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    Promoting a new idea..

    So, I was actually looking through the forums recently and thought to make things clear for myself and for the fans of DC.. Mouri Kugoro:- First of all, I thought about the question why did Kugoro Mouri joined the Metropolian police?.. Here's what I (after thinking the sources of some the characters names) thought out.. 1.What if a deliquent Kugoro is the son of the BO's Anokata??.. shocking but would make things a little clear, since if Mouri is their family name we can assume the Kugoro was deliquent cause of his family's bussnies. But because of his relationship with Eri he possibly had a change of heart and vowed to bring his family's bussnies down, and that's why he joined the police (very inspiring). I'll leave this open to discussion.. Kuroba Toichi:- Toichi aka Kaito Kid sr. was the rival for Kudo Yusako just like Kudo Shinichi and Kuroba Kaito. Basicly I was a little suspicios of a genius (smarter than both Shinichi and Kaito) magician to die easily in a fire 'accident' so I started to think what if he took advantage of it and faked his death to fight or run the mystreious Organization in the MK series.. Gin:- (yet to Speculate)
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    Unrevealing the Boss Identity

    I know many topics were made about Anokata's whereabouts, but I think that we should all combine every little possible evidence suggests the identity of Anokata. And eliminate every wrong claim about Anokata. 1. Anokata is referred to by Gin as he, and Vermouth is Anokata's favorite so the highest possibility is that Anokata is in fact male. So we may remove every female suspect. 2. As once Ai Haibara said:"I'm afraid that you dear Kudo are part of half a century project test", implying that the B.O is at least 50 years old. Thus Anokata is either young male because like Vermouth he is able not to age, or Anokata is an old male which suggests that he is physically weak not in his prime. 3. Anokata is respected by all B.O members including both Vermouth who is giving independence, and Gin who is merciless and will kill at times. Which can be deduced that Anokata not just a very smart person but also intimidating one too. 4. It is known that Gosho Aoyama's wife who also is the voice of Conan, KNOWS the identity of Anokata. Implying that he already been introduced since she wouldn't know his identity if he is yet to appear as Aoyama isn't that type of person. We can now deduce that Anokata has been seen at least once before. 5. Gosho already mentioned that Anokata's name has appeared somewhere before, also Gosho didn't think that DC will last more than 3 months indicating that within the first 12 episodes a hint was giving about Anokata. 6. The B.O wears only black and resembles ravens suggesting that Anokata thought of Nanatsu no Ku as the basic idea to implant to his creation of an organization. Since black is every member wears black, it means every member resembles a crow. 7. If the B.O is more than 50 years old, the most rational idea is that Anokata is more than one person. 8. Anokata love mysteries and detective after all APTX4869 stand for Sherlock and Shelling a password that B.O uses is a prototype name that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle considered for a name to his character Sherlock Holmes, before settling on the name. Means that Anokata is either was a detective once or a novelist once, or even Sherlockian freak. 9. Evidently he is Japanese, and since Gosho admitted that Ai would be surprised by Anokata's identity. He is probably connected to her father somehow, a co worker family relative or is it even her own father. 10. As suggested Anokata is someone who Gin and Vermouth can blindly trust, thus it can be that Vermouth is his love interest and Gin is in debt for him since Anokata somehow saved Gin's life before. Which would suggest why Gin would hate Vermouth as she will make Anokata 'soft'. 11. Gosho did tell that the official name of the B.O will give away the identity of Anokata, so Anokata's name was heard before which make the official name of the B.O is something we heard before. Like that we can safely presume it's more of a company than an organization since no one would make his name being obvious in a criminal organization, that's why it is more likely to be a company. 12. Conan did get the phone number of Anokata, but so far he didn't call as was adviced by Ai. Knowing Conan/Shinichi he would manage to call Anokata without raising too much suspicions meaning that Ai still have secrets about Anokata that she wouldn't share as of yet as evidently she knew Anokata's phone number even before Conan deduced it out. For the moment this is the board for most likely possibilities please share your opinions in order to make a conclusive conclusion .....
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    Welcome, nice name btw
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    Edogawa Conan (Kudou Shinichi) VS Victorique de Blois

