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  1. Hunger games the last one...ugh Captain america civil war, hell yeah #awesome
  2. i think the spurs bench is lacking, but kd and russ were great he really did do great, well deserved i have no complaint here luke was always a smart player and i thought of him as a great role player but injuries have limited him he will do great, he can adapt and teach unlike scott ( who was a great player but awful in this new era ) cavs be like shooting them 3s better then gsw, but i think its all in the defensive rotation it wont be like this against toronto or gsw or spurs i think that klay has to be more aggressive on deme than on his offence, and let his great teammates do the rest
  3. If we are talking about DC, i like the anime somewhat better because i like, if you can understand this, poetry in motion. DC has some of it for me that i like. Yes, i understan the problems with the manga and anime In general its not even close when it comes to manga or comic book. I like live action, does not matter if its animetrd or real people. I hate that i have to read a comic book abou the last airbender instead of watching a catroon abou it. There is just talk there
  4. The end was great Im liking kuroda more and more His Voice is amazing to me right now The case did not bore me, but it didnt excite me either I dont like to judge beffore an episode comes out But the preview sucked The last ufo case was bad and this one will to put you in a coma
  5. 815 is out man, 815 episodes thats a lot the animation was bad at times they forgot their eyebrows and the next episode isnt even trying to be good its title says it all on what it will be like ...disappointing
  6. Deadpool Trainwreck Heightful 8 All were worth watching
  7. Days of future past Man of steel Up Straight out of compton
  8. it would appear so but bad episodes dont stick inside my head that long if you asked me about the previous prestory i would say that jirokichi was moving a painting or something than someone stole it or something that way and the one before i have no memory of
  9. this is just as bad as the last one sandwiches, come on try at least better but the ending was good
  10. that's it for kobe its always a chip or bust so thats why i say decent now, a chip must fall
  11. i would say that he got a decent sendoff congrats to the warriors
  12. warriors should have had only 6 losses sad day for me since i followed kobe for 16 years
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