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  1. BTW, I realized something. There was already an ID for Chiba's car in the discussion thread based on earlier anime and manga... it was a Fiat 500. Unless the anime team screwed up it is likely the same car.

  2. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    ^ this. I was going to say something similar, but didn't want to seem stand-offish. I believe in treating people as individuals rather than groups. Sure I'll make stereotype jokes, and usually in the presence of someone in the stereotyped group. But that is all in fun. I still treat the person as if those stereotypes did not exist.
  3. Kyuu Nye

    English in DC

    Shinichi speaks English in the 3 K case and I think in the NY case. Yukiko also speaks English in the NY case.
  4. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2012/06/15/500258/fifth-grader-marriage-equality/?mobile=nc I'm not sure what to say... The speech is fantastic for a 5th grader. Far beyond what most would consider to be his maturity level. The teacher? Amazing, she selected this boy and his speech. Then the principle shuts him down? Now aside from the fact that is ridiculous. It is a speech competition, the most controversial topics are often the most compelling from EITHER side. And no topic is too "adult" if the people listening can understand and form an opinion on it. And then you have mixed messages... I mean... Teacher says "Excellent" and then the Principle says "choose another topic or be kicked out of the competition?" I feel bad for this kid, and I really hope that he gets to make his speech. Acceptance starts early, if this kid can get his school to be more accepting, it may spread and make the world a slightly better place. This boy gives me hope for the future generation.
  5. In addition to IDing Chiba's car, I've also IDed Eri's Mini.

  6. Croatia... If they don't make it I'll likely pull for Germany...

  7. Spain tied Italy, so they aren't THAT bad. They certainly aren't the team they were a few years ago though. Germany is certainly a top contender. Until Spain and Croatia face off, I'd dare say either would be at top point. Monday will be an interesting game.

  8. Not so sure... If they can tie Italy and beat Spain, they have a sporting chance.

  9. I am indeed. Though I hope that Croatia beats Spain.

  10. Working on APTX analysis before continuing with real toxins. Length so far: 1 page of drug data and explanations for assumptions, 1 page for basic ground work. Be prepared guys, this might be a long one

    1. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      This one should have been the last one to analize, IMO

    2. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      Honestly, theorizing and explaining concepts is far easier than looking up natural animal toxins. I'm still working on CO while I do this, but it is not my priority. Though it still may be done before. It's mostly an annoyance thing too since I started it back in April. I just want to finish it now.

