Momiji Ooka's Challenge

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Episode 1024-1025
(Int. Episode 1081-1082)

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Title: Momiji Ooka's Challenge
Japanese title: 大岡紅葉の挑戦状
(Ōoka Momiji no Chōsenjō)
Original airdate: October 30, 2021 (Part 1)
November 6, 2021 (Part 2)
Broadcast rating: 7.4% (Part 1)
7.1% (Part 2)
Manga case: #299
Season: 31
Manga source: Volume 98: Files 3-6 (1039-1042)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Heiji Hattori
Kazuha Toyama
Momiji Ooka
Muga Iori
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Detective Boys
Hiroshi Agasa
Ai Haibara
Shinichi Kudo
Shukichi Haneda
Kohji Haneda
Shuichi Akai
Masumi Sera
Case solved by: Heiji Hattori (with Conan's help)
Next Conan's Hint: Footbowl (Part 1)
Jingisukan (Part 2)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Nobuharu Kamanaka
Organizer: 1024: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
1025: Hiroaki Takagi
Storyboard: 1024: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
1025: Hiroaki Takagi
Episode director: 1024: Ryota Kawahara
1025: Minoru Tozawa
Animation director: Seiji Muta (supervisor)
Asuka Tsubuki
Marie Nagano
Rei Masunaga (asst.)
Miho Tanaka (asst.)
FALCO Suzuki (asst.)
Keiko Sasaki
Character design: Masatomo Sudo
Akiko Motoyoshi (sub-character)
Hiroshi Ogawa (design works)
Opening song: YURA YURA
Closing song: Veronica
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Momiji Ooka's Challenge (大岡紅葉の挑戦状 Ōoka Momiji no Chōsenjō?) is the 1024th and 1025th episode of the Detective Conan anime.




Part 1

As Ran came home, she recieve a message from Momiji Ooka, asking Shinichi to solve some code from a deceased housekeeper of a wealthy family. Some hours ago, she also asked Heiji to solve the code, promising that he will do whatever she want if he solve the code faster than anyone. They later gather at Haido Chuo Building roof.

Later they arrive at a pancake shop, where there is a huge line. When Momiji mention about add and subtract, Conan and Heiji solve the code.

However, both of them solved the code simultaneously. They later followed the decoded message and headed to the said location What they found there was, a murder scene.


EP1024-1025 Case.jpg

Location: Haido Harbor Warehouse 4
Victim: Benzo Hamana
Age: 42 years old
Cause of death: Blunt force trauma
Suspects: Suguru Kashiwagi, Katsunobu Kanda, and Saisuke Jinya
The eldest son of the four brothers is found dead. Ran, Kazuha, and Momiji scream after seeing the body.

Part 2

The police come and investigate the scene. The victim and the three suspects are brothers, whose mother is the said housekeeper who make the code. They all have burn marks on their palm, as a result of saving their mother from a jingisukan pot 30 years ago.

Momiji and Hattori finds out that on the harbor, there will be a yearly lovely spot for great social media posts. Heiji plans to confess to Kazuha, while Momiji plans to stop him.

The three brothers mention that the first brother was giving away a watch with leather band and a leather jacket. However, when the other brothers give him some canned crabs, chocolate, and nuts, they were returned back. Conan then realized who is the culprit.


  • Resolution

    Manga to anime changes

    • In the first scene, Momiji drinks tea with a cup plate on her lap. However, the cup plate was removed in the anime.
    • In the manga, Ran came home and went to the detective agency, with Kogoro sleeping there. She was also in the detective agency when Conan came home. In the anime, she directly goes to her room and is in the living room when Conan comes home.
    • A scene where Iori is looking at his hand clock is shown, which wasn't in the manga.
    • In the manga, the cars used by the group to go to the warehouse are white. While in the anime, they are black.
    • In the last scene of Part 1, Momiji is shown hiding behind Iori's left side. The manga showed her hiding behind his right side.
    • The scene at the beginning where the Detective Boys are at Agasa's house is slightly changed. The videogame they play, which features Yaiba Kurogane and Sayaka Mine in the manga, is changed to two different characters.
    • In the manga, after Conan explains the possibility that the culprit might hide before the other people come, Kazuha and Ran praised him. Conan then pretend that it was from Shinichi, with Hattori swearing in his thought. This scene is removed in the anime.
    • A few dialogues of Heiji, Kazuha, and Ran are cut in the anime.
    • When Momiji asks Takagi to check if the body has a burn mark, he goes to the body to check his palm. In the manga, Takagi was still near the body and directly checks the body's palm.


    • The black metallic sedan is 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 [C219].
    • The names of the suspects come from the theme of Jingisukan pots:
    • Saisuke Jin'ya (陣屋 才輔) comes from the "Jin" part in Jingisukan and veggetables (野菜, Yasai in Japanese);
    • Suguru Kashiwagi (柏木 優) comes from the "Gisu" part in Jingisukan;
    • Katsunobu Kanda (菅田 克信) comes from the "Kan" part in Jingisukan;
    • Benzō Hamana (浜名 勉造) comes from the word pot (鍋, Nabe in Japanese).
    • Episode 1025 (international episode 1082) marks the first time the episodes using international numbering outrank the number of manga chapters published at that time.


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) El repte de la Momiji Ooka Momiji Ooka's challenge
    Flag of France French (Subbed) Le Défi de Momiji Ôoka Momiji Ôoka challenge
    Flag of Thailand Thailand คำท้าทายของโอโอกะ โมมิจิ Momiji Ooka's Challenge
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Thư khiêu chiến của Ooka Momiji

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