Unsettling Parents' Visit Day

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Chapter 1110


Title: Unsettling Parents' Visit Day
Japanese title: 不穏な参観日
(Fuon'na Sankan-bi)
Original release: April 12th, 2023
Shōnen Sunday issue: #20/2023
Volume: 104
Pages: 16
Viz Media version
English title: An Unsettling Parents' Day
English release: May 2nd, 2023 (Simulpub)[1]
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Unsettling Parents' Visit Day (不穏な参観日 Fuon'na Sankan-bi?) is the 1110th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #20/2023 on April 12, 2023 and will presumably be reprinted as part of Volume 104. It was released in English by Viz Manga on May 2, 2023 under the name An Unsettling Parents' Day.



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    • The convenience store is likely a 7-Eleven, due to its banner with the three colored stripes. However, its name S-Mart is a reference to FamilyMart.
    • The English translation makes the same mistake as the Japanese original version in page 6, when Maria Higashio is wrongly identified as being part of class 1-A in her introduction box.

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    1. ^ The website itself says that it was released on March 2nd, 2023, but this would have been impossible, since the Japanese version was not released yet at that time. https://www.viz.com/vizmanga/case-closed-chapter-1110/chapter/38553?action=read
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