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  1. YAMAMURA!!!!! For obvious reasons... I used to hate Genta, but now they are enhancing his character. Chianti and Korn seem worthless.
  2. Has anyone figured out by whom will this be subbed and when?
  3. Perhaps I cry easily because I shed some tears in countless episodes! Apart from the ones that involve the lead characters, I think the most 3 episodes that are HEARTBREAKING are: -The coffee aroma with murderous intent. -The night the Zombie died. -The wedding eve (the episode where Bourbon was introduced). I don't think one cannot cry after watching those 3 episodes... They left me feeling bad afterwards!
  4. I really liked the opening as a song but I did not like the animation in the background. As for the song itself, it does remind me of another song, but I can't seem to remember which one. It definitely has the same color as many of the hiphop songs from mtv.
  5. I have too much to do today...UGH!

  6. These two will make a perfect combination with one another
  7. That would be Akai Shuichi. Although he does not appear a lot...Yusaku Kudo is one hell of a character!
  8. I am from Lebanon, Middle East. There are a huge anime fanbase in here but I am constantly trying to find new fans in my country to be able to enjoy Conan discussions face-to-face! If any of you here are from Lebanon or the Middle East, can you please join our-new built page on Facebook? https://www.facebook.com/groups/1479018652379532/ It would be great to be able to raise a huge Conan fanbase in that geographical area!
  9. Hello mina-san! Is there any Detective Conan fans in the Middle East? If so, we are trying to gather all Conan Fans in the Middle East to be able to talk about it on our new group on Facebook. If you are one, please join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1479018652379532/
  10. Was it Okiya Subaru or Conan? In episode 734, when Jodie picks the note from her wallet, Conan in the background says: Sorry, Jodie-sensei. I always thought Subaru is the one who wrote it.. Any thoughts?
  11. Hey everyone I was watching the Secret Order from London OVA and I realized at the very end when Subaru-san answers Pofessor Agasa's phone call when Haibara and the others are there, he is using his right hand, instead of his left. Few seconds before, he was also chopping the bread with his right hand (this is a task that left-handed people can never do). Has anyone noticed this? and if so, I would like to hear your theories regarding it. He is supposed to be Left-handed and we were led to believe he is actually Akai in disguise... so what happened now?
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