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  1. I love this series, and I've enjoyed the recent trend Aoyama-sensei has gotten into where every case gives the reader at least one clue or piece of information that relates to the mystery of overall story. However, I must agree that the pacing was atrocious before he started this pattern. There were way too many filler cases that contributed nothing whatsoever to the main story; a little filler here and there is fine, but when 75% of what you're publishing in the series is filler, that's a bit much. My hope is that, after the five or six cases we had where each case dropped a plot hint for us, and now a case that directly relates to the Black Organization and the overall story, Aoyama-sensei will maintain his current pace so we'll get through the rest of the Rum Arc without any more filler. As for the direction the story has taken (when there is actually development of the story), I'm still largely enjoying it, but there are a few points I've struggled with and am concerned about moving forward. I too wish that I could have a sit-down with Aoyama-sensei, one writer to another, and have a nice chat about narrative flow, audience expectations (and when to subvert them), changing the status quo at times to keep things fresh, and things like that. I have the utmost respect for him, but it seems like there are a few areas that Aoyama-sensei struggles with (if he somehow reads this, please know that there is absolutely no sleight meant by this; we all have areas that we have difficulties with; it doesn't make him any less amazing).
  2. I finally got used to Bill and was starting to like her a little by the end of the season. I would have been fine with her returning for another season or two, but Chibnall wanted to start with a completely clean slate so everything and everyone was out the window so he could start fro scratch. I've only gotten to watch the first episode with Jodie Whitaker at this point. I actually enjoyed the episode and think she has the potential to be really good as the Doctor; I know that her performance on Broadchurch was amazing, so I know she can act. But not having gotten to see most of the season, I'm not sure what you're referring to about the "whole thing that happened," unless you're simply talking about the backlash all the way back when Whitaker was first announced as the Doctor and so many people started whining and swore they'd never watch the sow again because woman. Personally, I don't care who plays the Doctor (man, woman, white, black, Asian, or whatever) as long as they play the Doctor WELL, and from what I saw, Whitaker is doing just that. I am eager to see the rest of series 11. I hope the series isn't dead.
  3. That's true. Maybe we should keep our eyes peeled for someone with some variation of one of the Japanese words for wolf in their name. Neither Kanenori nor Kuroda feel right to me, however in my mind the one that seems "too obvious" and has "too many similarities to Rei/Bourbon" is Kuroda. He has some mysterious grudge against another character (Rei -> Akai, Kuroda -> Rumi), he's obviously smart and perceptive, recognizing Conan for what he is (and possibly even WHO he is), then there's the whole police thing. And on top of that, having "black" (kuro) right there in his name makes him feel like an obvious red herring when looking for the #2 of the Black Organization. As for Wakita, I admit something feels off about him, but considering that meeting him was really just chance (nobody could have predicted that Kogoro, Ran, and Conan would have gone to that restaurant that they had never visited before on that particular night, or any night for that matter, so if Rum was trying to observe them, why waste time working in a place they've never been known to go?), it seems unlikely that the number two of the Organization would bother with something like that. He's clearly more than the simple wannabe he initially seemed to be, but he still doesn't feel right for Rum. I am curious what parallels you're seeing between Wakita and Amuro though. Anyways, the fact that neither of them seems right is why I still tend to think Rumi is Rum. Either way, it feels like Aoyama-sensei is building up for a reveal fairly soon, so hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer. But I would be fine if he trades shock value in favor of good storytelling and setup for subsequent events.
  4. I wasn't suggesting that Karasuma would be just one of three suspects for the boss of the Organization (though that would fit with Aoyama-sensei's usual pattern for such things. I was suggesting that maybe we should look at the dying message the same way we look at one of the "three suspect" situations, with the two currently known interpretations and one more that is forthcoming. Although, I would like to point out that it is possible for Karasuma Renya to be both correct AND wrong. Remember that this dying message was left 17 years ago. A lot can happen in 17 years, especially in the criminal underworld. It's entirely possible that Karasuma WAS boss at the time of that message, but has since died (illness, old age, killed by enemy, killed by ambitious underling wanting to replace him). At the same time, even if "carasuma" is the intended reading of the dying message, maybe it doesn't mean that Karasuma is the LEADER of the organization. He could have been the original founder without actively leading it himself ("Karasuma started it"). It could be that he is a benefactor or financial supporter of the Organization ("Follow Karasuma's money to find them"). There are countless ways he could be involved with the organization without being Anokata. Maybe Karasuma is Rum (I don't really believe that, but it's a possibility). The thing is that, with the 'asaca rum' message, what it conveyed was very clear, but when the message instead becomes nothing but one name, 'carasuma,' it also becomes more vague. Many people take it for granted that this mean that Karasuma is the boss of the Organization, just as they take it for granted that this guess of Yusaku's is the definitive answer, but we have nothing to confirm that. It is LIKELY, but it is not definite. Somehow, I have a feeling that it will end up that Karasuma was founder, and probably leader in the past, but someone else is Anokata. Regarding Rumi as Rum, I'm hung up on that mostly because neither of the other two candidates feels right for it. The only other thing I can imagine is that Rumi is Asaka, but NOT Rum. In that case, my guess would be that, after disappearing for a time and establishing a new identity for herself to avoid capture since she was the prime suspect, she started working from the shadows to solve the case herself (possibly to clear her own name, possibly out of feelings of devotion or obligation to her old boss, possibly because she had feelings for Haneda Kohji, or possibly some combination of those). The trouble with that idea in my mind is that her ruthlessness and her cold efficiency don't feel right for a simple bodyguard. It feels more like the kind of thing one would expect from, say, the number 2 of a major criminal syndicate. But I wouldn't put it past Aoyama-sensei to subvert expectations by breaking with his usual tropes just once and making it so the obvious suspect really is the right one. That really would be an amazing way to subvert expectations! We're all here over-analyzing things six ways to Sunday while the real answer was right there all along. I just don't know anything for sure, and won't until we get the reveal. I really hope that will be soon.
