100% Detective Tale Case 1

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100% Tantei Monogatari Chapter 1

100 Percent Tantei Monogatari Chapter 1 Cover.jpg

Title: 100% Detective Tale Case 1
Japanese title: 100%探偵物語 事件簿一
(100% Tantei Monogatari Jikenbo Ichi)
Original release: November 1986
Magazine issue: Missy #11/1986
Volume: 100% Tantei Monogatari
Pages: 37
Next chapter: 100% Detective Tale Case 2 »
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100% Detective Tale Case 1 (100%探偵物語 事件簿一 100% Tantei Monogatari Jikenbo Ichi?) is the very first chapter of the 100% Tantei Monogatari manga and the first chapter of its single volume. It was written and drawn by Yutaka Abe, with assistance by Gosho Aoyama, and originally appeared in the Missy issue #11/1986, released in November 1986. It depicts the origin story of Momoko Aoyama, a high school detective who inherits her father's agency in Ekoda.



In order of introduction:



In order of introduction:



  • The students of Ekoda High School wear their winter uniforms (October 1st - May 31st) during this chapter.

Real Life Models


The Ekoda area (江古田地区 Ekoda-chiku?) is a real part of Tokyo and the place where Yutaka Abe and Gosho Aoyama were living and studying (at the Ekoda Campus (Fine Arts) of Nihon University) back then. It reaches from the northeastern part of the Nakano Ward to Ekoda Station and its surroundings in the Nerima Ward, including the district of the same name in the latter. Ekoda High School shares its name with a real high school in the area which closed in 1976 and is used as a university building adjacent to Nihon nowadays.[1] Aoyama later adapted this setting in his own works, including it in Magic Kaito, Yaiba and the anime of Detective Conan, as well as namedropping it in 3rd Base 4th.


  • Momoko Aoyama is named both after Gosho Aoyama himself (and by extension, her family, too) and after his favorite idol at the time, Momoko Kikuchi. This was a reaction by Yutaka Abe in return to Gosho's one-shot Wait For Me, in which the protagonists are named Yutaka Takai and Mamiko Abe. "Yutaka" and "Abe" came from Yutaka Abe's own name, while the parts of the name "Takai" and "Mamiko" came from Yutaka's then favorite idol Mamiko Takai.[2]
  • There was an animated promotional short made for this chapter in 1986 directed by Gosho Aoyama and animated by Yutaka Abe himself, with "Say Yes!" by Momoko Kikuchi used as background music.[3][4] Abe himself said that he can't release the video to the public because this copyrighted track was used without permission, while the animations were made to be synchronous with it.[5]

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