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  1. The Wiki claims that there's a couple early episodes where Mouri was suspicious.
  2. I think more than being interested in Tequia as a character, I'm interested in what he was primarily involved with, which was the computer program "that shouldn't be complete for the sake of humanity". As he's only been referenced in regard to the computer programmers.
  3. I always though Pisco's death was the dumbest out of the three, because it could have been easily avoided if Vermouth and him had simply worked together. There was never any reason for Pisco to handle both the assassination, and finding Sherry, with Vermouth there.
  4. I'm specifically talking about the coded members for the purpose of this thread. As I'm sure everyone would like more info on the Miyano family. Regarding Calvados, and most of the snipers that work for the Bo, I've always been intrested in just how many assassinations they end up doing. I've also been curious as to who the organization usally targets in these assassinations ( as we've only seen one), because most people seem to be targeted up close rather than using snipers. Also Calvados' relationship with Vermouth always intrested me, even though she was using him, because we've seen that Vermouth rarely has any genuine interaction with Org members outside of Bourbon. I wonder if Calvados worked with Vermouth in a lot of the crimes in America she committed, which got the Fbi on her tail. And Calvados seemed to have a pretty close relationship with Chianti, judging from her hostility towards Vermouth. I would have loved to see more from Pisco, because of how long he's been in the organization. Since he's been in the organization for so long, he probally has a wealth of information on the organizations practices and goals that could only be built up from serving for such a long period. He also seemed to have a relationship with Ai's parents, so he's probally been in there long enough to understand fully how the drug evolved (The original goal) and reached the point it is today . Also his involvement in financing the BO's operations, as the Chairman of a major car company, was something I wished to hear more about, as the Bo's sources of income always have interested me. Tequila was always one of the more interesting characters to me, because he seemed to be the man in charge of the BO's computer program agenda. Outside of the game company murder case, Contact with the Bo, and a mention in the mystery train arc, we have no information about what the Bo is using computer programmers to obtain. So I would have loved to hear more and see more, of his interactions with these computer programmers. I mean when you're talking about a major programmer claiming he wouldn't complete a project for humanity's sake, it's really something that you want expanded on.
  5. The thing is though, Vermouth was suspicious of Kir, way before she ever got captured. Remember in 425 the "Noc", she did because she was suspicious of Kir? If Vermouth was suspicious of Kir that early on, it seems that Bourbon and Gin are slacking on that front, considering they only got suspicious after Kir got captured, and during the Akai death scene. Maybe Vermouth's just better at sniffing out rats, since she infiltrates many places under false identities
  6. I've always felt like there will be a major death of either of these two characters towards the end of the series,at the hands of the Bo. My question has always been which one would make more sense for the plot, and future character development? I feel like Haibera's death would be a way for Goshu, to cop out of the the romantic aspect of Ai and Conan's relationship, and cause some real development of Conan's character.I also think it'll be intresting to see what lie Conan and Asaga would use to justify her absence to the DB. I also think that eventually someone in the org will find out the information that Vermouth has on Haibera, and use that for Ai's downfall. While's on the other hand I can't see Kir causing significant damage to the Org, for much longer, since the only silver bullets are implied to be Conan and Akai. Also, if vermouth was suspicious of Kir being undercover so early on, then I doubt Bourbon and Gin will be fooled much longer. Even though Vermouth is extremely smart and observant, is she really that much more perceptive than Gin and Bourbon, to the point where she suspects Kir so early on, whiles both of them continue to trust her? Also, Kir's death would probably cause Eisuke to be reintroduced to the plot. So if Goshu was to kill either of these characters, who do you think it would be? Or do you believe both of them will survive till the end? Or better yet do you think both of them will die?
  7. I slowly hope that during this second half of the series, slowly Mouri starts to work himself up to being as component as he showed during movie 9 on the Boat. Or as a matter a fact, if he can be as competent as the the Takagi who got transferred in Metropolitan police story, he'd do perfectly fine. You don't have to solve cases as fast as Heiji or Conan to maintain an image.
  8. These black organization arcs are all amazing. At this point they've basiclly implied the idenity of Baurbon, by implying/revealing the identity of all the other suspects, in the scenes in episode 703. If it's true, then the BO is even more deadly than they were at the begging off the series, because Bourbon's detective skills seems to be on par with the best detectives of the series, including Heiji and Conan. To have a detective of that skill on their side, along with great minds like Gin and Vermouth, it almost seems unfair. I guess it kind of evens out the playing filed of wits if Akai really is alive.
