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  1. the first 5 ate in my top 6 4 5 1 3 2 but all are great and by a split hair better
  2. thanks for the update wish i could have contributed but i gave up on DC
  3. there are a lot of great moves around phila might win
  4. if they keep kd and green they will bounce but not without them the lakers need role players its smarter to get them
  5. they were team down no point they were good for someone who was so hurt
  6. oh yeah been a while i was busy we are in the finals shame for the injuries
  7. giving lebron so many excuses is more depressing
  8. i cant wait till he comes in to the nba thats a beast
  9. i think the ticket for the game is several thousand $ its too much for something like that thats why i ant street dunkers they know ho to dunk it
  10. its not the no D part all stars cost so much you could play D omg was the dunk contest boring they need to get those dunkademiacs in
  11. itss the how the game is played so boring
  12. thats why i love him in the playoffs man, all star game gonna be dumb
  13. they can find another like green but not like klay
  14. they can pay that much since they drafted them but is the owner willing to
  15. the thing is the gsw can get paid it will just cost the owner more will they wont they
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