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  1. 847 had a good first half and a meh second one
  2. This is off topic and im sorry God How i missed RJBs posts
  3. berserk 1997 still holds out 2016 animation needs change, the story is good
  4. i would say that 846 was good episode the only thing i didnt like was the deduction part and i assumed in the first part that he would kick his way out but would have loved if he got injured a bit
  5. hey man

    i was watching a lot of adult themed animes

    and now i need my sweet romance humor kinda anime to balance things out in my soul 

    any ideas 

  6. Do you know when the american dub version of berserk will come out

    1. Uchiha Shadow

      Uchiha Shadow

      The new anime? No idea. 
      It was pretty bad though, I'd say go for the manga.

    2. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      the story is somewhat good

      but the animation feels like watching wood move 

  7. that is a word i would definitely use to describe the experience
  8. So the usa dub has started I do have to say that the voices are so much better Nothing against japanese VAs But DB is better to me with american cast Still I have no love for it
  9. Russell is also geting better after the knee probs They will be much better when ingram gets in to his role It is sad He will cime out ok All star votes suck
  10. sure, great ideas are appreciated well, in this case left out subtle but efficient and the problem is communication and trust i mean have they not proven themselves to each other by now im sure she is holding a lot of stories for herself they could be like nothing to do with them, could be a spark that triggers a lot of thing this is good stuff
  11. I guess he is still cleansing him self from the OKC plays they drew for him. He will be better once the playoffs start Im for not trading any of the players except Mozgov, deng, mo, nick i would love if we kept the young ones maybe while JR is out the thing is JR plays a lot, who knows how they will work efficiently when having to share minutes
  12. Its fine. They are a great team and will figure something out at the end of the season. But Green was right, Steph and KD should play more pick and pops/roll/go/oops. At this point i think the ball should be in KDs hands, just so that he can make something that will break the blockade in his head. But Steph has to play better too, not just score. Im happy and angry with the lakers. Ok they are still a work in progress but at this point you gots to play some D better Bucks need more depth then this Parker and Giannis aint enough So im wondering what the cavs will be like now will JR fit in with Korver
  13. Man those are some great ideas, i never gave it that much thought. I also love he multiple arcs crossed into one Really really great ideas Yes, just like the dark photograph. That one is my third top investigation regarding any info on the BO. Right behind The Chris/Vermouth one and contact with the BO. I get that, but this is fiction and the writer, clever as he is, can come up with something to protect him just in case.
  14. I dont know. Maybe. If Gosho didnt take that way, then what way could he have taken. Other then dont do the Bourbon arc and go straight to RUM. Also i did notice that some of his cases there have been simillar to the cases he had done beffore (i posted that somewhere ) And i get it. Its hard to come up a case. Im not gonna hold him for that. I do agree there Some will leave and come come back when news comes out that it is coming to an end like naruto. Some are here from start to finish. And also there are like new kids every day finding out about it and watching it, but might not liking where its going or love where its going. Yes,it is underwhelming to some degree. He most likely will bring his A game and if it goes as great as one would hope then i would be somewhat happy. Not like i would gave been 4 years ago. But my love for it will go down even more as the years go by. Also i would have wanted if things went with the BO a bit diff then the usual. And no one in the FBI questions why a kid was with them. He could have searched around in piscos personal life a bit. Its not like everyone he knew was BO, he must have talked to someone and let something slip. Make haibara tell you stuff. There could have been much more "creative" ways then what we have been accustomed to see. I find them neat and well organized
  15. Superman vs the elite Both green lanterns Swiss army man Collateral
  16. Totaly spies i think i have seen some episodes but cant remember. I will check it. And i have never watched danny ohantom or herd of I like coming here I might just find something that i missed but it coukd be so good If you didnt kniw avatar has a sequel called the legend of korra
  17. 1. Well The, lets call it the first half of the arc, had like good bad good bad good bad stuff. So i could live with it. Not always something i liked but half and half was better then later on. Lets face it anything that lasts this long loses its magic. After and with Holmes where more of the bad, came then the video site and then came mmmmmh 2. I used to love the AOs right up until the kir arc. Sure there have been some horrible ones but that could be overlooked (at that time).later on it was like do you even care. And i HATE THE ONES WITH ANIMALS. Not with goro, he is nice. 3. Yes Cause if you do the same thing for over 20 years it gonna loose the crowd. And that was why i had a lot of love for Toriyama who did DB/Z. Cause he knew there was no point in going beyond Buu. It was so well done (and i like the buu saga cause it gave a decent ending for how long that great thing ladted). Dragon ball super is so bad. Its like lets make no sense whatsoever and put it out (just mi opinion). 4. You know when you mom is making your favorite food and you are so happy (in my case meat pie) but it took longer to make for some reason. And when its served you, well lets face it you will eat it, but it doesnt teste like you thought it would. Thats how i feel. I still think he puts out good mysteries. But its not the same feel for it like it was before, in my case, bourbon. And RUM is also the same. Granted there have been better thungs there but its the same. Sorry bout this type of writing. The ohone is limited
  18. i have read id i have thought that for a long time as well So after the Kir arc, which i was satisfied with ( excluding the AOs which were bad mostly), i was waiting for big things. After the clash series i was like man things will start to get heated. OK, so hes setting thing for the next thing and setting and setting and more setting. Anyway, i didnt like Holmes revelation then there were a some bad and some great/good afterwords, but if i had to pick like the definitive point ill chose after the deign of poison and illusion There were a lot of stuff i just found unnecessary and the AOs didnt help either. It took to long to. In short the arc was just like the previous one with some things polished. The RUM one is decent, well, its good, but it suffers the same problems as every other arc. But this long run is so long. I mean you would think that after all these years more mysteries would have been reveled, but he keeps piling them on ( its unsatisfying ).
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