  11. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Here is another topic of discussion... I don't even.... This was something someone I follow posted... I just... What ever happened to accepting your kid for who he/she is? Personally I think the first thing they suggested is more of a problem. EDIT: Remember this is a support thread, I'm just trying to make discussion of current events.
  12. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    I agree. This is a support thread, not a debate thread. Which is why I suggested those posts be split into a debate thread at moderator's discretion. Locking the topic would then be up to you or not if you feel that it escalated past the point of healthy theological debate (which I think it still was). Which is also why I moved my response to PM and we (Kindaichi and I) have agreed to a cease fire as it was going no where. Not any more I hope. You missed the point of the link... I used it as a bridge to bring the convo BACK to the discussion of homosexual persecution and support. That happened to be an unfortunate extreme case of a radical going too far. But the point was that homosexual persecution still occurs, that just happened to be a murder case that I found that crossed with Christianity (again I wanted to involve both sides), but with the object of leading away from the Christianity and bringing back in homosexuality, the point of this thread. There are radicals of all sorts that commit atrocities, whether they are religious, social or political, and they all have a target group. He happened to be a part of Christian radical group that targeted homosexuals. Something the majority probably had no issue with until this unfortunate case happened. And it is an unfortunate fact that in many of the southern states, discrimination of peoples based on sexuality is widely accepted. Equality is a simple concept, that seems impossible to achieve at this time.
  13. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Alright, to bridge the two topics... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/11/peter-lucas-moses-north-carolina-man-murder-pleads-guilty_n_1587768.html I just wonder what that child ever did. Edit:I already responded to Kindaichi in PM. Lets return to topic.
  14. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Don't... see.... how that works... How can you believe in fossil records (that show that humans evolution from another being (homo erectus), and still believe in Adam and Eve? Your words confuse me. Also we have gotten horribly off topic. I suggest that Akakata or other moderator splits the topics, one for theology and the other for homosexuality. Create the separation where you see fit.
  15. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    I don't think so... Creationism is basically the belief that God created everything and everyone. You can't have it both ways. Intelligent Design tries, but fails since its non-falsifiable. And you are correct. I'mma go fix that. And I realized, I didn't cover one thing... Why this is pinned... Now this is just a guess, but... 1) This is the chatroom, and thus doesn't have anything to do with being a detective, its the designated off topic area. 2) It was created by the moderator of this area, and she saw it fit that a support thread for homosexuality be pinned.
  16. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    You didn't read what I wrote... did you? Please go back and do so. First: I never said that. Proof that you didn't read. I said that you said that believing in evolution would lead to hell. And that is ridiculous. If that is true then Pope John Paul II will be going to hell. Fantastic, since he is the ONE pope that I actually respected based on what he did and his merits. Now as for homosexuality being a sin. I again, direct you back to the book of the Bible that tells us this, Leviticus. And again, if you want to follow the rule that homosexuality is a sin, then PLEASE follow the rest of that book. Now you are thinking... well what about Corinthians. Well if that is to be believed, than anyone who has sex before marriage is going to hell, as well as anyone who uses "abusive" language, nor those who are in anyway greedy or covet something which someone else owns. Man that is a lot of people. And Romans only suggests that it is the ACT that is sinful, not the people or simply being. Which falls in line to what you said. However, I don't think the Bible suggests that evolution is evil, or hell inducing. It does say that Homosexuality is in Corinthians, and that people whom are Homosexual should be put to death in Leviticus. But let's face it, you are basing your beliefs off of a 2000 some year old book. Times change, and the word doesn't. Now, since you are so reticent about this, I shall ask you a few questions that were left unanswered by my Priests and even Bishop, which as you'll read in a bit helped me on my path to atheism. Why was no book of the Bible ever written by a woman? Surely, God, in all of His immense wisdom would have seen it fit to speak to a worthy woman to pass on his Word. Surely you don't think every single woman was unfit. Or how about Asians, Africans, Americans and Australians? Why don't they have any input in the Bible? Were they too lowly of a people to be graced by the wisdom of God? Surely if there is only one God, he would have spoken more to people other than Europeans and Middle Eastern peoples. Surely he would have helped others in the world that would have naturally been added to the Holy Book. I find it odd that every single book and everything from a ONE TRUE GOD just HAPPENED to occur in one, very small, part of the world. That does not make sense to me. Side note to that one, there is nothing in the history of Egypt that suggests the Jews were ever enslaved. There is no archaeological proof of any of that either, nor the mass exodus either. There is proof to suggest that they did seek refuge after that after the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah. I don't worship anything or anyone. I believe in what is presented to me and the evidence which I am able to observe and even reproduce. As for proving God... Allow me to introduce you to Occam's Razor. The existence of God does absolutely nothing to explain the universe, and far more assumptions must be made. In doing so, the feat of proving the entity falls to the person making the assertion (you proving God). So saying that the rule of cause and effect and the Big Bang Theory don't disprove God, doesn't mean a darn thing to me. God is non-falsifiable, which means it is untestable by science. So if you have other proofs other than the fact that God is non-falsifiable, I'd love to hear it. As for reading the Bible? I did mention that I know more about religion than I care to, right? (Again, I'm under the assumption that you never read anything that I wrote). I proved that not only that I did read the Bible, but understand it better than most religious people. Allow me to tell you something about myself. I went to Catholic school for FIFTEEN years of my life. 15... In that time I read and analyzed the Bible multiple times, was part of the church band as the percussionist. And was generally active within the Church. Heck, I was even selected and brought to a retreat that was meant to entice me to enter into either priesthood or Franciscan brotherhood (that is how good I was at analyzing the Bible btw, and by that time I told Brother Andrew, the one whom pledged me to go that I was no longer sure of my Christian faith, and he told me that this retreat may change that. Big surprise it didn't). I began questioning things about the Church and the Bible that no priest was able to answer. It became a question of whether I was willing to accept faith as a viable answer to these idiosyncratic parts of religion, specifically Christianity and the Judeochristian ways. It came to a point where I was unable to do so. And so I became an atheist. Edit: tl;dr version 1) You never read what I wrote, I never suggested anything you said. You said, in short, that Pope John Paul II is going to hell, not cool. 2) Homosexuality as a sin comes from 3 books, 2 of which say homosexuality is actually a sin, as well as other things that people do and are deemed acceptable in this day and age. The other just suggests that the act is a sin, not the being. (Kinda inconsistent if you ask me...) 3) Religion and the Bible are like swiss cheese to me, full of holes that were never answered. 4) Occam's Razor 5) I studied the Bible and was active in the Church for the entirety of my youth. Still became atheist.
  17. As per Chek's request... I have identified Chiba's car as a Toyota Yaris 3-door Probably from the 2000s (so fairly new) Edited with pictures. Images will be spoilered for size: manga: Real life Arial side view: It occurs to me that unless the anime team screwed up again, it is likely the same car from earlier in the manga/anime which is a Fiat 500 compact. EDIT: Not per Chek's request I identified Eri's Mini. I cannot make a definitive ID, due to body and light similarities between models... I can tell you that it is likely from the Mini Cooper Mark VII production line (ranged from 1996-2000) It is likely a Mini Cooper 1.3i (which actually had production from 1991-2000) The year is impossible to ascertain. I would estimate a Mark VII model though as it had the more modern multipoint injection system. And Gosho seems to not give overly classic cars to most characters. Gin and Yukiko are the exceptions. And those are easily identifiable and have significant reason.
  18. Kyuu Nye

