosexual, bisexual, transgender, pansexual or asexual and you haven't "come out" about it, just know that there are people who care. Don't think about self-abuse or suicide. Know that someone cares, and we're here for you. If you need to talk about anything, I know Aeyra, I and many other DCW members will be happy to listen and try to help the best we can. I just want (and I know many others do as well) to be able to walk down the street openly, holding the hand of whoever I love freely and unafraid of what anyone will say or do, regardless of their orientation and/or gender.
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    As far as I can tell there isn't a topic yet for collections yet in the forum, so like I did at DCTP, here's a topic for people to share their collections. For those of you who were curious as to what the heck my collection actually looks like, be curious no more. Volumes 1-72 English 1-39 Special 1-36 Reference Books, Art Book, and Short Stories DVDs/Bluray Magic Kaito CDs Curse you Gosho for single-handedly waging war on my bookshelves. Will update sometime in the coming months once volume 73, the first two MK treasured editions, Kid cell phone strap, and the Karakore figures arrive.
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    So here's a little fun drawing I made out of the blue. I was in an artistic mood so I drew Ran and Heiji kissing, with jealous Shinichi being aggravated. Please tell me what you think! :mrgreen:
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    Welcome to Kleene's moldy scribbling~ Here I'll post some of my fan-arts :3 dA account: http://kleeneonigiri.deviantart.com/ ^ newer v older *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Contest entry, Crossover with Treasure Island Careful, possible SPOILERS!!! File 818!!! SPOILERS over... for now... *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Yuriko (DCTP) *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Sonoci! <3 Random Onigiris *Paint Tool Sai Vodka! XD *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Comic *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop It's Jd-! (DCTP) *Paint Tool Sai Random Gin *Colored with Copic Ciao Akonyl <3 Bday gift! <3 *Colored with Copic Ciao It's Chekhov <3 *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Pofa from DCTP *Colored with Copic Ciao Conia form DCTP XD *Colored in Paint Tool Sai Chibi Gin :3 *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Abs. (DCTP) *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Kor (DCTP) Sketch *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Jd- *Colored in Paint Tool Sai Chibi PhoenixTears <3 *Done in Photoshop CS4 Chibi KID XD *Colored in Photoshop CS4 Baby Red-chan! <3 *Colored in Photoshop. Inuyasha D: Old stuff is old. *Colored in Photoshop A MMO Character "Kleene Onigiri" Extremely old drawing :V The uglier stuff I did won't be shown \o/ Bwahahaha~ This is totally not copyed from DCTP XD Hope it's ok to also post non-DC art D:
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    This is a message from all of the friendly staff members of Detective Conan World's message board to you, our members. Please take time out to read it. We are close knit community here at DCW, and we like to watch out for each other, so we would like to remind everyone here of a few general guidelines on how to be safe on the internet. This website consists mostly of teens and young adults, many of which are legally underage by law. If you receive any kind suggestive solicitation or request for cybersex from any user, even one you have known a while and trust, tell a moderator about it. This kind of thing is strictly not allowed on DCW because of the ages of our general user population, and there will be permanent ban for anyone found looking for or using underaged DCW members to engage in "internet romance". From a personal safety standpoint, be careful of people who are looking for internet romance on websites like DCW, even if you have known them for a while, you trust them, and they are kind to you. It could very well be possible that they are USING you, and playing to your emotions. They may not care to care about you emotionally, they will cheat on you, and they will drop you as soon as they are bored. They will say otherwise, but that's very commonly how it goes. They may even stalk you, and it can get worse and scarier from there. Detective Conan World is not the relationship police. If you want to pursue a relationship on here knowing full-well the consequences, it is up to you to work that out if you are of legal age. However, if we learn that another user is soliciting cybersex on this forum, then it will not be tolerated and will lead to a permanent ban of that said-user. This site is pretty light-hearted and fun, but once something like that happens then we have no choice but to put our foot down. No exceptions. No matter how much of a well-regarded member you are around here. Please, stay safe and please report anything sketchy that someone else tells you to the moderators. Thank you all!!
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    http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/jovan61/IMG_0004.jpg so?
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    That's almost right. I pay for the domain, the hosting company, the increase in bandwidth (the site is getting more and more popular and requires more and more bandwidth to accommodate the traffic! We currently reach about 200K visits per month , which is a HUGE increase from our starting point 2 years ago, and even compared to one year ago when it was around 20-30K). I also pay for a separate server for the database to increase performance. I even paid for some advertising in the past, etc... Anyway, I won't tell everything here and give out too much information but let's just say that pretty much everything comes out of my pocket for now and donations do help out whenever they come by. Fortunately I have a job and I can pay the bills without any problems for now. As long as the site doesn't become as popular as Facebook, it should be ok. But it's true that donations could really help. Thanks again to our donators btw! I really appreciate the support. It's always great to see when people appreciate what's being done, not only by myself, but by the whole community with their amazing and exceptional contributions in all areas!
