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  1. yeah, you're welcome.

    how is DCW so far for you?

  2. I was just wonderin, are there any hardcore Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki fans here such as myself? If so, what's your favorite Studio Ghibli film of all times? Let us fangirl/fanboy together over the pure genius of these remarkable films^^
  3. No prob I like making new friends, even if I can be shy at times.

  4. Ahhh, so that's what 'multiquote' is for! *eyes sparkle like she's just figured out a chemistry Qualitative Analysis question* Thank you for the advice, I'll be sure to use it from now on ) Would you mind if I ask you a super-annoying newbie question? *gulps* How do you give 'reps' to someone?
  5. Do you think it's an infringement on my rights as a student if I'm forced to go for "summer vacation classes" even though I didn't flunk out of any subjects? D:

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    2. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      As your academic standing increases (grade, HS, Undergrad, Grad, Postgrad) the more freedom you get. You really start seeing freedom in College ;)

    3. CognizanceQueen


      LOL I really appreciate the candor, guys! :D

    4. Lovestruck


      Of course. If I were you I won't allow them to do so. Seriously? Studying and studying but ending in summer classes? No fair.

  6. Aw thanks:D And thank you for accepting my friend request!!

  7. Thank you for accepting my friend request! :D

  8. hello~ welcome to DCW, mademoiselle :P

    and thank you for adding me as a friend~

  9. Thank you for the add!

  10. Always a pleasure to make new friends.

  11. Hey:D I see you're having a little bit of girl trouble. Well I don't know whether this'll help much, but you know what they say -- true love waits (*puts on a dramatic brit accent* EVEN IF IT'S FOR AN ETERNITY). Yeah so if you don't think you're able to wait for the girl in question for at least a lifetime (or two), then chances are she's not the one
  12. ARE YOU SERIOUS YAAAYYY Thank you so much, mah fellow canadian <3
  13. Thank youu!! :wink: AHAHAA yes I can tell he is. Almost every profile I visit has his name under "Latest Visitors". A 'lil creepy, but cool nonetheless
  14. Thank you so much!! You don't know how much your words mean to me :")
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