    your dream job

    I want to be working in a biomedical research laboratory, preferably working on a biotech cure to AIDs and/or Cancer. Do I really need to explain why for this one?
  19. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Oh wait! I forgot one thing! Logic does NOT tell us that you need a man AND a woman. Logic tells us that men only possess the means to deliver genetic material to women. However they possess nothing else of use, as women possess everything else for reproduction. Women are, in fact, all that is needed along with a viable delivery system. There is work being done to take the genetic material from the egg of one woman and fuse it to the egg of another female making a zygote that will result in a fetus born of two women. No man involved. This is current research and it will revolutionize the gay rights movement, as women will be able to give birth to offspring that is theirs and their girlfriend's only, not adoption or the product of random sperm from a sperm bank. Now I've actually reread Hajime Kindaichi's post, and have to ask him... Did you actually read it? Logic is supposed to be, well, logical. Note: the following will be directed at Hajime Kindaichi. Please feel free anyone to either refute or argue any points that you feel I got wrong, or was in anyway rude. (I tried to be respectful, I really did) Let me break apart your post into its basic parts. I think I missed the part where you disproved evolution theory. Really, there was nothing of the sort. You dropped the ball on that one. Logic has to have a start a middle and an end... Start: What you intend to prove. Middle: Evidence End: a link between evidence and theory that ties everything up. You said Homosexuality is a sin and not genetic, and genetics is fake. Well there is your thesis. Then you said they can't procreate. You ASSUME that all gay people live as gay, throughout all of history. That is a very brash generalization. Even today there are gay men that marry and have children because of the pressures of society. If that is the case today, why would it be any different over history? Makes no sense. That line of evidence is fallacious from the start. Evolution is a one way ticket to hell... I'm not even... Fine, if I am going to hell for believing in evidence and the progress of science. But you know who else is going to hell? Pope John Paul II. Yeah, he believed in evolution. Pope Benedict redacted that after he took over and believes in intelligent design. So what you are saying, is that one of the most influential and well respected popes EVER is now going to hell despite all the good that he did. If that is the case, then even if I was religious, I would cease at this very moment because that is ridiculous. To be sentenced to eternal damnation because one cannot ignore the extensive amount of proof presented by the scientific community? I cannot do that. Sorry. But lets continue.... Must be dominant: See Aeyra's and my previous posts. Ridiculous and you obviously did not pay attention in any biology classes. Fallacious statement completely. Gays have been killed. Yup, outed gays were. And again, you assume that all gays all the time were eradicated, which is funny since I'm fairly certain that if you were gay and you know it would mean death, you would do EVERYTHING to preserve your own life including living and procreating as a straight person. So that just doesn't work on so many levels. Considering that you never proved anything (you never provided any substantial evidence), your arguments are shallow and based on a 1500 year old book. With the brunt of it being based off of a book that is so archaic that everyone except Hasidic Jews, don't follow those rules. And, quite frankly, I don't think they fully follow them either. I think I'm done. I'm for homosexuals, bisexuals, asexuals, heterosexuals and any other sexuals that you can think of and their respective rights, and against bigotry. I look forward to my friend's marriage to her girlfriend. Will be a beautiful ceremony I'm sure. Kyuu out. I'm sure I'll be back eventually.
  20. Its nice to see that we are on the same side of the debate for once <3.

