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  1. The fact that everyone riding the Bell Train Express were to undergo questioning after the explosion, there was nothing Conan can do about it. I also considered the idea that Vermouth is that kind of villain who wants to be challenged. There are a lot of things Vermouth knows about Conan that if only she was decisive to end Sherry's life and Shinichi's disguise as Conan, Gin would have discovered that the person he drugged with the APTX4869 wasn't killed, but rather made him smaller. The first instance that proves this point is the forest scene of Vermouth and Conan. Vermouth challenged Conan that if he managed to wake up first, she will lead him to the boss. Vermouth waked up first. He could have brought him to the organization, but she didn't. And in this latest BO story arc, Yukiko challenged Vermouth that if they manage to 'win', Vermouth will stop chasing after Sherry. Of course we all knew that she lost this time. So, maybe she will consider Yukiko's proposal, or maybe not. It's also unclear whether Bourbon saw Haibara sleeping behind Professor Agasa or not. But at the same time, Vermouth reiterated that Sherry "must not be allowed to remain in this world", thus her intention to kill Sherry too. Vermouth is indeed the most intriguing character in this series.
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    I haven't read any theories about Amuro yet. But, my assumption about him is like this. BTW, I'm with the Bourbon=Scar Akai=Amuro Tooru theory. After Amuro completed his study and training in the police academy, he is on his way to become an officer. But an unexpected, tragic event that involved Akai (and another character that is special to Amuro and Akai might have offended/encountered) could have changed the decision of Amuro, choosing to join the Black Organization. I assume that my theory is plausible with the event happening after Akai, who disguised as Moroboshi Dai, was exposed to be an FBI agent infiltrating the BO. If Amuro wants to get revenge on Akai, it is possible that he will join BO and kill him. Although some plot holes in my theory are why is the need for Amuro to join BO just to exact revenge with Akai and who is the character that might be involved in their 'rivalry'. This tactic would be very dangerous for him and has a high chance of failure. Why would he reveal himself to the BO and wink at Chianti, who has a sniper pointed at him already. If he's confident that BO won't make a scene in a public place such a mall, wouldn't he have thought the possibility of him being tracked by the BO with his disguise? It's just a very dangerous and high-risk tactice for him. A major hole I see in this is that BO is still unknown to the Japanese police, as what Gosho is portraying throughout the series, AS OF NOW. No signs that the Japanese police is aware of BO's existence. So, why would the police benefit from stopping Bourbon? He's just a new member of the BO. The only thing that could make the BO wary is the fact that Bourbon could reveal to the police the motives and objectives of the org, if ever he's captured alive. P.S. SORRY for butting in to you and Chek's conversation. :-D
  3. I think I'm better than Conan/Shinichi when it comes to making my loved one feel special and always happy. Now I get so cheesy. :grin:
  4. I think Akai won't reveal himself until the final showdown. Kir's mission will always be her priority. Akai knows this.
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    I kinda agree on the theory that if Scar Akai is Bourbon, and Bourbon is a detective, he wouldn't be that naive to disguise Akai with a scar. That would be like overdoing it on Bourbon's part. However, if Bourbon has YET to see the video of how Akai supposedly died (if there was a video of it after all), he probably thinks that by disguising Akai, who was left in a car that was bombed, a scar is a good prop.
  6. Yow, musta? Gusto ko lang na malaman mo na kumpleto ako sa lahat ng episodes...XD Nga pala, kung sasagot ka sa comment, i-click mo yung name na nasa itaas nitong comment na 'to tapos dun ka mag-post para ma-notify ako, ok? :)

  7. I don't know how will I react when the boss is finally uncovered. I mean, if he/she is a character that is one of the popular guesses, I'd have to be really shocked. But, if he/she is somehow a character who was rarely mentioned in the manga, then I guess it would be an ordinary feeling for me, although I will still be elated how he became the boss. Gosho Aoyama, you're really a genius. You're my idol!
  8. I wanna meet FIlipino DC fans who are in this forum. Any Filipinos/Filipinas out there? Mga kababayan! :)

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      yoh! next ozine fest..i hope to meet you ;)

      i already meet some..they're nice..

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      where will it be held? *just asking ^_^

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      Punta ka dito para makilala mo kaming lahat:

  9. Amaranth! Kamusta? :)

  10. You're addicted to DC when.. You have already downloaded half of the 600+ episodes of the anime series. And plans to complete it in the near future. :grin:
  11. Well, I may have exaggerated it a bit by saying it's fatal. :grin: Thanks for the heads up! ___________________________________ Based from Chekhov's post, it is highly possible that the car Jodie used has an interior trunk release lever or something. Because if I remember correctly, the release of the manga version of that episode is way beyond 2001 already.
  12. Great find on the random plane. Thanks for pointing that out! :-) I'm not being too much realistic or overlooking too much things here. But, how did Ran opened the trunk? If it's opened from the get-go, isn't it easier for Ran to overhear the things Vermouth and Jodie are talking to? As far as I know, Ran is a bit knowledgeable of the English language (although not as good as Shinichi). I think the fact that the FBI was mentioned in the conversation is enough for Ran to be suspicious and curious about Jodie.
  13. I saw some flaws in one of the most thrilling FBI-BO encounter episode, the Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization episode (345). During the climax (the story-telling/question and answer portion between Vermouth and Jodie), isn't it natural for Ran to overhear what these two ladies are talking? I mean, if she's in the trunk all the time, she would normally be curious on what's happening outside, especially that the car has already stopped. If ever she did overhear what Vermouth and Jodie talked about, she must already know that Sharon and Chris Vineyard are the same person. She must have gotten curious also of the name Vermouth. About the reason why Vermouth had to steal those files that his dad Kogoro solved. The reason why Vermouth disguised as Dr. Araide. Even the connection of Haibara to Vermouth. And lastly, when the two ladies are conversing beside the car about Conan being 'Cool Kid/Guy', Ran should have heard it and get suspicious with the real identity of Conan. I just don't buy the idea that the trunk remained close until Ran decided to save Haibara. Holding your breath for three minutes could be fatal already. And I'm pretty sure that conversation between Vermouth and Jodie lasted more than that. So, I presume Ran heard their conversation.
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