The Watchtower Bishop

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Chapter 1107

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Title: The Watchtower Bishop
Japanese title: 遠見の角行
(Tōmi no Kakugyō)
Original release: February 8th, 2023
Shōnen Sunday issue: #11/2023
Volume: 104
Pages: 16
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The Watchtower Bishop (遠見の角行 Tōmi no Kakugyō?) is the 1107th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #11/2023 on February 8, 2023 and will presumably be reprinted as part of Volume 104.



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  • Amanda Hughes wears her watch with the clock facing the inner side of the wrist, which was commonly done by older people and women, as watches were easy to break and keeping them inside would reduce friction with hard surfaces[1]. This was notably shown in files 328-330.

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