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    [Complete] Updates: 11 May 2012: added perspective for LD50 11 May 2012: Added oral LD50 and LD100 data for mice and approximate LD50 for humans. Added note on comparison to amounts used in DC. *all information provided here is from Toxnet unless otherwise noted* Structure: Chemical Formula: KCN Appearance: White crystalline powder image from Wikipedia LOAEL (lowest observable adverse effect level): 1.2mg/kg LD50(Inhalation): ~150-300mg/kg (Time to death ranging from 30min to immediate) from HPA LD50 Inhalation Perspective: The average adult in the USA is 86kg (~190lbs). So it would take approximately 25,800mg (or 0.9oz) of KCN to kill an average USA Adult male. To further simplify, that is slightly less than 1.5 tablespoons (estimated, based on the the molecular weight of NaCl, which is slightly lighter, using this converter) LD50(oral human): 0.7-2.9 mg/kg (Of CN-) (from health canada) LD50 Perspective estimate (oral human): It would take about 0.25 teaspoon to kill an adult human male, using 1.5mg/kg as an average of pure Cyanide ion. (so it would actually take about double that because Potassium more than doubles mass of cyanide ion) LD50(oral mice): 5-10mg/kg LD50Perspective (oral): Using the same as before, the calculations come to 0.15 teaspoon to kill. Please see notes at the end for additional information and context. LD100 (oral mice): ~40mg/kg LD100Perspective (oral): Using same methods and figures from before it would take 0.7 teaspoons to kill lab mice 100% of the time. T1/2: 20min - 1hr (conversion from Cyanide to thiocyanate) ADME Absorption: Inhalation of airborn crystals (or of HCN after hydrolysis reaction occurs), ingestion, injection (IV), skin absorption Distribution: KCN is distributed by the cardiovascular system (through the blood) It has a higher affinity for Red Blood Cells than plasma. Excretion: 72% excretion by feces and urine, 25% through exhalation, 3% retained in one month. Urine is the primary method after cyanide is converted into thiocyanate, which usually occurs in the first 24h of exposure. Sweat and saliva via HPA Metabolism (Technical stuff incoming): Note: This works for ALL forms of Cyanide! I know other forms of Cyanide have been used by Gosho, but due to the metabolism and mechanism (next section) being identical, I won't do the others unless I find *significant* differences between the forms of cyanide. Note 2: All forms of cyanide are converted into HCN when ingested. The acid of the stomach creates a hydrolysis reaction that converts it. The cyanide ion (just the CN-) is conjugated with Sulphur, which creates the anion thiocyanate (SCN-). This reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme Rhodanese. Rhodanese is produced in MOST ANIMAL TISSUES, so this reaction need not occur in the liver or in the kidneys. It does need the cofactor sulphane-sulfer (via HPA) for this conversion to occur. After its conversion to thiocyanate, it is in such a form that it can be excreted through the urine. Translation for lay people: KCN becomes K+ and CN-. The cyanide reacts with sulphur in the biological system. This is aided by Rhodanese enzyme, which makes this reaction occur faster. After the reaction is done, it is thiocyanate (SCN-). Thiocyanate can be excreted through the urine, thus being expelled. Mechanism of toxicity (aka: how it kills you): Information on the mechanism from Detective Conan Desperate Revival Case is as follows: According to justwantanaccount, the translation I read was wrong. Gosho did describe it as a electron transfer. From justwantanaccount "The original Japanese for the 'electron signaling' is 電子伝達系, which directly translates to 'electron transfer system'" Verdict: Correct. In reality: Cyanide has an affinity for iron in ferric state (Fe3+). This allows it to react with the iron in cytochrome c oxidase in the mitochondria of cells. This interaction blocks cytochrome c's ability to participate in the electron transfers that are involved in cellular respiration. This blocks the cell's utilization of oxygen. Basically what happens is that the Cyanide takes the place of the cytochrome c oxidase's open site for electrons, which would be transferred to oxygen allowing the oxygen to be converted to water for use within the biological system which is for the creation of ATP. Translation for lay people: There is more to this reaction, but I'm sticking to Cyanide here. Basically, Cyanide interacts with iron, iron interacts with enzyme involved in cellular respiration, this prevents electron transfer between enzyme and oxygen, preventing oxygen from being utilized in cellular respiration. This stops cellular respiration and thus oxygen is not used. This naturally leads to death. Note on toxicity as depicted in Detective Conan: Gosho has overestimated the affects of KCN on a human system. From what I have found, that is the estimated in a general system. However, lethal affects are NOT immediate, unless concentrations are significantly higher. 