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  1. After the third film they have gotten worse never thought that their adventure in the digiworld would be this boring im not sure how things will end
  2. Tell me

    Whats good about sword art online anyway

    1. Kenzi


      I never said it was good, lol

    2. Ryo


      lol smh Balta what you talking about then?

    3. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      I like the way i am

      doing stuff like this is good

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  3. cool my hero academia pic

    but lelouch is the best

    1. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie


      kenzi, my friend, my buddy, my pal

      you dont think death note is worthy

      you broke my hart girl 

    2. Kenzi


      Concept was okay, but the plot was a convoluted mess and the characters were unmemorable and asinine (the only half-decent character was L, honestly). I’m pretty sure I actually dozed off while watching it at some point.


      The only meritable part of the show was the first arc, which was somewhat engaging at least.

      Sorry to break your heart, dude :c

    3. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      i forgive you

      with half of my soul :(

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  4. i wonder if i were to die in 5 years would something like DC, that i invested so much time in, care for to find out the truth
  5. its what i was told by someone who watched it but hey if they got theirs moneys worth who am i to say otherwise
  6. i agree with this anywway did sera introduce conan to her mother these days
  7. I guess its an 8.5, maybe a 9 I cant be sure yes, i think you summed it up well with that line thats true i was alluding to her safety
  8. i gave at that time the train case an 8/10 what grade that is you can tell me, since i dont know as for the red shirts i thought how could any BO case after the clash even live up red shirts was a nice continuation to it if you will like a end to and end, if that makes sense im saying that she will hunt her but it wont make anything different Ai is going nowhere
  9. I think BO cases started to go downhill from there my favorite cases are the ones that take place on a train, with the addition of the BO you would think i would have a blast it was good, bit my expectations were so high that it didnt meet them while red T-shirts case was surprisingly better then i thought it would be ( when i broke it down ) but doest Vermouth know she is alive and if she knows, to me it makes no difference she will hunt her
  10. i would love it if their priorities changed however i do think those oldies e are great cases well ill go with this ( including anime too) i think that from start till up until the end of vermouth arc things were looking great, minor AO problems things after that started to loose steam while Kirs arc was good without the AOs, but having them there really ruined it for me i still like it but its less to enjoy and then bourbon started off nicely but became a drag and the reveals were so meh, the AOs were bad its the same for RUM but just a bit better then bourbon, also the AOs were bad now its just recycled plots for everyone with a few things polished everything till Vermouth A cell phone B ill give Kirr without the AOs A with them B- Bourbon D Rum C
  11. i know everyone has their opinion and i respect that but i just cant see how scarlet return ended up being first no red vs black no 20 year old symhony no mountain villa no osaka tiger and dragon i do have a list of mine somewhere here on what the best i found but i cant remember where i posted it if you want my grade on the bourbon arc ill go with D it seems the rest of the world contradicts these lists taken by the japanese fans i personally and a lot of others disagreed with the top 100 anime that came out a while back thanks for reviving the forums a bit
  12. its common knowledge thAt most folks find DC more and more boring after the kir arc it was like...this again, and then again im just wondering, for all of its greatness, will DC be at the end looked as overrated but kudos for gosho on 1000, no matter how you look at it, its an amazing thing to accomplish
  13. thats why i have decided to stop watching and reading and wait till it all ends there are a lot more stuff to go by till that
  14. i cant believe how unimportant attack on titan ch.94 is
  15. SAO is not that great

    good, sure

    great, no


  16. the forth one was so wired it made no sense
  17. berserk is good

    shame for the animation

    but it will change


    1. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      to me the best part was the golden age

      falcon of the millennium empire is good but not golden


      excited for code geass R3?

    2. Uchiha Shadow

      Uchiha Shadow

      Excited but lowering my expectations.

    3. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      that one i believe will be class A 

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  18. The 4th movie was strange on a lot of levels I welcome the fan service but it was strange
  19. all these explosions for a love letter
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