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    Just to note, even with a petition of a million strong, it wouldn't encourage NATO to do anything. There are far more political and societal considerations to be made by NATO before they act. They could care less what 1 million American (and perhaps some European) people think. In the end its just an electronic record of some people who wanted to feel smugly superior because they signed a petition to try and have action made to help those poor children. While it is true that awareness can be raised, I don't think anyone on this site is naive to the happenings of the world, so I'm pretty sure, at least on this site, awareness has already been raised.
  2. Because classical is awesome (I was going to post Jazz, but because you said that I felt compelled to post classical)
  3. No, Gosho went on record saying this wasn't so. He is keeping the two organizations separate. Whether it is so he can continue with Magic Kaitou, or just to forgo any unnecessary confusion, he made this point quite clear.
  4. Ok... So, I was thinking "what else can I contribute to DCW after my Tox project?" What would all of you think of a General Criminology thread where I explain the different techniques of CSI?

    1. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      BTW, that is a ways off, I'm still on hiatus while I do some stuff, which is why I haven't been posting much

    2. Anti-APTX4869


      Well, you know me, I'm always into anything scientific and stuff. unless they aren't very interesting. but still. I'm willing to learn more.

  5. Hm... Gosho seems to be anti-Apple... only the villains have Apple devices. Perhaps they all FaceTime? XD That MUST be it! All the good guys use Google devices and "Hangout" and all the villains have iDevices and "FaceTime"!
  6. *dons lab coat* There are several reasons... First lets go through civilian reasons (assuming that they go the civilian route) 1) DNA testing is not exactly cheap. The restriction enzymes, DNA polymerases, instrumentation, the ddNTPs, the kits, are all somewhat expensive. Ran probably doesn't have the money. In fact the only person that probably does have the money is Sonoko's family. (And before you think it, I'll get to the police later) (Btw, last I checked, the testing would cost around 300-500USD I have no idea the rates in Japan, but I can't imaging they'd be much cheaper as the requirements are about the same) 2)Assuming you have the money (which Ran probably doesn't) DNA testing isn't exactly quick... Granted, you can get it all done in a day, but that is assuming the laboratory has the time. DNA labs are notorious for backlog. Generally it takes around 1/2 a day if you do everything in tandem. This is civilian we are talking about, there is no chance that not getting the test would lead to the escape of a criminal. 3) Source DNA... They cleaned the house several times by now, and Okiya is now living there. You assume they can still obtain Shinichi's DNA 100%. In the case that they CAN'T they need the DNA from Okiya, Yukiko and Kudo (Yuusaku) to separate out any mixed DNA. There is no guarantee they can still FIND Shinichi's DNA in that house in the first place. Police route: Well this one is going to be short 1) Probable cause... There is none. Ran could air her suspicions to the MPD, and subsequently be laughed at by the MPD. 2) Childhood privacy acts in Japan. You can't even put a child's name in the news paper in Japan, let alone convince anyone to do a DNA test on children without extremely good and valid reason. As far as anyone knows, his parents are in America, and paying well for his expenses. And again "I think he is high school detective Kudo Shinichi" is not good enough reason. It is however good enough reason to be put under psychiatric care. There is a chance that it will be explored later, but they have to find a convincing source for Shinichi's DNA. And sorry, but hair doesn't cut it. Hair only has [mostly] mtDNA, unless it was forcibly removed and has an intact root containing epithelial cells containing nuclear DNA. For a successful and sufficiently individualizing DNA test you need nuclear DNA. EDIT: ACK! Forgot something! In case you are thinking that they just HAVE Shinichi's DNA in some database, he is not a criminal, he is not police, and he is not military. There is no civilian DNA database in any country. So that avenue is a dead end. It would have to be a sample to sample comparison.
  7. Kyuu Nye

    Help Me

    Its not released in Europe yet. NA and Japan only.
  8. 2 Things... 1) Isn't there already a topic like this? 2) Why do people think that Hayao Miyazaki is the only director for Studio Ghibli? My favorite movie from Ghibli is not a Hayao Miyazaki production... He had nothing to do with Grave of the Fireflies. That gem of a movie was directed by Isao Takahata. Edit: YUP! There is a topic like this already...
  9. This was basically a joint fanfiction attempt, and shouldn't be read into at all.
  10. Kyuu Nye


