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  1. A bit late to the party. RUM arc has been a step up from the Bourbon arc for me. But what, i guess, will always be the minus in this manga/anime is how long it is. I dont get to enjoy DC like i once had. Its greatness is stretched thin after so much...i have to say unnecessary things. Other stuff that i complain about everyone knows so not to go in to detail. I was hoping that after Kir he was going for the end and thats it. After RUM he has no other way to go but the BO/boss arc, it just has to go that way. And i would love if we didnt get Conan in every episode or chapter. I would love to see a Eri, Vermouth, Chiba case where they do it without conan being present case or an MPD case, even a day in the BO. Its like every time i watch the police is incapable of solving anything and i know they are smarter then seen in the show. Also, the decline for me started in the Bourbon arc, i dont know, i guess i was disappointing in the truth of that the end wasnt coming any time soon
  2. You dont have to tell me twice Its just that i have seen where this is not the case A lot of times The name of this topic is soooo.... Does anything deserve to be called the greates ( speaking ofcours about stuff like DC ) It all your personal preference @SamKel. Im not disputing that DC wont down as one of the best and a clasic given its looooong run and to your point not adventure themed But to me, and i do love DC a lot and think of ot as one of my favorites, its strengths are also its weaknesses
  3. i do agree with this but it feels like at times that the line between critiquing and hating gets blurred and mixed
  4. can you update 

    decline in quality in DC 

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      Balthazar Manfredie

      That is true

      I have been one of the firsts

      But now there is not even a delete option so that i can delete and vote again

      Any ideas

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      Nope... well, other than ask a mod about it.

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  5. so where do people stand now on this share your thoughts also the RUM arc needs to be put in
  6. things like DC (anime, cartoon, music, what ever forms of art ) are all subjective if someone thinks DC is the best then thats fine flaws and all
  7. the way i write is my choice we are not in school grading this stuff, not to come of rude or anything. I have been watching friends lately and picked up some chandler stuff and its not the translation that bothered me cause i can understand DC japanese to some degree since its always the same old story what bothered me was the speed of the subs or sometimes they werent there to begin with and that throws you off here is hope for 21
  8. blame people for what happened to you not god if you want fee will this is what you get with it now, i wish to wish everyone a happ....a good year in 2017 may you all find fortune MK, love ya man keep on playin
  9. whats bad to me was that i herd that the ticket price for this movie was double then the previous one
  10. I couldnt wait no longer I have a feeling that you will have to wait 2-3 months
  11. with the cavs as they are the only thread to them would be the bucks if the acquire some good bigs down low fundamental bball bigs other than that nothing whatsoever
  12. the subs are not that great mind you you will be irritated
  13. the preview for 845 was better then ep 844 i guess thats the fatigue talking after M20
  14. so i have sat down at watched it its a dry movie for me they spent too long in what ever tropical aquarium you want to call it no kogoro curacao was great RUM is left to the imagination gin seemed somewhat crazy recycled M13 ran was near danger not in danger nice team up between akai, amuro and conan its not that i dislike action in DC but the action, in lets just go with this movie, is so not even scifi possible how folks survived is a mystery more then the mystery the movie provided DBs were weak haibara was good i guess life in the BO is back to normal after this matsuda got aroung, nice man, can they fight and do stunts here
  15. the refs suck they made like a bunch of stupid mistakes still you cant blow a 14pt lead play brutal D in the 4th kyrie sucks without lebron he cant beat anyone and this is a testament to how great lebron really is man did he dunked on him brutal but before he got a T...for dunking...wtf but that last play should have been a foul its not like last year KD didnt get called for a less then this one, the 2 FTs that iggy made for OT i really really hate the refs in games like these i think like green and someone got tangled below the rim and the ref there called it but went to the one at the center line to ask what did you see i think warriors are talent vise better but in their heads they are weak and most of those TOs are zazas fault just catch the damn ball
  16. i didnt like them in the blogger case, three first discoveries , im not sure on taiko meijin case. it seems that im forgetting fast i know i didnt like them in that kite flying case. sorry my memorie is not what it once was regarding DC its not that i think they are a waste of time maybe this comes from a lot of bad AOs with them, so the line gets blurry there are a lot of episodes where i find them charming
  17. 843 was a nice episode reminds me of the arranged marriage ep. for sato also the DBs weren't annoying to me
  18. Sully Its a good movie Also dc animated movies like wondrr woman and superman doomsday
  19. Here is the thing Im all for resting players like every 10th-15th game depending on the flight sched. The guys feel tired and pain. And do folks realize how much training in between there is. They are entertainment vut still human. There is no reason to push beyond that point and get hurt. Its sad that the fans wont be able to see them but what you gonna do. Im still waiting for gsw to rest their players And they should D is not looking good They should bring in kobe when they come back to LA for the long HS Show them at least mam to man D But the future is bright Gad the lakers sign KD there wouldnt be any probs like this He could close the game Kid reminds of hakeem Its just I hope he can play more minutes in the future and not be limitet cause of past injuries Which brings me to The lakers should trade deng for noel That would be sweet at this moment The east is all kinds of crazy right now 1,2 are a clear guess But the rest... The knicks are worse then what i expected Noah isnt playing the way i thought he would and thats a drag for them But i do like the bucks Giannis is in 2 years the next lebron They should at some point give the bench more games Get some d leaguers And rest the 4 superstars they have Have you seen the cba agreement My god Apsurd amount And to break up gsw Will anyone take a pay cut
  20. i always thought of mystery tours as great promotion of japan, mediocre case in DC granted, i think there were some cases i liked i wish they would just remaster all of the older ones they look great + they are still great if you want to watch them
  21. 842 was standard winter AO episode Come on guys. Try at least
  22. i have to say that this was an amazing episode i really loved it it was well directed humor was in place strange how when shrunk his pants stayed on him also is shoes weren't big for his feet all in all im satisfied im guessing episode 2 will be around next year same time
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