Hanzawa the Criminal Volume 1

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Volume 01

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Release date: December 18, 2017
ISBN: ISBN 978-4091280275
Publisher: Shogakukan
Detective & Back Cover Keyhole
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Conan Edogawa
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Kanaba's Weapon & Hanin side images
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Alternate Front & Back covers
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List of chapters



File 001: Along came a culprit

Characters introduced

File 002: Countdown to a new life

File 003: Encountering people is such a mysterious thing!

File 004: Inescapable hell

File 005: The Jet-black shower scene

File 006: Nightmare

File Special: NISSIN Cup: The true form of the mystery meat



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  • The images of Mayuko Kanaba on the inside cover for each volume of "Hanzawa the Criminal" depict her holding the weapon that kills Gosho Aoyama on the inside cover of the corresponding volume of Detective Conan. For example on the inside cover of Detective Conan volume 1 Gosho is shown with a knife sticking out of his head, and on the inside cover of Hanzawa the Criminal volume 1 Mayuko is holding a similar blood covered knife.

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