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  1. sharpen the edges and slit your throat XD hmm... how about spaghetti? >:)
  2. Happy birthday, Dev!

  3. Hello :) Your name seems familiar, have you been on other sites? Wattpad, Figment?

  4. Dear Anonymous, I know we've been friends for a while but I can't help these feelings. There is nothing I want more than to take your hand, pull you close, and kiss you. I want to ask you to cosplay Undyne but I'm too scared... I wish I could confess but I fear rejection too much. The last time I was courageous, I had my heart broken after a month of lies. So please, if you somehow feel the same or know how I feel, talk to me. Don't make me come to you. I'll chicken out... Love, KN ------- Dear Anonymous, You think you're so cute, don't you? You're essentially used half my friends- all the ones that will take you- and then you break their hearts. You've already broken mine. Heck no we can't be friends! I don't talk to lying evil girls that hurt one after another. These are the things I would say to you but I don't ever plan on speaking to you again: You are a little, whiny, dumb person. You act so cute and innocent but you're a frigging jerk. I've finally gotten a few people to see the light, realize who you are. You ruined my heart. My first girlfriend, the first person I had the courage to ask out. I get it if you dated me out of pity, but you didn't have to say you loved me or lie about how long you had. You never did and to be honest I don't know why I said I loved you. I have so much love for people but you have made me never want to risk giving it out. Your enemy, KN -------- Dear KN, You're a fat annoyance. Nobody likes you. You're stupid, you can't sing, you're short, whiny, lazy, and you are one of the most ugly people ever. You're a coward. You don't have the resources or guts to end it all. If you hate this life, this torment, then you could end it. But no. You hold out hope. You think there might be a way to make it all better. Her? No chance. But, because you are an illogical idiot, you still hold out hope. Someone will love me. I have some kind of talent. I can lose weight. I will be beautiful. Can't you see, these are hopeless dreams? No. Because you are a fool. Oh well, I'll let you dream, But know this, no matter your situation, where you are, what you have or what you feel, I will be there. You cannot escape me. Because I am your depression. I am your mind. I am Ugly and I will never leave. Sincerely, Your Conscience and Depression, Ugly
  5. HELLO MY FRIENDS I... AM A HOMO! ._. Sorry I'm bored and decided to lead with that XD I have come out to my family, all except my grandpa =.= He is a stereotypical old white guy with old-fashioned views and I fear he will disown me if I tell him... (Btw lesbian not gay I guess idk gay is easier to say ^^) But anywho, I don't think my mom approves. She won't let me date even though I dated a boy before for almost a year :/ And I know, I'm a teen, I don't need to date, but even so her not letting me is bothering me... ono She doesn't even trust me. I went to a sleepover with TWO STRAIGHT GIRLS and she made me promise not to do anything =___= Anywho, some help would be appreciated ^^ You can pm me or post here, tho I'm more likely to see it if you pm. Thx~ ^^
  6. Hola, me llamo Kaito~ Me gusta cantar y comer XD (idek if I'm saying stuff right, I'm in EspaƱol 1 and the best in my class, sadly ^^"
  7. > you're allergic, you say? *pours into food* OWO HAVE FUN DYING!!! Hahaha... ha.. :I *ahem* Balloon~!
  8. The other girl was a better person and cuter XD You get thrown into a volcano :I
  9. Pellets > (Undertale reference XD)
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