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    Hey guys, I'm new here, so I'm not really sure how stuff works here. I've used the search function to look for my idea, but I couldn't find it. Perhaps I'm still not sure how to efficiently use this wiki. Anyways, on to my question. I've looked through quite a few threads detailing the possible identity of the boss of the black organization. However, not once have I found Shinichi's mom as a suspect. I've been thinking this for a while, but after the latest chapter, I am almost convinced. She is someone that seems very unlikely, but is very possible. After all, she is a master of disguise (masks, voice, everything), and could just be pretending to be "dumb". She also has the means to carry out all the commands, as she is married to a very, very rich man. She could take on any identitiy. Also, she is very close with vermouth, a high ranking favored officer of anokata. There's a lot more, but as its the middle of the night, I can't think of any right now. I'll add more as I remember why I even thought of her in the first place. I know it doesnt seem very likely, but what do you guys think? Is it possible?
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