0.25 teaspoons is what can kill on average. According to the data, it took 35-40mg/kg of CN- to kill mice ~100% of the time (all but one died). Now, the time it took until death was 19 minutes at that dosage. This is further cooroborated with a case I found, that stated a woman, after ingesting 2.5g NaCN, died after 30 minutes. Symptoms occur far before it (tingling sensations, and the like) followed by unconsciousness. Death is NOT immediate. On average for a lethal dose in humans takes approximately One hour to kill. Immediate death (as seen in DC) would take significantly more what could be fit into an ice cube with a small cavity created. The amount Gosho uses is probably around 2-5 times off the minimum lethal amount in humans in Desperate Revival (due to an ice plug being needed, the amount couldn't have been more than about ~10-20 milligrams) FINAL NOTE: I excluded a few things for simplicity, such as the the treatment for Potassium Cyanide. I also did not include symptoms of nonlethal exposure or chronic exposure. If you want that information included, please leave a comment in my profile or in the status update announcing the completion of KCN analysis!
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    Made my secret santa gift for that special someone~~ :D Haha but I was an idiot so they already know about it ^ ^;; I hope she loves it anyways!! can't draw for life, so I made a collage of pics with a cute Christmas theme~ Merry Christmas!! <3
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    Okay, I know a lot of people's New Year's already passed, but it's still New Year's Day for me! So I did a drawing for DCW, and sorry if my handwriting SUCKS. :V http://dcwuser.deviantart.com/art/Happy-New-Year-s-DCW-277119171
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    Hello everyone, This is a post I've been meaning to do for a long time now but never really got around to doing it. I was also on vacations for a while and only came back this week-end. The goal of this post is to expose a bit the "behind-the-scenes" of DCW and be as open as possible regarding the finances of the site and servers. In a way, I would like to sensibilize the community about the resources and money it takes to maintain DCW and keep it running day after day. I'm not sure if you all remember the events of January of this year when the site had some major issues and I've had to make many updates (and upgrades) to put it back up (better, safer and stronger)? If not, see the posts made here: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/4298-forum-and-wiki-maintenance/ and http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/4357-forum-and-wiki-upgradeupdates/ Besides the software upgrades at the time, I also upgraded the resources used by DCW (due mainly to the increasing traffic of visitors to the site). I also currently pay a third-party service to regularly scan, detect and prevent attacks and potential exploits as they appear. The bill has now come to around $150 per month for a web server and a separate database server + about $10 a month for the security service I just mentioned. This is quite a substantial amount of money in the end (about $1900 a year out of my pocket..). And with $150 a month already, I believe at this point we could eventually push it a little more to reach our dream of getting a dedicated server that we can fully use and benefit from, resources-wise, without any (or barely any) restrictions (i.e. more bandwidth, more memory, more CPU). We should consider at least $200 for a good decent server. This is why I was hoping this post would let you know more about the situation and our priorities and where you could eventually help out in reaching our goal of getting a stable dedicated server as well as helping build the number 1 Detective Conan resource on the web! I would like to thank everyone who donated so far! It's very awesome of you and I am really grateful for the help! It really does help in paying the bills every month. If I make an average of the amount of donations per month and how much they help out I would say that they represent about 5% of the monthly fees. On the long-term, it would be amazing if the server could become self-sustaining with everyone's effort and help! So, even if it's just a little bit, any help is appreciated! Even $1 would be great! Thank you! Some benefits of becoming a donator: - Member of the "Donators" forum group (if you want to). By doing so, you'll let others know of your dedication and support to DCW - No more ads on the forum - The profile page can be customized a bit - More messages allowed in the inbox - If you have more ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you for your contributions and continued support! Always greatly appreciated! Maurice
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    Drawings are cool as usual. <3
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    FINALLY finished my Secret Santa gift for a special someone... (I have been so busy for the last three weeks, so it's miraculous that I managed to make/finish this during the last 2 days) So here it is: THIS IS FOR YOU...
