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  1. well dwight fell because of his mindset boogie has a strong mindset more then dwight ever had however, there is a place in LA with a great PF,SF,PG i would approve of that here is the thing sure, i get what you mean but not always does adding more equal more lebron keeps adding but he still does 80% of the work when lakers added nash and dwight they lost a lot and i kinda like that CP3 never joined kobe that time if you look at it kobe is always having the ball kobe needs a player like fisher not CP3 and bigs cause he sets them up anyway have you seen how melo forces plays and is slow man that is a problem PG wont say anything cause he is not that kind of guy and russ will be russ it would be better for the nba if they clicked more superteams=more fun, more ratings, more competition i thought phil jackson was crazy for saying that stuff about melo i dont anymore
  2. i will give you that, but will he stay or not is the question i always liked rondo its a shame that he is shoved aside just cause its a smallball shooting driven league now maybe but when KD joined the gsw the only problem was shoving him the ropes which they pretty much did in just the preseason and getting rid of his bad habits he picked up with the okc and then it was instant gold remember when gasol joined kobe instant when kobe developed and got the phill...instant lebron with miami, just a bit late like 15 games later the celtic, instant i think i have given them long enough this wont work they are all over the place they might loose PG and melo is too much money for meh performance
  3. but for giving up a player up like boogie, you can get a lot in return the clippers got a lot in return for CP3 and the only reason it didnt work out was they all got hurt i would like it if rondo got to be the PG and just played D and pass around he is the better choice for that anyway and keep holiday on the SG with helping rondo to create plays instead of being the creator on the other hand things might change in OKC the trade deadline is not 25th of february anymore
  4. you know how these things go they never go to the ones everyone says they will i think that the pelicans are in over their heads with him it does not work melo too cool for the bench...who knows
  5. im liking what the nets are doing now if only they can keep Dlo and okafor for long term man they can be a pretty good team i heard that boogie will join the wizards trade talks start officially
  6. if i have to chose right now id say serial experiments lane and deadman wonderland
  7. the lakers won an amazing game thats the lonzo i want to see not that blank space on the court nice game winner by ingram he has improved and will be better next season KD really stepping up now the bad habits will be forgoten and once steph comes back juggernaut shame that young isnt playing much in stephs absence
  8. i think its time to panic in okc sure the nets fight hard to win but no reason they should win against okc since they play serious without 2 of their PGs, what a stupid thing how i knew the lakers would win against the sixers
  9. i think its time for a change to say he is bad is starching it but maybe fiz could be an upgrade
  10. do youu think that doc rivers will get fired at the end of the season and fizdale will replace him
  11. i dont want the dark knight rises end to where bane was just a henchman let thanos be the main one no surprises
  12. man, melo is not even thinking about coming of the bench its like beneath him or something im thinking that the lakers might be lucky and get the 8th seed in the west that will make lavar talk for years i dont like his nba reality show but its here to stay so whatever
  13. that was funny to read sure its bad but for me its not so much haha bad cause i love death note hope they dont do more they lowbudget them i dont want a code geass or gurren laggan netflix movie those 2 need to be marvel studio ( because they are hot) in time one studio will get an anime adaptation right as for the trailer it so great im watching it everyday we might finally get a marvel villain that is not underwhelming or tells jokes or isnt boring or overshadowed
  14. i have to agree there okc still looks bad, whats happening there pistons can be dangerous if they stayed focused im wondering if the warriors will recover from the injuries its not fine playing injured
  15. so far im not impressed with the Twolves, they just slightly better also i dont get the fizdale firing, its the same like mchales
  16. nice to meet a fellow lover of the anime man it such an over the top anime it takes it self too serious and yet not so serious im always hungry after watching it or before watching it and during it i also compare it to yugioh gx in a way
  17. i like to say that the nets have a bright future ahead they compete even without their 2 PGs celtics are back on track and seems like the pistons are a matchup problem for OKC
  18. i have that one on my plan to watch list i like shokugeki no soma or food wars its so weird how much i like it
  19. Does this forum have an active moderator around anymore
  20. where have you been

    havent seen ya in a long time

    1. Hobgoblin2012


      Hi, how are you doing? Sorry, I was rarely online, the Detective Conan forums aren't much active anyway, unfortunately. Will check the news around here in the next days.

    2. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      nice to see you somewhat active again

      its starting to become a little livelier here

  21. got a MAL account for me to check ?

    1. Ryo


      alright cool you can add me on there if you do 

    2. Balthazar Manfredie
    3. Ryo


      It's Ryo#8137 on both servers

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  22. They are just that dominant compared to others no other comes close if they stay together they will be better then them also, i would like for him to work on his explosiveness
  23. they are starting, gsw, to look like the lakers of the early 2000s they have to get serious in the playoffs and they will be fine pelican are looking better shame that the lakers are here and there i want ball to invent a new shooting form in he off season lebron invented one to get better so e has to too KD looked bad against okc he just has to play smart okc cant stop them
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