  21. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Well Aeyra said a lot of what I was going to say. You should stay in school my friend, and perhaps not go into science. Aeyra went into dominance/recessive genes, and how that can play a role. However... You seem to talk as if genetics is the ONLY factor in determining phenotype. Well now, allow me to introduce to you a theory, the prenatal androgen theory. This theory suggests that a certain concentration of hormones may affect developing fetus. And they actually have measurable proof of this being the case. That proof is actually the fourth proximal digit on the human hand. (The ring finger was found to have a different length ratio in lesbians than straight women (2D;4D)) This is considered only a co-factor however, as there are other possible genetic and environmental factors that can play a role as well. And wait... Evolution is fake?! Oh geez... you are one of them. You know what? I'm not going to argue this with you, instead, here is a Christian site that will argue it for me. Mind you I don't believe the doctrine of that site, but I approve of its message. It is trying very hard to show that evolution is the truth, and there is no proof for creationism, but abundant proof of evolution. And I could link you to plenty, but I CHOSE ONE SINGULAR RELIGIOUS SITE INSTEAD. Please, I implore you don't walk this path with me. I know more about religion than I care to, and I know far more about science than you can hope to. Don't make me break out the journal articles. Edit: But you know what? I'm in a sporting mood... Here is a challenge... Find me verifiable proof that creationism is true that has nothing to do with Religious doctrine (so no Bible or anything like that, that is more metaphorical than anything, even most people whom study "the word" agree with that) What I mean by verifiable proof I mean scientific studies that completely destroyed evolutionary theory and cannot be the result of anything else other than the influence of God. Do that and I'll happily subscribe. For now, Creationism lies and has no proof, and Evolution is constantly changing to suit new evidence that only STRENGTHENS it. Oh and btw, there are plenty of scientists trying to disprove evolution, and they only end up proving it further. I've seen more proof of evolution in person in experiments I've done, than you have probably seen of creationism in your entire life. Edit 2: Also, Homosexuality being a Sin comes from the book Leviticus. So by all means, follow it, but please follow the rest of the laws too. I just love that book. So many rules that no one in their right mind would follow. I do so hope the shirt your wearing is comprised of only one fabric. That's a sin you know. (that is my personal favorite) Edit 3:
  22. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    I did, but not in that context.
  23. Kyuu Nye

    LGBTQA+ Community

    I promised myself I wouldn't get involved, I really did... But now that people are bringing in religion... I have to say something. If you feel you would be offended by some harsh thoughts on religion please don't open the spoiler. That all being said. Religion has very strong views on homosexuality, well Judeo-Christian at least. And in that very same book they say that shaving the hair on your temples is a sin, shaving your beard is a sin, and wearing clothes with more than one fabric is a sin. So by all means, speak against homosexuality if you are Judeo-Christian, but I best be hearing you speaking against polyester clothing as well. It isn't right to pick and choose what YOU feel is morally questionable from the Bible. If you believe it is the word of God, then everything in it should be heeded, not just certain things. I don't know if homosexuality is predetermined or chosen or if certain factors lead to it. Nature suggests that it is, we aren't the only creatures that have homosexuality. There is the praternal androgen theory too, which could be a contributing factor. But there is just not enough evidence to confirm it as 100% predetermined. I'd like to say that it is, and believe me when I say, that I do think it is due to the evidences I have presented. But until a time where we can isolate the factors that lead to sexual preference, I cannot, as a self respecting scientist, say that it is confirmed as true, but I do subscribe to that theory. All I know is that I'm cool with it. I am fairly certain at this point that I'm heterosexual, perhaps slightly bi-curious, but that's about it.
  24. RIP Ray Bradbury :(

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      Fahrenheit 451 is my favorite book... :(

    2. hopes


      Whoa whoa whoa... He DIED?

    3. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      YES T_T I'm sad... I could care less about that trololol guy. Bradbury had an impact on me growing up! I loved his books!

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  25. Some more Chiptunes for your enjoyment
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