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  1. If gin wants something he'll get it
  2. she would these ran until they die
  3. Scar akai is burbon otherwise gin would have killed him. Subaru is akai ( this is known for a long time)
  4. They figured out that vermouth is araide and follow her where she goes
  5. all OVAs were kind a special, there fun to watch
  6. 1. Dragon ball sagas ( its classic and its the greatest) 2. Detective conan ( no reason is needed ) 3. YUGIOH ( its a great show and there are real cards you can play in real life ) 4. Digimon 1,2,3,4 ( These are kind a great ) 5. I would list pokemon but the more they get its not good to me
  7. Chekhov MacGuffin is right about james, every body suspects him, agasa, why would he destroy a franchise org. in crime (50 years ) the boss, by vermouths reactions is not worried for conan because he does not see him as a clever boy ( and he most likely met him but never saw his potential and left him as it is) Conan just calls them the black org, that is not even there name And a org existing 50 years how old do you think the boss is ( james 52years, if he was a crime lord with 2 years ) The real boss is dead and someone replaced him ( thats what vermouth says raising the dead in itakuras diary, and ais dad inventing a that does so but never did ( ep 312 ) Oops forgot to mention or is alive for all these years, which is unbelievable
  8. The end will come in about 150 epis but the boss cant be a person who has seen conans skills otherwise he would have kidnapped him (the boss is a person who thinks conan is just a kid)
  9. Every BO epi is good. And gin is the most cool looking character in the show hand down
  10. I just have one the epi when they go fishing ( subaru is not in this one) too many to list, and i dont remember well the bad ones
  11. the op i cant chose between the one by zard or the one by rina auchi-magic, but im kind a sucker for kimi ga inai nats
  12. Its clearly Japanese, the eng version of conan is not great as it was expected to be
  13. ep 345, 425 and the clash epis are the best ones but these are BOs for the regular ones there are a few like bandage man mountain villa murder case, symphony murder case, simply the older ones i love more then the new ones. There are i think 10 that i like from 350-onward
  14. could be that she knows eisuke or has an alias do to akais job
  15. Could be that she knows eisuke or has a alias do to akais job
  16. Wow your reputation really is like the bosses, maybe ill have to check on it (lol, just kidding)

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