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  1. Im thinking that with the cap thats gone this high and will go higher that teams will be only made champs ( mostly ) by drafts. I readthat derozan will get 153M in 5 yrs...wow, thats a lot for someone like him. This is why i think LA, phila, wolves, NO will be great I like ingram. There is enough time to bulk up a bit. Ben will be great too. I was thinking that buddy was going to boston since they like college educated players. I wish we could find a way to get cousins without dealing randal, ingram, russell, clarkson, nance. Sacramento is a bust org. KD will either join the gsw or spurs. Both of those are great org. that will have his best interest, are team oriented, have great staff, great egoless players. He would be amazing if he was paired with green
  2. not looking forward to july schedule that much ramen part 2 was nice
  3. Lets be honest, he is not going for teams like the lakers, teams that are in rebuild mode. He will join a team that has a shot at the chip. And they are gsw, lac, sas, cavs, ny. But if he joins davis in NO that would be amazin considering them and what they can do. Damn it, will he just come out. This is making me crazy I think im more stunned about this Ibaka trade then the gsw losing the finals and draft combined This will make kd think a bit
  4. the knicks will be somewhat good, porzingis is a force, melo...im not sure, rose...im not sure depends on the other players they will bring and the system they play in either cousins, butler, george for the second pick without that its dont talk to us if he goes to gs, i have no problem with it we as fans who never played the game on that level dont know how it is magic wanted to go back to school if he didnt play with kareem magic played a decade with more HOFs then most teams have retired jerseys of their greats larry had the same traded, drafted or orchestrated it does not matter a ring is a ring he has his money, he would have his ring the other does not matter
  5. im assuming that the flashback episode will air in july
  6. I would say that they have nice starting guards , they should only search for bigmen and dome bench players. The bench sucked later on. Whos to blame for that. Dwight at one point in time was wanted by the gsw but the $ was low. Im thinking he will want more now if he is going there. On the other hand, things in laker an wolves land look bright. With their new HCs and young players both teams looking goooood. It will be a great thing to look forward to, and lakers must win. KD will have an answer for is soon. He says its not about the $, so i dont know what to expect cause he has a hell of a team in Okc. But i think thats the way we want to see them, as some sort of a great team. In the final minutes of the game its stupod TO after another, hero ball, iso plays ( i dont mind, but finish them ) no movement of any sort, giving up FTs. I think he should just go, a fan is born every day. We shall agree that the clippers will be good but not great. SAS is old in the wrong placess. Its time to find a young PG and C. Memphis is old and broken, portland fights but they need allstars. NOP are...bad, wont be playoff material. Dallas is old and injured. East will be east. So its a race between cavs and the team who rebuilds itself for the playoffs. KD will shake or wont the west, might be the east as well
  7. if i were them i wouldnt give that much to barnes and ezeli, but find someone like a T.Thompson to grab boards and play D. The league has a lot of those which im sure that someone would like. Dwight howard might opt out and he would fit great with them cause he can play D, he is a great rebounder, he is athletic and can move without the ball. So the other things you might have to work out on are there, which we all know of. There is Roy Hibbert who could work well alongside Green in closing the paint + he is a 85% FT shooter...A CENTER. We have Noah, he is intense. Al Horford, Ersan Ilyasova, Zaza Pachulia, Timofey Mozgov, and a bunch of more. The only thing is how much money they want. Bogut is a great rim protector but lets face it, he plays like 15min that prevent him from getting injured, he is only there to grab rebounds, block shots and close out players. Sure they want to keep the young guys but they suck so bad cause they have been figured out. I would keep them but the price is too high. Steph has to be a better ball handler, over 4 TOs a game is stupid i will say the injuries plus the okc series have taken a toll on him, but that didnt hurt his ability to think klay was bad in the last 2 games, shooting wise If green was never suspended, they would have won the cavs will be in the next years finals, so they better loud up lets face it, its the east, and no one will challenge them
  8. Hat gs has done is beyond embarasing Shoot the 2 one in a while
  9. the thing is, they just have to make those 2 play like they did in g4 (bron, kyrie) and take care of rebounds i mean come on, T.Thompson is only great against them...its stupid im surprised they didnt get a big before this season and now the flaws are showing
  10. it would have never happened if green played in 5 its still a great position for gs, but the 2 shooters have to make 15-3PTs, team overall: 23 iggy will play, he is not missing it gs should aim for dwight in the off season they have to rebound better, and by that i mean limit thompson and lebron from gettin OR
  11. it was lazy and repetitive, it wont get a pass from me looking forward to the next 2 cases and not so much for the cases after those
  12. Cool, nice to have you here Your name sounded slavic, at first i thought you were from the balkan countries
  13. Steph has to score 50 if they want to win Hope green plays great, i like his style
  14. that was unusual for a finals game they wont find lightning in a bottle again irving shot 80% till mid 4th
  15. thats fair it will be splash all night
  16. actually i think mozgov played rather great the last finals and then he got benched the next season the thing is i believe that they do have a great team, its just that there is no team chemistry i used to make fun of barbosa before, runs like crazy and trows the ball now he is an awesome bench player who helps and contributes a lot, just because the personnel found a way to make use of his talents barkley said that irving makes love look like rodman on defence i think he had a good J, and that it faded when he returned back to the cavs so green got suspended, i dont think that they are in trouble, IF THE SPLASH BROTHERS SHOW UP AND OTHER GUYS FIGHT FOR THE BOARDS pivotal is making sure that gsw capitalize on fatigue by irving and james they will play 45min from now on
  17. dont know about todays rules much, but if you take a swing at someone that is serious matter doesnt it work the same today for someone who provokes the player and lets take into consideration that barbosa and speights didnt play against them in g4, they will be so pumped for a close out game at home just like the other bench players cavs have bigger problems tho think about then green playing g5, many will step up for him who will step up for someone like irving or lebron, who clearly cant play iso cause they double then rotate then defend the J they are so good at the small stuff that the only one that matches them is san antonio, the only difference is youth when it comes to those 2 also, i wish the refs would start calling Tristans travels, he gets the board then walks like a wild man to the rim
  18. And thats what i like Tough plays Everyone talks about how soft things are, yet they run at the chance, to talk whe things get rough how dirty some players are It is what it is bron fans will defend him while gsw fans will defend green Folks should. Move on
  19. I think they will, they are both to blame, bron had a bad 4th so his dirty plays i get. For the greater good, green has to let some things go sometimes. Next season they will be hard on him if he does these things again but for now they will let it pas
  20. the thing is im wondering if green will be suspended i think the players will start using crotch protection when playing him
  21. steph and klay should be ashamed of themselves for letting their teammates down the bench and their role players are playing great, those 2 need to step up and produce big green will follow cause he sneaks behind their great performances but playing like that will only diminish his production its a team sport, find a way
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