    I do not agree with killing at all. Children soldiers should not be used, and the death of children in any capacity. I don't even believe in the killing of adults, unless no other alternative is possible. That said, since it was brought up... I will state my thoughts on abortion, I will not argue this point, and please be clear that this is my opinion as a scientist who has studied mammalian regeneration and after long deliberation, that MOST abortions are not killing anything. It is stopping conditions for optimal cell proliferation to occur thus preventing the bastocyst from forming or continuing to form. This happens naturally as well as induced. Other abortions, I believe it is best to leave it up to the parent. The point at which the baby is alive is subject to great debate. Sufficed to say I am pro-choice. I will not expand on why, because it gets more and more controversial, and I don't want to derail this thread. Please take this at face value. Back to the main point. Killing = bad. Many things need to be done. But I'd like to remind everyone that this isn't the first time this has happened or is it likely to be the last. Each case of genocide, brainwashing and the like must be taken as is no matter the age of the subject or age. Stopping children from being soldiers or suicide bombers is just one step, but it always has to start at the source, which is usually a small group of people or one man. Careless action must not be taken, but rather calculated methods that will not negatively impact those children whom are already there. Or the peoples under the control of the man/woman/people in charge.
  11. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    I was going to reply to Hajime, but I'll do that in PM, since it has no place here... Now onto relevant matters... I hate Fox News, but my word is this fantastic news! Making it illegal to force a child who is effeminate or has homosexual tendencies to change!? That just destroys a method of psychological abuse to young kids!
  12. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Hajime did you not notice the most recent discussions? This is a support thread either for gay rights (lack of prosecution by peers and society) or individuals specifically. Hence my links were mostly aimed at the support of gay individuals and the discussion therein. The last several posts were about individuals taking large steps in their lives in respect to their sexual orientation. Your article is argumentative in this respect. And does nothing to support those whom are lbgt individuals or have anything to do with the persecution of lbgt individuals. Thus that article has no place here. I only posted one link anything like yours, and both after that was about the support of gay rights and the like, which was before chek said anything. A 5th grader making a fantastic speech and a major internet company making a bold stance for the support of marriage equality. If this thread is an affront to your morals or your religion you need not post in it and can ignore it in its entirety. Tl;Dr: this thread is not a discussion thread, but to help those who have issues or need support in regards to their sexual orientation or for the general support of gay rights. Religion and politics have nothing to do with giving or receiving support.
  13. Was from Flickr. Here is the original link to the photoset. Looks like it was originally from autotrader.nl BTW, that one pictured is the larger brother of the GTi which is the GTi 16V. However, as far as I know they are alike in every way except the 16V has, well 16 valves. So it produces a higher power (and is supposedly more reliable). There is no way to tell if it is an 8 valve GTi or a 16 valve GTi. I just put in the Wiki that it was a GTi and left it at that. Unless Gosho gives more info like he did with Sato or Yukiko, I don't want to do specifics.
  14. It depends on the angle of the shot TBH. There isn't a good angular shot to be sure. However... The BX tended to have the yellow turn signal lights on the outside of the headlights, while the XM didn't. Unless it is the GTi... XM BX Edit: I just realized I over looked the windshield wiper. The XM had double while the BX had single. So yeah, the Wiki user is right. Though that is the deciding factor. The grilles are identical. And they screwed up the headlights (the BX had yellow lights, which are not shown in the anime) Edit 2: Here is the car that fits the best. Its the Citroen BX GTi. Apologies for that initial oversight. And corrected in wiki. I messed up changing picture last time, so I'll allow someone else to do that.

    1. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      Huzzah! I liked the shadow picture of the two

    2. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      Me too! I can't wait to see what it gathers during its mission

    3. Kaito Natake

      Kaito Natake

      I heard about it on Rush Radio.

  16. I've actually approached Maurice about this. I don't wish to speak for him, but he has his reasons for not removing it. I did however suggest that he makes the message clearer for new users so that no confusion will be had. Super Mod hijack: All of the mods have asked him about it too.
  17. Weird? Try "impossible." That would make you 200%... I think you meant to say 1/4th. But even then I am curious what you mean by "American" as Americans tend to be mutts anyway, unless you are the offspring of someone who was half Native American. Please explain what you mean... Welcome to DCW.
  18. Martial arts in DC are usually used to END confrontation. The only episode that I can think of was that one where that Champion Karateka was suspected of a crime... I think it was the Night Baron murder case or something. And the only time Ran was out done in Karate.
  19. I refuse to click anything from adf.ly. Sorry, but I won't be able to critique it. If you want my opinion, please feel free to post your direct DL link here, or preferably post the analysis here, like Chek, myself, or any other member does.
  20. I'd like to just add to this that doing so would also create more confusion as DCTP never used such spelling methods. And most users spell as the DCTP translators do or as they felt most comfortable reading in subs that they have seen. Very few sub groups use that method because of annoyance, even barring DCTP. Also, it isn't wrong, it's a different method of romanization. I learned both in my Japanese class and was told to avoid them if possible in lieu of kana and kanji. As that is the proper way of spelling, all others (romaji) is wrong. Romaji is in and of itself an improper method of spelling in Japanese which makes it inconsistent as there is less rules to a proper cohesive method.
  21. While CO is nearly done, I'm putting my Toxicology project on temporary hold while I take care of IRL stuff. Sorry everyone!

  22. I was never good at this, but I'm going to make a note to watch out for sites that don't allow hotlinking of images. FunnyJunk and FanPop are such sites. If you want to use pictures from sites like those, reupload them to a third party site (like imageshack.us).
  23. They do, or have you not heard of those Nike+ products or the Adidas equivalent? They track movement. Every smart phone is also a GPS tracker. The technology is very accessible. However to use it to track another without consent is actually invasion of privacy and is illegal. Trailing someone is only in public. GPS tracking is EVERYWHERE.
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