The Cold Case

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Chapter 1080

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Title: The Cold Case
Japanese title: 瞑れる事件
(Nemureru jiken)
Original release: October 20th, 2021
Shōnen Sunday issue: #47/2021
Volume: 101
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The Cold Case (瞑れる事件 Nemureru jiken?) is the 1080th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #47/2021 on October 20, 2021 and has been published as part of Volume 101 on April 13, 2022.








The group continues to ask Azusa about the whereabouts of the boy who appeared in front of the store making the SOS sign and she remembers that he came every week on a Sunday morning at around noon. Takagi tries to remember why Date told him to be there on Sunday wearing a bowtie, and her remembers a case that happened a year ago. He and Date were chosen to stakeout the kidnapping case of 7-year-old Alain Cassel, second son of Pierre Cassel, a French automaker's vice-president who went to Japan to visit its branch of their car company. They were chosen since Date and Takagi lived near the location of the kidnapping. After a while, the culprits, because there were two kidnappers, called from a phone booth and asked for a ransom of 50 million yen. Date had noticed suspicious activity from Natsufusa Kido, a yakuza working for the Deisankai, and started staking him out with Takagi. After tailing him up to the phone booth, Kido was suddenly hit by a drunkard after an argument and died a week later from his injuries. Since Kido was their only lead, the case grew cold and they could only rely on the code he left in the phone booth. The thing left in Date's notebook was thus the code left by Kido before he got killed, that Date transcribed in his notebook to try to figure out the truth. They figure out that Cassel appeared in front of the café every week because the other kidnapper never knew of Kido's death and waited for the deal to happen every week. The Detective Boys notice that it is almost noon, and that since it is Sunday, then the kid and the kidnapper will most likely show up. Takagi also remembers that the kidnapper from a year ago called them asking them to bring a duralumin case to contain the money. Amuro deduces that the kidnapper's plan was for the other partner of the deal to set the case open in the corner a seat of the restaurant, pretend to load the money inside the paper bag that was in the case, and leave the restaurant. The kidnapper would then go inside the restaurant and retrieve the real money, which was hidden in the corner obstructed by the open case, and then safely escape. The detective staking out wouldn't notice the money, since the empty case would overshadow it, and instead stakeout the man who left the store with the paper bag. After hearing out Amuro's deduction, Sato asks him if they have ever met before, to which he replies by the negative. The group then prepares a plan to catch the kidnapper. At noon, just as planned, the same white car stops in front of the café, with the kidnapper and Alain Cassel inside. The kidnapper watches Amuro, who he assumes is the partner of the deal from his foreign looks, pack the money and leave the restaurant, with Takagi tailing him, just as planned. He then steps out the white car and prepares to enter the restaurant, but is stopped by Sato, who shows him her police badge. He then pepper sprays her and escapes, and Sato follows suit. Conan and the Detective Boys go to the car and save the kid, but Conan notices that he wasn't tied up, yet never tried to escape. Conan figures out that maybe, there is one other kid that was kidnapped...



Shonen Sunday issues #46 and #47 next to each other.
  • The issue of Shonen Sunday #47/2021 shows Shinichi, Ran, Sonoko, Masumi Sera, Kogoro, Amuro and Kaitou Kid all wearing Conan's iconic elementary school uniform, but with bowties of different colors. The cover is part of a series of two covers that will show 16 characters of the series in issues #46 and #47.


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  1. ^ A Yakuza gang that appears first in Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out, with Kiriko Busujima as one of their top members.
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