  9. I've always felt that Haibara won't make it to the end of the series. I feel like it won't only be an event of major significance for every character in Dc, but it'll also be a copout way of handling the Ai-Conan fandom.
  10. Interesting, if she was using Gin's description to lure out Akai. I've always felt like the FBI has been more focused on Vermouth than the organization itself, ever since hearing about Jodie's dad. It seems like unlike the other members, a lot of her bigger crimes probally originated outside of Japan, which is why the Fbi has always taken a big interest in her. It feels like they were dragged into this fight, against this larger organization after realizing that her connections are deeper and more deadly than originally anticipated. The Cia on the other hand seems more focused on the whole organization than one particular person.
  11. Both Conan and I would definitely feel sorry for a person whose life has been ruined by someone else's cold actions. I would even help, them try to find justice. But the second they make the decision to murder, they're no worse than the person they're taking revenge on.
  12. Not feeling sorry for killers, doesn't equate to not being able to have emotional ties to your friends who don't go around killing people. That's just an unfair comparison. Conan never seems happy when he hears a murderers story, in fact knowing Conan, he surely regrets that he isn't able to stop every crime from occurring, that leads to these situations. But he doesn't let the limits of detective and the police, to be used as excuses for cold acts of murder.
  13. I don't think he has to be in their exact situation to understand. Conan's seen his loved ones held hostage, he's been threatened with a gun, he's seen hundreds of deaths, and he's seen the worse humanity has to offer, so he fully understands the emotions that could lead someone to murder. But he doesn't understand how or why anyone would ever make that choice. That's what makes him better than them. Everyone in the world experiences hate or anger, everyone experiences terrible situations, but everyone has a choice to be better than that. I don't think justifying what the victims did, is the same as punishing/lecturing the criminal for their crime. Those are two different situations, that have to be looked at independently. Just because someone commited a crime against you, doesn't mean you have the right to commit a crime against them. Conan morality is such, that he would look at the victim for their crime, the same way he looks at the murderer for their crime. Both of their actions are just as bad, because as he sees it Murder is foul regardless of the situation, because it just creates more sadness, more death, and more hatred, and that can never be justified. Self defense is one of the few times, when the circumstances are actually justified. In most situations in the Conan world at least, the best course of action would be to put it into the hands of the justice system. Conan's morality bets on the fact that Human's can put their morality over petty things such as revenge and hatred.
  14. I've still always been confused as to what actually happend in New York. Did Vermouth become a serial killer herself just to lure out Akai, or did she just take the identity of a already existing serial killer and killed him at the end to get rid of him?
  15. I can agree with Conan's morality, because he's consistent with it, and because it's clear that he doesn't want to be able to understand why people murder in any situation. When I talk about consistency, the first case that came to mind is the Osaka 3'ks case, when he convicted Ray. Even though you can tell he admired Ray, and wanted him to be innocent more than anything, he probably gave Ray his harshest speech/critique, even after Ray was using his wife as the excuse for why he committed murder. His exact words were ""Stop it, Ray! Even if you're facing the bitter aspect of life, drugs and murder are foul without any excuse. Deserve a red card, for a loser", in fact he didn't even let Ray finish his speech to try and justify his murder. So my thinking is that if he can maintian that sense of morality even in a situation like that, involving his idol, then I can't argue with his morality. Also I think that quote sums up one of the biggest aspects of Conan's morality, the fact that even though Murder often stems from seeing the bitterest evils of Humanity, murder can never be justified, because by it's very nature it's foul. Actually his morality reminds me a lot of the guys from Criminal minds, but that's different story lol. In fact I think Mouri made a quote early on in the series, that really sums up where all the detectives in the series are coming from, he said " I'll never understand no matter the reason what drives someone to murder. And I don't think I want to." It's not that the detectives in the series can't comprehend the reasons people give for committing murder, its that's they simply can't and don't want to understand why someone would actually end a person's life in any situation. To guys like Shinichi and Heiji it's what keeps them human, and separates them from the criminals they spend their lives trying to catch. I think Shinichi said is perfectly in episode 191 " It's disappointing. No Matter the explanation i think of, I cannot understand why one person would kill another. Even If I can see why, I can't understand why."
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