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Found 2 results

  1. Hello... So I have an enormous amount of episodes to catch up on, and I had an odd thought occur to me today. If this has already happened in the series (anime or manga) I'm hoping someone can point me that direction. It boils down to this: Is there any evidence that the Black Org has continued testing Apotoxin-4869 specifically, beyond the point where Sherry took the capsule and escaped? I was just sort of mulling this over, and a couple of possibilities occurred to me: If they HAD tested it, then if it regressed their subject to childhood, they'd know that someone who they thought they'd killed was probably still alive (Kudo Shinichi) and, by extension, Sherry. So... why didn't they come after their families and close associates? Going the other direction, if they HAVEN'T tested it, why not? It was supposed to be this useful new assassination drug, right? Of course, maybe Vermouth suppressed testing and all that, but... Anyway. I'm so behind on episodes that I've probably missed all sorts of plot developments that toss these questions right out the window, but then that's why I'm asking. Was any further testing done? Did any 'children' show up? If no testing, why not? Thanks.
  2. Greetings, all! I have been watching through everything Conan (currently up to episode 530 and movie 13), and a random thought just occurred to me which I find rather intriguing, The Black Organization uses alcohol names for their codenames (at least thus far). Gin, Vodka, Vermouth, Chianti, Kron (presumably for corn whiskey), Bourbon, Irish (explained in the movie as Irish whiskey), Sherry. The thing that just occurred to me is this: What was Conan/Shinichi's first big hint toward an antidote for the Apotoxin? Baigar, a Chinese ALCOHOL! Could that really be a coincidence? Or is is possible that it was intentional? Consider this. Miyano Shiho was neither the only, nor the first scientist the Organization had working on the Apotoxin. What if her parents or some other scientist INTENTIONALLY made the APTX-4869 so the Baigar could counter it under the instruction of Anokata? Why would they do that? Clearly Anokata has a love of liquors as he/she bestows alcohol codenames upon the Organization members, perhaps Baigar is Anokata's personal favorite liquor. But why make it counter the new poison the Organization cientists are developing? Simple, if Baigar is indeed Anokata's favorite, he/she would clearly keep it on hand, so if he/she were ever betrayed by a member of the Organization who tried to poison him/her with the Apotoxin, he/she would have the antidote readily available. Conversely, for anyone not in the know about Baigar being able to counter the poison, it is uncommon enough that they would have little or no chance of accidentally stumbling across it and saving themselves, and even if they had somehow learned the secret, it is unlikely they could get to that particular kind of liquor in time. In short, Anokata have the counteractive properties of Baigar built into the poison from the beginning (which explains Sherry not knowing about it at she built on the research of other Organization scientists to create the Apotoxin) as a self preservation insurance policy! In fact, what if Anokata had the very first scientist working on the poison specifically find some chemical compound that will combine with something in the Baigar to neutralize it, then killed that scientist so nobody else would know exactly what the purpose of that particular compound was, and ordered subsequent scientists to base all of their research into the new poison SPECIFICALLY on that compound?! I think that fits, and I think it would be an interesting twist! And then, perhaps, the Baigar could be a clue not only to reversing the effects of the APTX-4869, but to finding Anokata and bringing down the Organization itself!!! What do you guys think? Plausible theory? I am probably not the first to have this thought, but there are just WAY too many topics to go through them all and ook for anything that might relate, so I sincerely apologize if I am restating anything that has already been run into the ground. Anyways, just wanting to see what others think of this theory. Ja na!!!
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