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    What do you guys think? xP Conan Sings Enjoy~~ ^.^
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    First Showdown Clash of RED and BLACK Latest Showdown
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    I Drew This... It's A Drawing Of My Love KAITO KID And I Hope You Like It :) Kaito Kid Drawing HOPE YOU LIKE IT
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    Recently it has come to my attention that now the rumor is starting to spread on Facebook. I decided to make a sticky topic in the News and updates section so that everyone can see this and we can nip this rumor in the bud ASAP. The rumor someone is passing around that Movie's 16 and 17 are going to be connected, as well as the final two movies in the franchise, is blatantly false. Nothing has been revealed about the upcoming Detective Conan movies, and we will hear nothing for a little while. The rumors came from Chinese discussion boards that are known for trolling the Conan fan community with false rumors for the sole purpose of riling fans up. Until we learn anything new, I would prefer that folks stop passing these obviously false rumors. When something new is announced, trust me, you WILL know. But until then, everything coming out right now is nothing more than a mere rumor that flat-out isn't true. Come on, guys. Ya'll should know better.
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    Today, April 10th, is the third anniversary of none other than Detective Conan World!! It's so shocking how much of a long way we've come. Three years ago on this date, Maurice started up a little website that had a tiny forum and an even tinier wiki. Originally the main page was in a blog format, but it wasn't until later that Maurice changed everything to what most of you know now. I still remember the original forum layout we had, back when the only active folks here were me, Maurice, Southpaw, and lashedcheek. What an amazing difference three years makes. It wasn't long before we received recognition on other places, including support from The Detective Conan Translation Project, especially from Jd-, who has given me lots of moral support from even when the place first started out, and has lent a helping hand in many of our projects (with the favor returned from DCW to DCTP as well). Hard to believe that in three years, we've gotten so many excellent projects completed on this little website: - Two translated chapter works by Gosho Aoyama (one of them an un-translated Magic Kaito chapter that, with our help, finally got the release it deserved, and another work is the original Magic Kaito prototype) - This incredible fan-community. The little forum that could, its active-ness putting this community into the upper-level in the Detective Conan fandom. - An amazing wiki that is full of excellent and organized information, including theories and analysis, that just keeps growing as the days go by. - The podcast that I work on with the help of so many other people, a podcast that is gaining tract in the fandom and popularity amongst many folks from all places.And that's not even counting tons of other things that are in the works here at DCW!! I would most like to thank Maurice though. Without Maurice, this website isn't even a website. While Maurice may not be as active on this forum as he used to be, he still drops in to check if things are alright, and still works hard to add features and exciting new things to this little community here.I would just like to thank all of you for supporting the site through Facebook, Twitter, the wiki, our podcasts, and other places!! Keep up the support and keep sticking with us, because, as Frank Sinatra once so beautifully put it: Thank you for your support, from all of us at Detective Conan World!!
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    conan's face conan plays soccer
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    I randomly decided to draw this pic of Shinichi carrying little Heiji on his back. So I guess you could say they switched places. Tell me what you think of it. :mrgreen:
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    We've made the following configuration changes to the forum: - You may now only change your Display Name once within 60 days and after reaching 750 approved posts. However, donators can still change their Display Name 3 times in 30 days without any minimum post count. - A new sub-forum was created in the Games forum called "Forum games". Since we've had lots of "forum games" topics cluttering the "Games" forum, this new forum will now serve those types of games exclusively. - Posts made in the "Forum games" forum won't increase your post count anymore (again to prevent excessive abuse of the current system, even if involuntary, and further promote DC-related discussions instead). Thank you!
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    This is a drawing of Yukiko as Irene Adler from Phantom of Baker Street. Whatcha think of it? Please feel free to comment or give some advice! :mrgreen: As requested by Moonlight Magician :
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    It's a KID puppet, based off the one that Conan has had for the last two episodes! XDXDXD What do you guys think? INSTRUCTIONS!!!! (For those who wish to make one)
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    The internet has many predatory people on it, and occasionally they try to infiltrate sites like this one because there are many young people and women. They try to gain trust and then get personal information so they can stalk and harass offsite and in private places us moderators can not see. Do not give out personal information, even to close internet friends, because personal information on the internet is always on a strictly need to know basis. Furthermore, if you have been harassed or asked questions that are a little too personal or make you feel uncomfortable, please tell the moderators the details quickly so we can take prompt action. We want to help you and stop these people, don't let it get worse because you feel uncertain if it is bad enough. Chances are they are also targeting others besides you. Please help make this site a friendly and safe place for everyone by staying vigilant, and thank you for watching out for other's wellbeing.
