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  1. Are you sure you didn't mean that to desshinichi? Oh well. HELLO!!! :P

  2. why, a "HELLO" to you too. ;)

  3. hopefully it is interesting in a good way. :P thanks.

  4. Hello, deedetectivedee. Interesting name you have there.

  5. thanks guys. Well i dont really like the weather but i love the snow though.
  6. hey guys! im back from taking a break as school started and i do not have time to go on. well the winter break's here and i'm back! so that's basically it. And also to all of you guys who celebrate Christmas out there, I'd like to wish you guys a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS other than that, i'm open to any conversations. please feel free to pm me. i'd love that! thanks in advance! @officialhaibara
  7. sure. :D sorry for the really late reply. i had school, so i dont go on much. :D

  8. Hi there, can I add you as a friend?

  9. yaay, thanks, this place is nice, i like it. :) Since i love DC too. (:

  10. Sure! :)

    Welcome to DCW. I hope you enjoy it here. ^^

  11. what do you mean which site?
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