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  1. It's possible they could delve into the backlog at some point... but to sub such a backlog is asking for a lot. Maybe if it were more popular, but it's not doing that great on Crunchyroll from the looks of it.
  2. I'm definitely looking forward to the Kawanakajima case. It was my favorite case in the manga last year, so I'm hoping the anime doesn't botch it. I also really like the sound of Kuroda's VA, so I'm looking forward to his debut! I don't think your AMV idea is necessarily a bad one, but it would be difficult to really convey what DC is like, especially to a newcomer, and they tend to have quite a few spoilers. Either way, best of luck with that one!
  3. I think there are a couple ways to go about this, but ultimately, you can't really force anyone to get into it if they don't want to. I think Detective Conan, at least, can resonate quite well with people in general, so it's not hard to get into, but the episodic nature of the series, even if you just stick by the manga/plot, is a pretty big turn off for some, not to mention the length... I think the series in particular really picks up around Haibara's entrance and peaks around the end of the Vermouth arc. I don't think it'd take too long to watch up until that point if you follow a list... since there is even more "filler" early on. If people don't have an interest in the cases themselves though, I think that's a pretty big indicator that they won't like it. The very beginning of the series has some nice set-up and is fast paced too, so it's not going to be much of a mystery of whether or not your friends will like it or not, especially as it only gets better from there, at least to a certain point... You could use this list, as I think it covers everything essential, without omitting anything important: http://www.xerblade.com/p/detective-conan-important-episode-list.html In regards to animation style, it could go either way. DC has a rather "dated" art-style, but personally, I prefer the old animation that existed in the early 2000s the most. It still has that "old" style to some extent in the newer episodes though, and I don't think people will be too bothered from the transition. It's just something you kind of have to expect given the series is over 20 years old. I'm not really sure about the AMVs, as I don't really know if that would be a good way to really capture the series in the first place. It's something that mostly appeals to mystery lovers, so I think the best way for people to get into it is just to watch it themselves, starting from the beginning of course... Hope this helps! Take care, and enjoy yourself on DCW!
  4. Kind of old news, but another update from the movie website... メディア情報(2/20〜2/26) ------ 2月20日〜2月26日までのメディア情報をお伝えします!    ★新聞・雑誌 ■2月24日(水) ・「週刊少年サンデー」ゲスト声優&キャラクター原案紹介   ※掲載日は予定のため予告なく変更する場合があります。予め、ご了承ください。 I guess this is referring to Yuki Amami starring as the guest movie character, and we'll get some background on them in the next issue of Shonen Sunday?
  5. Perhaps you can convince Gosho why introducing so many spies is a bad idea - Let's forget the upcoming movie is going a bit further with this as well... (but at least it's not canon) Ethan Hondou was killed trying to protect his daughter's identity. Scotch is dead (apparently killed by Akai, but we really don't know the circumstances of his death), Camel made a blunder and Akai's plans were ruined... Bourbon might have some complications in the future, but only Vermouth seems to be on to him, and she's being blackmailed... Who knows what she'll do. Kir's been suspected quite a bit and is still under close observation after Akai's "death". Vermouth has always been rather secretive. She did have a bit of freedom before, but was reprimanded for it at one point. It's not like she goes completely unpunished. Why she is the favorite, it's hard to say... It's implied that they have some type of special connection, but we don't really know what that is yet... I think Gosho only confirmed so far that she wasn't the boss' wife. I think with any rather large crime syndicate... There are bound to be some errors. Hiding its existence perfectly is something that'd be relatively hard to do amidst all of these shady dealings... Truthfully, I'm a bit surprised that they don't have more leads (coincidental or not). Why does Rum being second have anything to do with the organization's size? We don't even know hardly anything about Rum anyways... just that he's the second, can fit various descriptions, and apparently has a prosthetic eye. Code-named members always strike me as being "important" members, but I think there are a ton of dispensable members we won't ever know about. I think if we only look at the code-named members, it does appear small...
  6. Very well summarized. I'm really not sure exactly how he committed the crime, but it's a nice theory. You really put in some effort trying to solve this one I'm really looking forward to 950, fun case so far though! I read through 948 and 949 pretty quickly, I need to examine them again a bit later tonight
  7. Not much to say about it since I like the manga case... but, I thought there was some really nice scenery here, especially the spa. Of course, the reaction faces were much better in the manga.
  8. New update to the Movie website tonight. Something called the "Black Impact Project" - http://www.conan-movie.jp/bip/index.html 日本よ、黒に染まれ―。 “BLACK IMPACT PROJECT”始動開始! 黒ずくめの組織が、日常に溢れる様々なモノを黒に染め上げる “BLACK IMPACT PROJECT”を始動しました! 公式サイトでは、その犯行の一部始終を報告します! 皆は捜査官となり、日常に溢れる「黒に染まったあらゆるもの」を撮影して、捜査ファイルで報告しよう! 捜査ファイルを作成してくれた方には、君だけのコードネームが入った黒ビジュアルをプレゼント! 詳しくはBLACK IMPACT PROJECTページへ!! Apparently, you can also create a personal code-name/profile via the website: http://sp.mco.cybird.ne.jp/cpn/bipgrt/bipgrt_top.php
  9. File 949 Text Spoilers: http://nozomi.2ch.sc/test/read.cgi/ymag/1455279836/0-
  10. I think it was cleared up in an interview not too long ago that the boss does not have an alcoholic code-name, though he is the one to assign the code-names.
