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  1. i was thinking he wouldnt go for that kind of money, the tax for their team will be enormous and if they dont win...yikes predictable scheduled
  2. Im gonna go with that he did Makes the whole thing more funy But hey, conan doesnt change that much either right
  3. 828 was a great episode that i enjoyed. Overall the two parter was a nice getaway from the AOs. Its strange that Chukichi hasnt changed clothes since the case started. Too bad takagi had to lift weights in the night. Couldnt there have been a better way to get rid of broken glasess. Next episode...seem like the usual
  4. if they need to fill the anime they will use the movie
  5. From a money stand point i dont get why they dont release them evry april or may
  6. I loved the first and i wont go as far by saying that it is much better, just by one point.
  7. 827 is out time to enjoy one Its nice, but too much product placement. It is a worthy sequel Almost made a fool of my self thinking that the culprit didnt put on gloves and used the hose. I was like take their fingerprints and test them. The new ending is nice as well
  8. Hyoue Kuroda - It would seem that he is another law enforcer. You cant have too many of those in DC. Sakurako Yonehara - I think she is just comic relief. Nothing special. Wakasa Rumi- Dont know, have not read this new one .
  9. Im wondering if they will release any new movies. It would be nice
  10. Thats it. They are going for the nostalgia of both DB and DBZ, mixing them together and the result is not the same. The characters are out of character. Im not making stuff up when i say that GT is 4 times better (imo) Does anyone know how long this thing will be. It is popular, i think, for it to last a good while. Im sure they will make a earh world tour at some point. Some time a magic being will pop. Someone will experiment with science again. It will be interesting to see the dub version. Whoever does it.
  11. its not much as how the fights are long but how they are presented i cant get any excitement out of them
  12. and i have heard that there are saiyans in some other universe, that ruined all the pride speech talk vegeta gave in DBZ. the fights are weak, it looks like the fights from warm ups and they really shorten the arcs, usually 4 sagas would be 200+ eps I even read somewhere that akira toriyama does not like the anime...i could be wrong here Way back when DB alfa sounded and looked more promising then this I hold hope for it but wih 50+ eps in i dont know what they have to offer anymore
  13. I had issues with that as well. Granted they have made a lot of characters and its hard to keep up, then i stop and think that there are a lot of characters in japan that are famous and can base them on those characters. ( look at DC and Marvel and what they do. I mean its not that hard) I realy hate this god transformation crap. From golden to crystal blue. The power levels are apsurd so huge that i dont know how he does not make the planet explode just by standing on them or flexing. Sudenly friezas hench men are strong like piccolo...whaaa???. I dont understand how frieza can match them with little training. To match those levels. That was a stupid thing to do. And the fight ended like the one on namek...mostly. Turning into gold...wilde imagination there. I see that trunks has changed his hair color for some reason. Pilaf and his crew are stupid. I did like them in the past but now...ugh This was supposed to be my fave show, new show that is, it let me down. The humor is there but sometimes the push it. And i can go on about this, with only 12eps, 2movies and spoiler news to go from Again, who ever likes this i glad that you like it. I love the legend of korra while my sis does not and she trash talks me all the time and thats cool. Its just a grumpy old mans opinion. On the other hand, whats staling the US dub version
  14. I cant do that Its a wierd thing i have, i have to watch and judge them. So far they are lame. Once i get to universe 6 and trunks arc ill be more open minded But if those 2 are anything like the first 2 and if they contradict DBZ ill hate it. This is just my pov, if folks love super then im happy for them.
  15. Soooo I have watched this one years after its release and man was i let down Now...excali...uhg. Tomorrow then
  16. They should make up their minds. If its a big then change it to black if its small make it red. Pretty much. But i do love the first love case. Whish that baaro could sub the remastered one
  17. i do have to give them for the pacing, nice one. Was it me or did the victims blood looked a bit redish =-O Guess september is the flashback case we were wondering about
  18. 826 is out cant wait to watch it It was good, i could give it a 7/10. The humor was just the right amount. I wish that the culprit put more thought in his plans. Make conan work for it. Didnt like that he beat her with a phone. And how could you not know your own house, especialy the room you want to kill a man. Still goog tho
  19. Between us, its baltha No need for those @s I hear that gintama is nice How about code geas...i think its cslled like that Dont start dragonball super Death note if you never watched
  20. First of, why you use my full name. I thought we were buds :-( GoT is amazing, watch the wire, luther, there is breaking bad, dexter, i loved castle, hbo has a lot of great shows...netflix too Same goes for anime Holmes introduced me to fate 0 and i was blown away ( when gilgames destroys ionian with his enuma elish might be my fave scene ) Evangelion is nice, naruto, shadow has been praising barserk Just pick one and sit for 2-3 eps You kinda have to be open to change
  21. To find something new that matches your old animes is really a thing of do you want to move on or stay where you are I was the same
  22. oceans 12 x men first class days of future past batman begins edge of tomorrow
  23. 12 episodes in...this sucks its ridiculous
  24. Episode 83 or 110 Im not sure cause each is the same as you tell
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