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  1. Also just a rejoinder, the Highball=Rum +Coke is not a a valid idea. In Japan highball is referred to as Whiskey + Tonic water. (So it's a stretch.) Also snatching the codename of an alive member and putting it on Muga doesn't look something probable. (The answer was about the dead agents, unless you make the claim that Wakita being former Rum got into an accident and lost touch with BO and the codename got inherited by the new Rum.) but that also is a very bad argument. It would mean George Washinton is American president and not Trump. Cause if Rum is a codename for a single person, Gosho is referring to that person only. I can imagine that someone coming and making an argument that Kuroda, Wakita and Rumi are just labels, so how can we be sure that by referring to Kuroda, Wakita and Rumi Gosho was referring to this trio and not Yui (whose name is Rumi in a secret society of female cops), Kansuke (who goes by the alias Kuroda when he goes to out investigate.) and Komei (He uses the Wakita as his handle name on a Kong Ming appreciation forum.) ? Just like you point to the (failed) /(damn incorrect) foreshadowing, one could say the trio appeared with a Rum suspect, hence they are Rum candidates and their prosthetic eye is hidden ?
  2. Well If Rum wasn't wary about Asaca song case why did Vermouth and Bourbon was sent to assess the situation and take a call accordingly ?
  3. The problem is the retrieval of the string won't be possible. Also in the third case the measure will ensure that all the accessories will have pointing their handles/holes(though some don't have it) towards the door. So they would be swept towards one side. Not a solution unless those are taken care of. Another problem is this, the tension ends of the knob would be very close, there won't be any force difference to generate the torque unless one applies force by using a string from outside. Which again will be an issue during the retrieval.
  4. A serial killer case, sounds interesting...... BTW on a separate issue.... There possibly no former Rum...... Gosho said Rum is a single person. Gosho also said ``One among the trio is indeed Rum.`` Former Rum isn't a Rum anymore.........
  5. I do think it's Hoye Kuroda. Wakita and Wakasa don't seem anything likely to be a culprit.
  6. Something still bugs me, why did Rum allow Soul detective to rant about Kohji case resolution but was very wary about Asaca song case?
  7. So imo Nishino guy is the culprit. In these sort of scenarios where a bunch of people get stuck at an abandoned house/church/school, the default culprit is the one who had arrived last. Now given Komei's input that the avalanche was caused by a bomb and the car park destruction, it can be easily done by the person arriving last, anyone can beforehand do this stuff but time bomb type devices won't work here(as there is no set time for the entry of the guests.) Another solution is remote controlled trigger but that also is sort of impossible because the avalanche had happened a bit earlier and unless the culprit is sure that everyone has reached the destination such a trick is no more than a random guess.
  8. First things first, the message which Bourbon received was "I want information on Kudo Shinichi, Time is money(Toki Wa Kanenari), Hurry up Bourbon."................RUMNow this is an odd construction of the sentence as "Hurry up Bourbon ." is a directive assertion, which really negates the meaning of the idiom. It would have been a proper sentence if the idiom was at the end.(As then it would have meant that why Bourbon is being told to speed up.)Now this idiom in Romaji is TOKI WA KANENARI>> rearranged a little and we get Wakita Kanenori.So why is Rum cryptically taking Wakita's name??Now a likely solution is that somehow Rum was hinting to Wakita, but then the question is why?(If he wants Bourbon to defeat Wakita in the race of getting info about Shinichi, then Hurry up Bourbon would have been just enough.)The real solution to me is Rum wants Bourbon to gather info on Kudo Shinichi as well as Wakita Kanenori. Now the latter is named in a cryptic way because of obvious reasons. As Wakita being a BO executive would have some allies in BO, if Bourbon got a direct order about gaining info on Wakita, then the message might just be too easy to interpret and Wakita will get warned. But even if this message is leaked, nobody will think it alludes to Wakita and btw the most insightful mind in BO is expected to decode this rearrangement quite easily.)The sweatdrop on Bourbon after receiving it also shows his dillema, probably he somehow knows Wakita personally and probably thinks that wakita is a possible infiltrator in BO, so when Rum asks him to get dirt on Wakita Bourbon finds himself in the exact same place where Rye found him when he was ordered to kill Scotch.Given my current speculation, that wakita=Tsutomu, this development might just be the bridge needed to be there to further that Suichi vs Amuro plot.
  9. Your Rum, theory is quite good but if Rum really was Muga, could Kohji had resisted like that? Won't one knee strike or elbow strike of Muga would have finished him off? Also if I just twist some a point or two of your description, I can easily fit Iori=Asaka theory and given his prowess I'm afraid that he might even be Mary drugger.
  10. This is my Wakita speculation. https://www.reddit.com/r/OneTruthPrevails/comments/6ot1ya/akai_tsutomu_wakita_theory/
  11. Kuroda's coma is a very interesting topic at least for me. 1) His whitened hair. 2) His changed looks. 3) His amnesia about some parts of his memory. These three things are very curious, but after doing a little bit research on hair whitening, change of looks during coma and the amnesia these three things are not really that much suspicious looking anymore, though not beyond doubt. The hair whitening due to increased Hydrogen Peroxide due to lack of Catalase enzyme seems a legit cause. In Coma the enzyme activity of the body gets lowered so this can happen. Also it was mentioned that the nurse who opened up his facial bandage was surprised due to the change of his hair and looks. It never means that the same nurse when bandaged him saw his black hair and original look and within one dressing the whole stuff changed. So now with this notion out of the question,would it mean that the nurse had seen Kuroda before and was shocked to see his hair turning white and the change of his facial features? Also burning scars don't take that much of a time to heal, not surely 10 years. Even if it was a third degree burn needing skin grafts, it would get healed within one year. Also only his right face shows burn marks not his entire body. Also the scars indicate skin graft wasn't needed. So surely it was very unlikely that the bandages were still needed even at the fag end of his coma. Also there are problems with Kuroda was switched with "Fakuroda" theory. Don't forget the target here isn't your average Joe, he's an NPA agent lying in a Coma in Police hospital under top security. To switch him with someone, people would need help from the to echelon of NPA. Also if looks were going to get changed then why the doctor didn't declare that the accident was so severe that plastic surgery was needed?(If it was a cover up, the consultant doctor had to be taken into confidence. So if it really happened and it was a cover up, then this statement would have put every speculation to the rest.) So as of now, I'm having a different angle, what if Kuroda was the Japan's representative regarding the Kohji case? Kohji was a Japanese person, so it's evident that if he was murdered even on foreign soil Japan would at least investigate his case?(Kohji was also no average Joe.) Now Kuroda gets closer to the truth and BO/Rum(more likely) attempts an accident to get rid off him. But fails to kill him. Now Kuroda after waking up is keeping a low profile and secretly working on Kohji case so that he doesn't get into Rum's radar once again. But currently Rum is on the move,(according) to the intel of Kir. So probably Rum has got the news of Kuroda waking up so he got flustered and is planning to put everything at rest for once and for all.
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