  11. As far as I know, it's Jii Konosuke, Kid's assistant.
  12. No. I don't think it's possible. Though some people believe that she was intended to originally be Vermouth/Boss, I guess? I'd say regardless of what could have happened, it's not really relevant now. At this point it really wouldn't be sensible. I don't think the boss is someone that has seen Shiho in her shrunken state. I think they'd be able to put two and two together fairly quickly and would take some action. Yoko has done none of this. Not to mention she's rather young, doesn't appear to be intelligent or as cautious as Vermouth describes the boss to be, and requested that Kir hire a private detective to investigate her stalker problem. Since Kogoro is such a famous detective, that seems like a rather risky move... (and that tracking device incident almost got Kogoro killed)
  13. I've never seen Dragon Ball (sad I know), but considering how the very first episodes were, it's always a bit depressing to see things end up like this.
  14. Ahh I only put spoilers, mainly because there might be some people who don't read the manga here. Most my enjoyment for this case was from the first part, but it's not like they really could have done much else here. I already knew I was going to be disappointed going into it. I wonder if they'll ever go back to using red blood...
  15. File 948 Imgur File 948 baidu: Translations from presumenothing p2: 17 years ago, Kouji, who held 4 shogi titles at the time, went to America for the chess competition. But on the day before the competition, he was attacked by someone unknown in his hotel room and died. The room was quite a mess, it appears that Kouji fought back, and his cause of death is unknown. Amanda Hughes, who was in the same hotel, died in another room on the same day, COD also unknown p3: Amanda had been a big fan of Kouji and had interacted with him before. Amanda's bodyguard, whom she called "Asaka", disappeared since that day and was thus the prime suspect. "Asaka's" real identity is still unknown, and no one seems to know how Amanda ended up hiring him p3, cont: Haibara hasn't heard of Asaka, but she thinks the possibility of him having been an Org member is high p3-4: Conan points out it's weird for Kouji's name to be 2 below his. Haibara says the person in charge of the data probably didn't arrange it by chronological order, but possibly by the victims' blood types instead. Conan asks Haibara how old she is, if the drug he was given existed 17 years ago. Haibara "That's rude, I've told you, haven't I? I'm 18..." p4: Haibara says the drug may have been made by her parents, because she remade the drug by collecting the burned remains of the data. Her parents' research facility caught fire, which both destroyed the drug data and killed her parents, though she heard that it was an accident from others in the BO p4: Haibara's thought "But, what they truly wanted me to make..." "Was another drug..." p4: Haibara speculates that Kouji was killed for coincidentally witnessing Amanda's murder, apparently Amanda had some sort of connections (? not sure what exactly) to the FBI and CIA. Fingerprints confirm that Amanda had been to Kouji's room, probably to have tea p5: among the wreckage in the room is the broken mirror with P T ON, Haibara suggests that the PUT ON MASCARA, which a manufacturer had been printing on mirrors to sell with their mascara. Her sister also had one of those mirrors, which belonged to her mother p5-6: Haibara is disturbed by the messy state of the room, since the BO wouldn't have left it like that. In fact, Amanda's room had been made to look like nothing happened, as per their usual MO. p6: the bathroom tap in Kouji's room was left running. Conan says someone seems to have been regularly uploading the case info online, as if asking for help to solve the mystery. p7: Kouji's right hand bear marks of having tightly gripped the small scissors provided in the room, which reminds Agasa of a murder that happened this morning. The victim was gripping a pair of scissors Agasa invented, so Megure asked him to go to the scene p8: Okiya (along with his extra nikujaga...) asks to go to the scene with them, saying that there's something about the case that attracted his notice. p8: Okiya then says it's alright if Haibara doesn't go, since she can watch the house by herself. Haibara asks if he's leaving her to eat bad cooking alone Okiya: Not at all..." "I'm just not good at cooking that dish, that's all..." p9: Okiya calls Camel while leaving the house, requesting that he protect her p11: victim is president of a real estate company, killed by blunt force trauma, and found holding one of Agasa's scissors p12: the glass shards on the floor of the room have patterns and lettering on them, and seems to match another glass on the bathroom counter p13-4: Conan notices blood on the glass shards near the doorway, but it turns out to be the first discoverer's blood. p16: Okiya asks Takagi if the tap had been left running, and Takagi confirms it p16: Okiya (thinking) "So it's as I expected..." Conan "Hey, Akai-san..." "This case... is there something wrong about it?" Okiya "You've noticed it too, haven't you, kid?" "It's far too similar..." "To the case where Haneda Kouji was killed... 17 years ago..." "The one that forced me to join the FBI..." "That case..." NB the Chinese translator used 迫使 here, which is forced/coerced according to my dictionary
  16. This file was somewhat unexpected to me... I was hoping the Kouji name would lead to a follow up investigation right after, but Gosho has went off on a tangent lately... I'm quite excited for what may come out of this case, and nice to know we got some more information on the drug. Nice to see Akai back in the picture as well, but the cooking thing still kind of baffles me. Seems like a silly excuse... well, whatever, that's something rather petty to complain about at this point. Case looks like it'll be off to a great start.
  17. I think with Shuukichi's situation it's definitely fine. With that postcard, and the marriage registration form on 947, there's proof. With Mary? I feel it's slightly more ambiguous. We do have that AC hint that matches up with the name on the handkerchief, and I'd say the postcards seem to heavily imply he is referring to the MG. Still, there's no definitive proof in the manga yet, so I could see how the change could be regarded as premature. Still, could Mary really refer to anyone else at this point? I've been on and off referring to her as Mary, as well as the MG, so I can't say I'd be against listing her under Mary for now.
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