  5. There's one thing that a lot of people don't seem to be acknowledging about this. When Yusaku pointed out that the "asaca rum" message could alternatively be read as "carasuma," he himself pointed out that it was just an idea he had and it might be wrong. Yet many of us fans are taking this as a definitive confirmation that Karasuma Renya is indeed head of the Black Organization, as well as the extended idea you propose here that the alternate solution to the dying message nullifies any suspicion based on Wakasa Rumi's name. I was guilty of falling into that assumption shortly after Yusaku's revelation as well, but having carefully analyzed things since then, I see that there are actually five possibilities. The initial interpretation of the dying message was correct and it was intended to indicate that Asaka was indeed Rum, having nothing to do wit Karasuma. Yusaku's interpretation of the message was correct and it was intended to indicate Karasuma Renya as the leader of the Black Organization, having nothing to do with either Asaka or Rum. The one who left the dying message intended it to contain multiple meanings to leave behind as much information as possible, meaning the intent was to convey BOTH the fact that Rum was Asaka AND the Karasuma Renya is leader of the Black Organization. Neither of the previously given interpretations are correct and the true meaning of the dying message is some other interpretation that Aoyama-sensei has yet to reveal to the readers. The message is intended to be layered as stated in #3, with one or both of the currently known interpretations being true AS WELL AS one or more currently unknown interpretations. We won't get a definitive answer about this until Aoyama-sensei finally reveals the full flashback to us of the double murder and we're able to see the context and mindset under which the dying message was left. As frustrating as that is, I believe we'll see that within the next two years of the manga--possibly even within the next year. WE're in the information dump stage, with at least one major clue being revealed in every case; it is just impossible to maintain this for long without Conan finally being able to put the pieces together. We MUST be getting close to the reveal! Another thing to consider is this: maybe we're looking at the interpretation of the dying message wrong! We're looking at it more or less as we would any other clue in any case Conan finds himself in the middle of. However, with two possible interpretations having been presented to us, maybe that isn't the direction Aoyama-sensei is meaning this to go. Maybe we should instead analyze this the way we look at SUSPECTS in the series! Particularly for major arcs (Vermouth, Bourbon, Rum, etc.), we are gradually introduced to three major suspects. We then get clues along the way, building up to the reveal of the truth. In this case, our first 'suspect' was "asaca rum." Then we were later introduced to our second 'suspect,' "carasuma." It's entirely possible--maybe even likely--that Aoyama-sensei will introduce a third 'suspect' to us, which would probably happen quite soon if that is the case. Either way, it is not yet time to dismiss our suspicions of Wakasa just because an alternative interpretation of the dying message has been presented to us. I am still inclined to think she is indeed both Asaka AND Rum. Any thoughts?
  6. I believe you're mistaken, Ayuna-chan. I'm winning. But thanks for the good wishes.
  7. Banned because my puppy is misbehaving today and I need someone to take it out on.
  8. Content (Not sure what you're talking about, Ayuna-chan. I've posted all of these replies back to back with no problem.)
  9. I think you're useful; your posts always help get rid of my boredom. So yes, it's very possible. Is it possible for my girlfriend and I to start a successful small business together?
  10. Seems probable. Although, it is just as probable that YOU are Alice. Or maybe we're ALL Alice?
  11. Kaito: Actually, I was at the first screening in Tulsa of The Last Jedi (likewise for Solo: A Star Wars Story, though that isn't relevant here). The lie was about getting a Switch for Christmas (my sister was the one getting it). Ayuna: It's two truths and a lie. It not possible to have more than one worst, so you are rather ending up with two lies and a truth. (As for which one is true, I'm going to guess 2; I seem to remember you saying last year was the worst year of your life.) Now for my two truths and a lie: 1.) I moved to Washington state in September. 2.) My girlfriend took me to see Bohemian Rhapsody for my birthday. 3.) I am now attending Bellevue College to get a bachelor's in Information Systems and Technology.
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