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  1. He made three requests. That I protect him and never betray him until he obtains his revenge. That I obey his orders unconditionally. And that I would never lie... to him.

  2. Please Tell me what you think...
  3. Chapter One She could feel someone brushing her golden locks, playing with it, combing with it. Usually she hated it when people touch her but this time she let it slide since she like the feel of his hands. It's large and very comforting, although a bit cold. She felt very safe. “Melody.” A voice called and she stirs in her sleep, slowly opening her eyes and meeting a pair of green-cold eyes. She yawns a bit and a smirk slowly replaces her blank face, “Don't call me by my blasted name, Gin. I hate it.” She said, slowly sitting up and turning at his hand that was holding a Beretta, “What?” She asks, looking up at him. “Am I order to be killed in spot, right now?” Gin's hand is different. His hands could never be the comforting hand in her Dreams. Gin's. No. Their hands can only shine when it was bathed in Blood. That's their only purpose. Their only use. “I'm just holding in case of emergency.” He gruff, tucking the Beretta back on his coat as he sat at the Bed and staring at her, “What?” She asks. Then sighing as she looks down at her feet, it was wrapped in a tight bandage. “I want to go outside.” “Except you can't walk.” “Doesn't mean you need to tie me.” She said, turning at the cuff on her feet. “If I don't tie you with something. You'll go away.” He simply said. Examining the Red-eyed beauty that was glaring at him while some of her golden hair falls from its disheveled form. "Who said I am going to run away?" "The Stake Out was a failed. Accept it now." He said to her and she just look away. "I told you, I can easily sniff that guy out and kill him! If only you would release me!" Melody snaps angrily! "We got what we wanted from him. No need to go after him." She sighs. Yesterday, she was caught up in an explosion while killing no, taking information from a Guy about Politics. She doesn’t care about Japan nor any country out there but she knows a mere information can change a lot of things once it landed on the Organization. Sounds impossible? No. After all, Common Logic doesn't apply to them. “So, it’s true.” A silky voice said as the door open and reveal a woman wearing a sun glass and a black dress, albeit their Color. Vermouth. “You're tied in a cuff. Poor Melody.” She said, her voice laced with either mockery or sarcasm as she removed her sun glass. “Who gave you damn permission to call me by name?” She asks and Vermouth just smirks. “What? Is it a name that was meant to be used by him?” Vermouth purred as she walks to her, leaning into her ear, “Right… A name that should only be mention by Akai...Shuuichi.” Vermouth pull back and smirk when she saw glaring at her, “Shut up.” Melody angrily sneered, pulling out a Gun from nowhere and shooting her hair! Grazing her face a bit as blood trickled down. "A Gun?" Gin asks, looking at her in disbelief. "How did you-" He slowly ask. He was sure that he got rid of all of her weapon. "Come on, Gin. A Gun is nothing but a pearl to her. She can hide it anywhere." Vermouth said with a laugh. “Isn't that right, Wine?” Wine. Was her Codename. “Just Leave Me Alone.” She angrily snap. And Gin stand up, leading Vermouth to the door and going out. As he close the door behind him, Gin let out a hoarse sigh, “You shouldn't have mention Akai Shuuichi.” He said and Vermouth just smile. “I love seeing that woman in pain.” _______________ My First DC Fiction.. Ahahaha!! since I love Akai so much... Melody is the same name as my Username since I like the name so much... I often use the name...
  4. Happy birthday!!! :D

  5. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Some info if you don't know already: Click on other members' display name - in my case, Cindy-Chen. Then scroll under "Friends" and type in the box called "Comments". If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

  6. yeah :D I actually used to be "Erza Scarlet". :D and im going to change it again. :D

  7. ...It seems you have the same birthday as me.

    And Italy, huh... By any chance, do you Hetalia?

  8. Yup. You got One.

  9. Ballet's Lesson a.k.a Sparta Lesson From Mom is gonna start in an hour or Two. =_=

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