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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone have any news regarding Kaito kid series ?? will it be started again by some other company?? C'mon everyone loves it and i cant find a reason why Gosho Ayoma stopped its production...
  2. Hey there DCW! Here is a fan-made video of the song "Togetsukyo ~Kimi Omou~" by Mai Kuraki by me. Please do watch and reply with your feedback.
  3. EdogawaTenshi

    Magic Kaito

    I can't find any Magic Kaito original..All I can see are 4 something,something,something I kinda hate the 3D Conan the why I was searching for the original but can't find it.."Anybody..Help me..Someone like Sherlock Holmes..Yeah.." -Minerva Glass
  4. Okay, so there have been a lot of rumors about Snake's Organization being the Black Organization. For those who are confused, Snake is the main antagonist of the Magic Kaito series. He killed Toichi Kuroba, the first Kaitou Kid. Ever since, Jii (and later Kaito), dressed as Kid in order to lure out the elusive Snake and the rest of his comrades. It is known that Snake is looking for an immunity potion in the form of a gem. The only other Organization member that works with Snake is a man named Rose who appeared in OVA 4. Snake's other nickname is Jackal and he wears all black, just like Gin and Vodka. In my opinion, I don't think Snake is part of the Black Organization, but I do hope that he is. His name doesn't fit unless you consider snake wine, and Rose doesn't fit unless you consider rose alcohol which is a stretch. Also, his motive isn't all that consistent with the Black Organization's. He is looking for a gem that grants immortality. Though the Black Organization could also be searching for immortality, they appear to use science rather than myth. Though it seems that Snake isn't part of the Black Organization, I really hope his is. He looks evil, he has the right personality, and he has a great name to tie it all up. But that's just my speculations. What do you think? Is Conan's organization and Kaitou Kid's organization one and the same? Or are they completely different things?
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