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  1. The Mysterious Old Man Disappearance Case 152 episode
  2. I haven't been following the manga for months except the spoils. Have i missed out, hows the plot progressing 

  3. you are right, those 3 have not appeared in a long time maybe it is that, or it will air in september there goes the marketing for the episode
  4. i agree that those episodes will air somewhere around that time i didnt know that the flashback episode has animation "problems" or something , thats odd they are in the ending but no episode??? will be weird if they make a new ending and that episode isnt there
  5. Next episode isnt anything i imagined. Should be...decent Summer full of AOs is not a good summer
  6. this current ending is pretty awesome cant believe i skipped listening to it might be on my top 10, it has something
  7. 825 is out so it was pretty steady, didnt bore me but didnt excite me either the suicide thing was nice, how he left the note and killed those 2 was good why he didnt say it was suicide was soooooooooooooo stuuuuuuuuuuupiiiiiiiiiid
  8. Get hard...not bad The good dinosaur...not bad Gone baby gone...yes, it was great
  9. they could throw a summer special like they do on occasion with a winter special as for the last ep of july, im thinking it will be a rich family with a rich B wife who gets killed by a daughter nice to have you back, i was thinking this topic would have went cold
  10. the more i watched the more 824 reminded me of the department store robbery, ep7 which i love. I didnt enjoy this AO. Sure it had a moment or 2 but it didnt work for me Im looking forward to august since one part AOs are usually bad during the summer. but for some reason im looking forward to beauty, lies and secrets episode we need more DB cases where genta wants to eat everything
  11. Well, he could have with the cavs. No one saw tge gsw being this great. But he will play 5-10 min and hit 2-3 3s. Im wondering can he hit shots anymore. I still think he is in great shape and does not need to work a lot for the minutrs he will be getting. Wade is gone. i think its a great move. He wasnt getting money, so he had to look after no1. And with todays money...man. the heat would have been nowhere next season. Im thinking that they want to get rid of bosh. They will not let him play regardless of how many doctors say he can and let him go.
  12. add ray allen to the mix and we got ourselves a 3pt machine
  13. i like it, he is a fighter and can shoot the ball, tough rebounder, and plays D he will play like in the 10-20 min range depending on the score and opponent
  14. i love par, he is ruthless wade should have been given money long ago, but id wonder if there is a way to get paid off the books smart decision, his tank was empty gasol is a nice edition, but gsw has to get some guys that can rebound and keep their bench good
  15. It seems wade will talk to the heat. Shame. With him they could have been better by a lot. But now he has 3 great players beside him and here he will have to share. The big men are a problem cause of rebounding. I think someone reported that tim is going to leave the game. He was a legend. I always liked pau, he still is top 5 pf in the game and an all time great. Spurs are looking strong. But they wont beat the gsw. Steph is the only player kawhi cant guard, and cant grab rebounds if baskets keep dropin. I hope he doesnt get screwed, he is smart and knows the game a lot. Like father like son. But he is bringing in big men that can go down low which is a great thing
  16. The clippers have signed their 6th man for an apsurd amount...but hey its their money. Rondo with the bulls, he got some fine money. His playmaking skill will be great. Horford should be happy beyond happy. 28M per year...pfff. All eyezon kD Im thinking if the heat dont sign someone great they will let wade go cause he took a cut for them more times 2 many. Now NY or LA will be his focus and im thinking LA more cause of Of his wife. They will give her some hollywood jobs there. They have strong solid bigs and a nice young sqd. With him i think they can make the playoffs since dallas wont be making it this season Sooooo, guess who has an all time great team. I dont hate it, folks who do are mostly envious or whatever. The q is how will kev do with the san fran media. He is kinda labled as weak against them. Do you think kareems all time scoring title is far from his, well not that far, from his reach. Im also thinking that green will avg. 10p 10r 20s and win mvp. There is no reason for them to go for a lot of wins just get home court. Rest and health should be no1. Also im wondering if pau will join them. Then they would be covered for the playoffs on every position and stat. Im looking forward to the lakers future, the gsw will have to go away some time. Luke is thinking...did i leave 4-5 rings behind for this /???
  17. Sure, cant have it the other way around The amount that folks are getting is insane This will create more teams to fight during the season. Im thinking with this cap that the only, mostly, way teams will win now is by drafting high picks. Lakers it will take time but you willget there. I like mozgov, i think he got a bad treatment in the new cavs sistem. He played great those first finals. Im looking first to see what walton can do with him. Walton is having bigs that will go down low. But that was toomuch, maybe 40/4 would have been realistic. He would get a whole lot less, but would create the most dynamic backcout in history. And green would be a great passer for him in ways that no one ever was in okc. If he wants a chip, its either spurs or gsw
  18. There are a lot of teams that would want him and you could geta lot from the trade Just like you can give him for butler or cousins or a atlanta guys There are a lot of options
  19. The thunder should trade russ. He is a KD stopper. Its clear at this point that the 2 dont fit. he won mvp without him he can win with 2 great role players that replace russ in his team. But tomorrow is the day where we know more
  20. it could have been worse, it could have been default
  21. Check out ep 88-89 if memory serves me well
  22. It seams that KD wont even go to la to talk to anyone in laker org, just the clippers...maybe So based on that im thinking he is going for great office ( from top to the watter guy) and great players. There will only be 2 like that if he does want to leave okc Miami, has no chance Clippers are a maybe and NY might get a 5% chance
  23. 823 is out It was not as great as 822, but still. Good Overall it was 9/10 Not looking forward to the next 2
  24. maybe you were thinking of this one cause what you described sounds like it The Mysterious Mansion of a Band of Thieves Case
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