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  1. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Last Poster Wins

    I believe you're mistaken, Ayuna-chan. I'm winning. But thanks for the good wishes.
  2. AnimeOtakuDrew

    4 Letter Challenge!

  3. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Banned because my puppy is misbehaving today and I need someone to take it out on.
  4. AnimeOtakuDrew

    4 Letter Challenge!

  5. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Describe Yourself in One Word

    Content (Not sure what you're talking about, Ayuna-chan. I've posted all of these replies back to back with no problem.)
  6. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Throw something at the person BELOW you!

    Thank you! *throws college text book*
  7. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Is it Possible...? [Forum Game]

    I think you're useful; your posts always help get rid of my boredom. So yes, it's very possible. Is it possible for my girlfriend and I to start a successful small business together?
  8. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Questions [Forum Game]

    Should I be sure?
  9. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Are you Alice?

    Seems probable. Although, it is just as probable that YOU are Alice. Or maybe we're ALL Alice?
  10. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Two Truths + A Lie [Forum Game]

    Kaito: Actually, I was at the first screening in Tulsa of The Last Jedi (likewise for Solo: A Star Wars Story, though that isn't relevant here). The lie was about getting a Switch for Christmas (my sister was the one getting it). Ayuna: It's two truths and a lie. It not possible to have more than one worst, so you are rather ending up with two lies and a truth. (As for which one is true, I'm going to guess 2; I seem to remember you saying last year was the worst year of your life.) Now for my two truths and a lie: 1.) I moved to Washington state in September. 2.) My girlfriend took me to see Bohemian Rhapsody for my birthday. 3.) I am now attending Bellevue College to get a bachelor's in Information Systems and Technology.
  11. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Last Poster Wins

    Been doing good. Moved a couple months ago, got a new girlfriend, getting ready to go back to college, and I'm winning!
  12. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Count Backwards from One Million :)

  13. AnimeOtakuDrew

    Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Banned for banning Ayuna.
  14. AnimeOtakuDrew

    4 Letter Challenge!