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  1. When they aired the first episode here in my country, it all really piqued my interest. I was thinking "How can a kid with a small body be this smart and thinks like an adult?" So, I googled the name of the show and watch the first 5 episodes and yep, it hooked me since then. I've been a DC fan since the year 2006. I thought at first that Conan was given powers to become this smart but then it all comes down from the inherited genes. I remembered how I used to envy his mind power. The power of deduction indeed!
  2. Frankly i'd say it Subaru Okiya a.k.a Akai Shuichi. He's a good looking guy, with or without his disguise. Just look at that cute smile!
  3. I have moved (and locked) your newly created thread because there's already a discussion thread about Rum here: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/5102-discussion-thread-about-rum/ It's also not recommended to post major manga spoilers outside of the "Manga series" section. Please understand.

  4. One miss of a step and the heart is on the line. Predators await in the shadows, waiting for your last dying breath, and when its gone, like vultures in the dead lands, they swoop down and tear you apart and ravaged you like hungry coyotes. After the feast of death, crows cry in the wind and take what is left. You lay there in the dust, bones dried up like the desert lands. A game of survival. A game of life and death.

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    So, I just read the new chapter of DC. They mentioned a new B.O. character under the nickname "RUM" Haibara mentioned something about the guy's artificial eye. Who do you think it is?
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