    LOL it's nice to know I'm now alone >.>
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    DCW New Regestration

  9. Silver.Bullet

    Edogawa Conan (Kudou Shinichi) VS Victorique de Blois

    What you wrote is true, but it's still a close call. and I did mention I prefer Shinichi to win.
  10. Silver.Bullet

    Your Favorite DC Case(s)? (Anime and/or Manga)

    Mine would be:- (not in order) 1. Moonlight Sonata Murder Case: love the mystery and the culprit Seiji. 2. The Coded Map of the City Case: love the confrontation between Conan and the mafia men. 3. Art Museum Owner Murder Case: a should be watched episode (dare to watch it at night ) 4. A Haunted Mansion Murder Case: a great episode for those who love scary cases. 5. Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case : it was scary at first when I first watched it at age 9, later not scary. 6. Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case: a great episode. 7. Library Murder Case: really scary at first, a should be watched (specially during midnight ) 8. Holmes Freak Murder Case: Simply because it involves Sherlock Holmes and The Woman. 9. Night Baron Murder Case: really amazing episode. 10. Conan vs. Phantom Thief: How they met ^ ^ . 11. The Naniwa Serial Murder Case: can't seem to forget this one. (even though I remember every episode & every case. 12. The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case: mysterious episode. 13. The Sealed Chamber in the Sky! Shinichi Kudo's First Case: is a reason needed? . 14. The Secret of the Moon, the Star, and the Sun: involving a scary aspect. 15. Tottori Spider Mansion Demon: one of the saddest . 16. The 20 Year Old Murder Case: The Symphony Serial Murders: a wonderful case with mysteries. ** There's a lot more to mention and whom I prefer more than those mentioned above, bet it may be a long list.
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    Boss of The Black Organization?

    Here's what I think:- Anokata is really smart which brings to question someone who is smarter than Heiji or Shinichi, the only people we can think of that are smarter are quite few like Shinchi's father whom is really hiding stuff from others, which would explain why he is very cautious person, another theory is that Anokata is related to Shinichi's family his grandfather maybe or his uncle or even his father's uncle. Anokata takes Vermouth as his favorite which brings to question Kuroba Toichi the real Kaitou Kid since like mentioned above, both Shinichi's mother and Vermouth learned under him that's why he might taken a like to Vermouth since Yukiko is engaged to Yuusaku but Vermouth isn't. Another theory is that Anokata is that someone whom we know we wouldn't suspect as Gosho Aoyama himself mentioned that Haibara will be surprised about his identity meaning we too will be surprised about him, so since we now know that he was mentioned early on in the manga/anime I calculated it and when I read somewhere that Gosho didn't think that DC will last more than 3 months it hit me that Anokata's name mentioned very early, since it is always one episode peer week there's four weeks in a month and there's three months so 4*3=12 so Anokata's name was mentioned in the first 12 episodes since Gosho didn't intended that it will last longer he made the name appear somewhere, so I started searching but didn't have time to watch them all over again so rewatch and search for evidence about his whereabouts. ( I like the idea of Seiji from episode 11 of the moonlight mystery to be somewhat engaged to the B.O) Oh and one last thing B.O isn't the formal name to the organization since I read somewhere that Gosho said that knowing the real name of the B.O will give away Anokata's identity, (Suzuki corporation maybe XD) (or Agasa's corporation, or even Black Organization referring to James Black of the FBI).
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    Edogawa Conan (Kudou Shinichi) VS Victorique de Blois

    Well I'm basing my reply on the matter on what I know about Shinichi since I know not much about Victorique and also there is no definite call on whom might win, shall those who believe Shinichi will win vote for him and those who believe Victorique shall vote for her.
  13. Silver.Bullet

    DCW New Regestration

    Thanks I'll keep that in mind Thank you ^ ^ well do, thanks (LOL) at least I was right on the Japanese language, and little bit right on the French and German (knowing a bit isn't not knowing at all ) and I did mention it just to describe how I am a big fan of DC.