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  1. Once you've completed the Sign Up sheet, you go here: http://www.ogplanet.com/download.og and download the launcher. Once you've successfully download the launcher, download the game "Rumble Fighter" thru the game launcher. Once you get inside the game, add me my in-game is Roxanna I can help you even more. Any questions please don't hesitate to post and ask. I will help you guys, I really NEED this, REALLY REALLY need this.
  2. Hi everyone, so I play this game called "Rumble Fighter" and they're having a "Refer a friend" event, with the top 5 refers get a Gladiator set, The gladiator set is like super rare and super hot! So, I'm here asking for you guys to help me out! You guys are Detective Conan fans of course, so I know we are the best! Alright let me walk thru the steps for you guys: First you click this link to sign up for the game: https://id.ogplanet.com/account/ogp/register/form.og Next where you see the question: "Did anyone refer you?" Put the Username: NickiM After you get thru the whole sign up sheet you will be directed to the launcher, which you download for the game, once you signed up for the game, jsut reply back in this thread and I will help you futher. Please Guys, I really need your help, I really want this set.
  3. I'm back frienddss :D Follow me on Twitter!! @Queen_Roxanna

  4. Gin is so ruthless he might kill me, if I don't learn to shoot the company's Silencer right.
  5. O wow I hate Chianti with a vengeance. Korn is always funny to me. Gin is cool also.
  6. If you could be mentored by a Black Organization member for a day, which member would it be and Why? Mines would be vermouth, because she is a master of disguise! I just love her!
  7. Miss me Chek? I'm back now!

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