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    I heard that the administrators of a certain forum game were removing players for not posting on the thread while DCW was being blocked by some browsers for distributing malware. Forcing people to choose between the security of their computer (which may be used by multiple people) and a game is inappropriate. Next time, please use common sense and put the game on pause, start over, or try to arrange for the players to meet at a different website. If this happens again, I will lock the offending game's thread. DCW values its creative forum game playing community, but demanding that players go to a website that was distributing malware to keep playing is extremely irresponsible. It's no fun to have your computer full of viruses and your personal information stolen.
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    Hajime did you not notice the most recent discussions? This is a support thread either for gay rights (lack of prosecution by peers and society) or individuals specifically. Hence my links were mostly aimed at the support of gay individuals and the discussion therein. The last several posts were about individuals taking large steps in their lives in respect to their sexual orientation. Your article is argumentative in this respect. And does nothing to support those whom are lbgt individuals or have anything to do with the persecution of lbgt individuals. Thus that article has no place here. I only posted one link anything like yours, and both after that was about the support of gay rights and the like, which was before chek said anything. A 5th grader making a fantastic speech and a major internet company making a bold stance for the support of marriage equality. If this thread is an affront to your morals or your religion you need not post in it and can ignore it in its entirety. Tl;Dr: this thread is not a discussion thread, but to help those who have issues or need support in regards to their sexual orientation or for the general support of gay rights. Religion and politics have nothing to do with giving or receiving support.
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    This is my submission for my school magazine Sandpebbles (dumb name isn't it :V)
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    Well, since I am about to reach the 1000th post here, I decided to post a drawing here on the forum. It's a drawing of Shinichi Kudo, and it is based from a manga file (I can't remember what file is that, but I think it was about valentines, or something in Volume 24). BTW, I actually made it for Shinichi, as a gift for his last birthday. Sound's ridiculous isn't it? Anyways its fun. (I forgot to complete something in the drawing when I took a pic of it, but it's finished now. Wonder if someone notices it XD) Feel free to post your comments and/or suggestions. I'm open to criticisms. And oh, I'm not a pro, just doodling around~ -redangelran
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    Here's my Kaitou Kid drawing....>_< Hmmm....dedicated to KKLT-chan and KtPT-kun..xP Well....what do you guys think? I can definitely say that the head/neck is messed, and so is his left (our right) leg/feet...*sigh* Sorry.... But anyways, hope you guys enjoy...! Kaitou Kid Kaitou Kid (Zoomed in) EDITS EDITS: AHH I FORGOT THE PENCIL VERSION!! >_<" Kaitou Kid (Pencil)
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    Okay~ Whoa long time no see. I know. Sorry about that... First: Haibara with gun messy. yup. messy... let's shade in. the gun is a major failure... This one came out great. it's cut out because it is going to be on my binder. one thing I don't like : fingers. it was hell... too hard... Rough sketch. you can see how I kinda label darkness of each parts shaded in. well, it's obviously not done. This is the hardest part. If you smudge on places where you shouldn't, you have to erase and re-shade... Carefully erase the smudges, fix if you have to, and add some more detail... TADA! This is pre-cut. Yes. this is on my binder. Well I forgot to take pictures while drawing this. The ear(our right) is too big and the eye(our left) is a bit small, but it came out great.
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    http://anti-aptx4869.deviantart.com/art/Conan-256401825 ^^This up here is the link^^ Enjoy~
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    it just some my old drawing which i already posted in here. and because IU said that it look weird whithout color, so i re-color it. please comment it! especially IU
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    Just kidding, lol. That one was my first try... Then I figured it looks horrible lol. You can actually see some scribbles of "guessing" measurements...or not... Well, here's the one I was going to show: Not bad. That hand is still horrible.... Oh and I wrote "Congratulations, you did not impress me AT ALL." *Sigh* *clap* *clap* Ok you can tell how bored I was.
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    Hi everyone, I know many of you are probably thinking I've been a hard-ass lately, and I want to apologize for appearing that way. What I won't apologize for is the reason it's happening. It's incredibly rude to have any individual image within a signature take up most of the length of one's window. I know you love your pictures, and I appreciate them too, but it's distracting, and it disrupts the flow of the boards. (It's less of a big deal in an actual post, because it's the focus of the post... and the forum shrinks it automatically) So I ask that you please look at the image you're linking before you click "update profile". As many know, you will get a message if I see large images. I know I'm not the only one who keeps her monitor at factory-set screen resolution. Thank you.
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    OMG BRB translating EDIT: Wow, this thing took me forever.
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